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    Here’s Your Open Thread for RSM (fka McGladrey) Compensation Discussions (2016)

    By | July 7, 2016

    Early July is usually when compensation discussions start for the denizens of RSM, fka McGladrey, fka McGladrey & Pullen, fka RSM McGladrey (a division of H&R Block). Lo and behold, very early this morning, a tipster sent us a message:

    RSM comp thread? Partners begin communicating July 6th through 20th.

    Normally, we might wait awhile for the anticipation to reach a fever pitch, but we're feeling charitable (plus, there's nothing else going on). 

    To help you along, here's what the comp thread sticklers usually call for:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (region is not informative) & line of service
    • % Raise 
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Old & new base

    Enjoy. May all your wildest and unrealistic expectations come true.

    • Another exKPMGer


      • The Horniest Partner

        Must not be raises this year as the annual name rebranding done chewed up the budget again

        • Another exKPMGer

          You have to seriously wonder about the credibility of your firm when leadership thinks constantly rebranding is the best way to promote your firm to potential clients.

    • sludgemonkey

      RSM stands for “Really Sucks Man” when it comes to compensation.

      • The Horniest Partner

        If mgmt. caught wind of that they might go back to the drawing board and get a new name for ’17.

        • Mose Schrute

          Really Sad Masturbators

    • AuditingBro

      Assurance L3 to L4 Supervisor Promotion
      4 Rating
      17.5% Raise
      3.5% Bonus
      69k to 80k

      • WheresTheMoneyLebowski

        What region?

      • McValue Meal Audit

        looks like you were underpaid as a senior and they are catching up.

        • AuditingBro

          $69k 2 years after my start date is underpaid? Starting salaries at B4 were only approximately $50k when I started which nearly matched my starting salary.

          • McValue Meal Audit

            Sure, i guess it’s market.

          • BackinAction

            Did you transfer in? How do you get supervisor after two years?

            • AuditingBro

              It was after 3 years. I was a Senior after 2 years. He said I was underpaid as a Senior which I don’t believe was the case at all.

    • Reasonable Assurance

      This thread is going places.

      • PWC Prick

        I hear all of the male associates received naked pictures of Natalie Gulbis in lieu of a bonus…

        • Another exKPMGer

          This kind of comment is why Hillary will win the White House, thanks. Prick.

    • McValue Meal Audit

      I heard in lieu of monetary raises they will be getting swag bags full of old McGladrey branded marketing materials. Come on kids, you no longer have to wait until new Partner training to get that quarter zip golf pullover with the firms (old) crest on it.

    • BackinAction

      Supervisor Promotion 79k, 5k Bonus, South Region

    • NYTransplant

      Tax Senior to Supervisor
      5 Rating
      72k -> 85k
      3K Bonus
      West region

    • John Galt

      Bad turnout in this post

      SE region
      4 rating
      7% raise
      7500 bonus

    • Can’t Pass Again

      Supervisor to Manager
      4 Rating
      8% raise
      7k bonus

    • Foxworth Crane

      Everyone should know their salary adjustments by now… check your Total Compensation summary in Self Service.

    • Keeponhustling

      3 rating ( pretty sure this was lowered cause partner was cheap and didn’t want to promote me)
      hired in as an experience associate 1 year before comp season
      2% raise
      2% bonus