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    Here’s Your Open Thread for McGladrey Compensation Discussions (2015)

    By | July 9, 2015

    Some restless Mickey G's (soon-to-be RSM) employees have been tapping on our shoulders this week:

    McGladrey (ugh, soon to be RSM) has started their comp talks – Partners have starting setting up times with their underlings. Time for a thread?

    The first week of July seems a tad early based on last year's coverage, but people we're insisting:

    McGladrey compensation thread? Bueller? Bueller?

    And another yesterday:

    Going to start a McGladrey comp thread? Just found mine out today.

    And this one, just in:

    Time for a McGladrey compensation thread. Most of my team has had their comp talks already.

    Fine, let's get this misery over with. As we mentioned in the PwC post, respect the process by sharing the following details:

    • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
    • Promotion (if applicable) & Rating
    • % Raise
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Optional: Old & New Base

    Have fun. Vaya con Dios.

    • OGMickeyG

      Dude… back to calling themselves “RSM”? Changing your name every few years? That’ll really help your brand recognition efforts. You thought the business community said “McGladrey who?” NOW… Wait until you start saying you’re from “RSM”… boy oh boy…

      Hopefully the raises this year will be better than the name-change decision!

      • IndenturedServant

        “Hopefully the raises this year will be better than the name-change decision!”

        i think the opposite will be more likely.

      • Foxworth Crane

        The most funny thing is that http://www.rsm.com seems to have already been taken!

      • FartDude

        Yeah, it would make a lot more sense if they at least went back to RSM McGladrey for a year or two, then dropped the McGladrey. At this rate, Wipfli is going to have better name rec than McG.
        Once again proves that Broadway Joe Adams isn’t ready for primetime.

        • Dick

          Joke Adams couldn’t lead a girl scout troop.

      • Iknowstuff

        The site will be RSMI.com, the name change was to combine the international brand of RSM along with McGladrey. With Big4 dropping their audit/tax clients the hope is that being known as an international player will help pick up the dropped clients. Or ya know nobody will know what RSM is I’ll keep saying I work for McGladrey and the clients won’t even realize what the hell it is we do.

        • Dick

          RSM brand recognition in US is zero. Besides the network has shitty firms in it and is led by a dimwit.

        • UIStudent

          The domain name will actually be some variation of RSM US. The domain rsm.com is already owned and apparently Mickey G’s lawyers haven’t come up with a good enough excuse to convince a judge to turnover ownership. RSMI will remain the International coalition. Funny enough, that mail domain is controlled by Mickey G’s servers as all Mickey G employees still have an rsmi.com email address.

      • superveeh

        Funny I just found that out on McGladrey’s website moments ago. I like RSM better, as someone new to this industry. It’s easy to read and remember. I don’t understand their new logo though. It seems not appealing aesthetically. The meaning is, according to the website, “The gray of the logo signifies a relationship based on a solid reliable
        foundation, the green represents a positive, ideas-driven, responsive
        approach and the blue symbolizes forward movement and the attainment of
        future goals. The logo reinforces the global network’s dedication to
        helping clients feel understood and empowered to move forward with

    • advisorynerd

      people we’re insisting? gotta give them wat tehy want than rite?

    • gtgrl

      For all those eager beavers that were begging you to start this thread, this comment section is looking a little light.

      • BasisPoints

        Took too long to get the thread up, they’re all passed out drunk after spending the night drowning their shit-raise sorrows in booze

        • IndenturedServant

          if you can afford booze after paying rent then your compensation is already above industry average.

    • Going

      Pretty sure McG raises/bonuses aren’t released until end of July for most. Ratings were communicated as early as a couple weeks ago but with no word on compensation.

      This thread would be better served being reposted in a couple weeks.

      • Foxworth Crane

        Salary adjustments are being communicated any time between July 8 and 22. Partners and leaders will be contacting employees during this time. The 10th is also the deadline for career advisors to communicate final ratings and promotions to advisees. Most career advisors don’t communicate salary adjustments…. partners and leaders do.

    • HughMyron

      A1 – A2
      2 rated
      0 raise

      • FartDude

        If memory serves, 5 is tops at McG. 2 is worst as 1 is “too new to rate”.
        Why you suck so bad? They put you on a PIP?

        • nonosh

          You’re right; 2 is the lowest rank for a traditional starting class.

          Yes, a PIP is certainly the step that follows a 2 rating. However, it’s still possible to be promoted to Senior from A2 — even with a 3 rating — provided that the improvement is consistent and self-evident.

          Source: My personal experience at McGladrey.

