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    Here’s Your Open Thread for the Second CPA Exam Score Release of Q4 2014

    By | November 24, 2014

    Last week, we entertained ourselves watching the NASBA countdown clock tick away the minutes ahead of today's planned score release.

    It would be absolutely hilarious if one of these days, NASBA shuts down their website ahead of a score relase and fails to release the scores as promised but we'll once again have to wait for that to happen.


    Even though testing closes for the year on November 30, you will have two score releases remaining for 2014 and then that's it. Dunzo. No mas. Enjoy your blackout and start fresh come January.

    So share your victory (or failure) with us now while it lasts. And then enjoy your holiday (or have to listen to your mom bitch about how you're never going to be a CPA).

    • CPA Candidate

      I’m taking FAR this week and there’s still some concepts I can’t get past. Deferred tax assets/liabilites and this foreign currency crap will by my downfall.

      • B4Senior

        I feel your pain. Will have FAR score to report in a couple weeks, at which point I will be getting FAR beyond drunk in celebration or misery.

      • Just keep doing as many MCQ as possible. And good luck!

      • Student

        Ok so I’m not a complete retard as a student currently learning this in my Intermediate Accounting II class..

    • Midwest Tax

      I was nervous about taking FAR because I don’t have an accounting degree and kept getting 65%-70% on my practice exams, but I was somehow able to finagle a 79.

    • FarFarNarNar

      Got super low scores on my Becker FAR practice exams,60 and 70, and I felt like I completely failed the actual exam. Got an 85. Sooooo happy.

    • Madison

      Failed FAR with a 74 which caused me to lose credit for BEC. FAR was the last section I had to take. Am I exaggerating when I say Monday was one of the worst days of my life? I think some of my family and friends feel I’m being dramatic.

      • Coxswain3

        No, that sounds pretty awful.

    • Guest

      Is it just me

    • Guest

      Was it just me, or were there like a ton of governmental/non-profit questions on the FAR exam?

      • Guest 2

        thats exactly what I thought. a lot more than the 20 – 25% becker had indicated would be on it