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    Hey Folks, Let’s Help EY Name Their New Audit Tool!

    By | July 3, 2014

    Move over, GAMx, there's a new player in town. Here are the details from our mole on the inside who made sure to point out that "nobody I know of will be participating" (lest this person be associated with such nerdiness):

    Basically they are rolling out a new audit tool this year which is cloud based as part of the "Audit Transformation" program, which will replace GAMx. (Fun fact: GAMx is in the Smithsonian.)
    How it works:
    Gather your team and put your thinking caps on – it’s time to be collaborative and creative! Teams should include at least three (3) participants, and no larger than eight (8) participants, so if you have a large engagement team, split into multiple teams for this challenge. Here’s a brief description about each of the tools, and you can find more information on the Audit Transformation microsite:
    • New audit tool: It’s a user-friendly, intuitive tool that is simple, scalable and flexible to enable our teams to perform the highest quality audits with less time in the tool and more time with the client.
    • New research tool: It’s EY’s one-stop site for Accounting and Auditing technical content, enabling our professionals to find relevant EY and external technical thought leadership, guidance, standards and regulations.
    • New analytics tools: This suite of tools will enhance our understanding of our client’s business, provide better audit analysis and translate into more insightful observations to our clients. For the analytics tools, your team can come up with a name for the suite or for each of the current tools:
      • Purchase-to-pay
      • Order-to-cash
      • General Ledger 

    Each member of the winning team will win their choice of an iPad or other tablet, or a smartphone. Entries must be submitted by 9 July 2014, and late entries will not be considered.

    So, you have a few days over a holiday weekend to find two other dorks to play Name the Tool? Oh, man.

    GC faithful, surely we can help them out here. You guys are experts on tools.

    • RodneyBeaufort

      Call it the “COOTER TWERKER 2000”

    • Jack

      The following words or phases should be permanently banned:
      Thought leadership
      “We are rolling out”….

    • uncle ernie


      “Staff, I thought I told you to complete the checklist I assigned you”

      “Its done. I put it in Uranus late last night”

    • PrivateIndustry

      “Audit Transformation” program

      How about “Lockdown” because just like its Transformers 4 namesake, it is out of this world and feels like a shot in the chest.

      • JustAnotherCPA

        Wow, I didn’t realize anyone actually went to see Transformers 4.
        …Are you sure that’s a thing? Because I feel like that franchise should have been killed before a “4” came out…

    • JessterCPA

      Name for EY’s new audit tool?

      How about using their real names…Frank, Kelly, Steve, Tiffany, Laura, Shawn…..

      • You forgot SALY.

        • JessterCPA

          Doh! How could I forget SALY? She gets around.

          • ReasonabIe Assurance

            Bow chicka bow wow!

    • Former Deloitterer

      Sounds about right. I am assuming this email come out yesterday or today from the powers that be. Reading between the lines, I personally see “So, I know we like to claim that we offer work-life balance. But, since all you schlubs will be on your laptops over the weekend chasing chargeable hours anyway, here is one more thing for you to go ahead and do instead of relaxing. Signed, Your Overlords.”

    • Guest

      I say they name it Big 4 Veteran. He’s the biggest tool I know.

    • SouthernCPA

      One of these should definetly be called “SelfEY”

    • Reasonable Assurance

      It’s already called “the audit tool of the future”.

    • Jack F

      I want to participate, how do I enter the competition?

    • Pianist

      Isnt every manager on the engagement a tool? Why change the title of manager?