        • HughMyron

          That’s correct

      • EXB4ANON

        Everyone knows these ratings dont actually mean anything in terms of how much you know. The whole reason they have ratings is because they need to have some way to fire people, as public accounting is a giant pyramid structure. Also, as a first year staff, you dont really know much else besides debits, credits and how to tick and tie. The ways which you can score a high rating ar as follows:

        – lots of ass kissing
        – eating a ton of hours
        – inflating your utilization
        – appearing to be “efficient”

        If you haven’t figured out the game yet, then you best start looking for new employment. Move to a Big Four before they fire you.

        • HughMyron

          How would you explain the low rating to future employers?

          • keepin_it_real

            You don’t tell them your ratings. It’s none of their business.

          • EXB4ANON

            as keepin_it_real already said, it’s none of their business. They aren’t going to ask. I have never heard of an employer asking for this kind of information.

            What I can tell you, is that the only reason you should care about ratings is that they directly impact your compensation. Also, I have had friends at various firms with ratings good and bad that have been let go or moved on to other firms and have actually done quite well. for whatever reason, coming in as an experienced hire can have surprising benefits. Plus, B4 bleed people left and right, and they ALWAYS need seniors. Plus, once you get senior behind your title, the moeny is usually always better in industry. Plus, once you get B4 on your resume, they arent going to care about your ratings, just that you had one of those names on there.

            Another piece of advice I would give you is to use this as an opportunity to truly consider if you really want to stay in the service line you are in, or make a move to another by changing firms. Next, i would look at the reasons for the low rating. To put this another way, IT Audit seniors average Mid 70’s in Texas. Financial Audit seniors average in the mid 60’s in Texas.

      • PDUBS123

        Transferred from McGladrey to PwC. Let’s just say that was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    • buthurt

      Seriously – why do my post keep disappearing?

    • Cashed up

      Did anyone else crush it?

      4 rating
      >11% raise

      • CPAdude


        • CPAdude

          4 rating here, but <10% raise

          • HughMyron

            I heard some people that got 4s were getting only 6-8% at most

    • Another ExPwCer Now McGer

      7000 views and only like 2 real responses….what the heck….

      • McValue Meal Audit

        I think the offices are too small for the most part. Would be really easy to figure out who it is.

        • cpanum31

          I think you pegged it.

          With small offices retaliation is always looming on the horizon.

          • cpanum31’s Broseph

            That’s right Broseph – u gots 2 watch yo back!

            • cpanum31

              The last group I want behind me are Accountants. I want them out front where I an my troupes armed with sub machine guns can watch them and they armed with nothing more than base ball bats.

              If you could rely on Accountants would we not still have eight major firms…

    • Guest


      14.5% raise
      5k bonus
      4 rating

      • done with the rain


        • AuburnACCTmajor

          Could be either Atlanta or Birmingham.

          • Oak

            Or Baltimore or Charlotte or Fort Lauderdale or Frederick or Gaithersburg or Greensboro or McLean or Miami or Morehead City or Naples or Orlando or Raleigh or Rocky Mount or West Palm Beach. One of those.

    • well since nobody else is saying anything, at least here’s some accounting humor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f60oXz_LFPg

    • RSMDeezNutz

      Great Lakes (Not Chicago)
      A1-> A2
      8% Raise
      No Bonus
      Old Base: 50k

    • anonmcg

      A2 -> S1
      4 rating
      15% raise (including promotion)
      Old base – $62k
      $3k bonus ($1k promotion, $2k other)

    • McGladrey MILF

      If any first year male staff are disappointed with their comp adjustments, please stop by my office.

    • SpinningMyWheels

      NorthWest & Tax
      A1-> A2
      15% Raise
      2% Bonus
      (updated glassdoor)

      Comes with a “great opportunity to step up and take initiative”, and “take a stab at it” since a bunch of people are quitting and few are left to train. Look forward to another understaffed busy season.

    • MissChanadlerBong

      Omg, is this where we talk shit about McGladrey? *pulls up a chair*

    • Jared

      Hello all, i am seeking some advice about working at RSM. i know RSM does not operate like the Big 4 in terms of quality and capacity, but i do value the work life balance. I have been working for RSM since last January (2015) and have received ratings of 1 (too new) and a 3. However i did not get promoted and i believe another associate who started with me ( no superstar performer) is prob gonna be promoted bc he has alittle tax experience outside public accounting dealing in an unrelated tax field ( non compliance). I have not been presented with the opportunities to transition into a Senior Associate role so it has been quite frustrating not being given the opportunity. I have shown dedication to the work and have received positive feedback but it looks like its gonna be another year (June 2017) before i get promoted. If you asked me a a year ago, i would say i would have said i expected to be promoted but our office has severely outgrown our client base and my responsibilities have dwindled. I am wondering now if i should bite the bullet and make the jump to big 4 knowing i will not be promoted at RSM for another year. I am looking for any input of value. i know having big 4 on the resume is def a good thing and i am pretty fed up with the meager work at my current RSM office. I know it sounds like i have already made my decision but i would like some useful advice.