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    Here’s Your Open Thread for KPMG Compensation Discussions (2016)

    By | September 28, 2016

    Now that it's fall, many public accounting professionals have been rewarded for all the hard work they put in last year. Some people are happy, some people are sad and everyone is still thinking, "I don't get paid enough for this shit." 

    As always, we celebrate the end to compensation season with KPMG. Full disclosure: I used to work at KPMG and, to the best of my recollection, my discussions ranged from "fine" to "god-awful." 

    And based on one tip we received, expectations are low:

    KPMG comp talks have begun.  Get that thread posted brah. Can't wait to see how shafted everyone is.

    This tipster is not the first, and certainly won't be the last, person to wish ill will on his fellow Klynveldians. Some people can't help themselves. They're certain to get a lackluster raise or bonus, so it's only fair if everyone else is getting lousy raises and bonuses too. I get! Not great for karma though.

    Let's try to keep things civil and get right to the important stuff:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (region is not informative) & line of service
    • % raise 
    • % bonus (if any)
    • Old & new base

    Only wishing you the best, Klynveldians. Give us a shout if you need a hug.

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    • IndenturedServant

      “Some people can’t help themselves. They’re certain to get a lackluster raise or bonus, so it’s only fair if everyone else is getting lousy raises and bonuses too. I get! Not great for karma though.”

      Dude what? The guy hardly sounded like he wanted other people to get the shaft.

    • larrybirdman

      A2 to S1
      Tysons (DC) Audit
      15.2% raise, 3.3% VC
      61,000 to 70,250
      2,000 VC

      Happy to be over 70

      • AaronBalake

        Woof. That is low. Sorry.

        • Steve Dave

          KPMG – Where we give out shitty bonuses long after the other Big 4

          • seattlecpa

            how is this a low raise?

            • Steve Dave

              Edited to bonuses

        • cpanum31

          Probably an indication one is not on Partners track.
          Sometimes the “messages from the top” are a bit subtle.

          Sometimes they are not subtle. The best two I experienced were “I don’t like your looks and I don’t want to hire you but I need someone.”

          The second one was from a firm flunky, “You are forbidden to every send us an application for employment again.” (It was entertaining to watch that firm commit suicide there after.)

          • AaronBalake

            In a giant audit practice at a big 4 firm, I don’t think Partners are singling out senior associates in order to “subtly hint” to them that they’re not on the partner track. Bigger fish to fry.

            • larrybirdman

              No he’s right, I should probably start packing my bags now

            • cpanum31

              Two things I learned the hard way:
              1) Watch management’s behavior toward you versus other people at your level.
              2) It is always good to have several exit plans and keep them updated.

              Before I retired I worked for a lot of dicks. I think it is a bit sad so many people have to learn about life through hard lessons.

            • larrybirdman

              Thanks man, so much knowledge!! Don’t know what I’d do without you

            • cpanum31

              Might want to read two books, if you haven’t already.
              1) The Games People Play.
              2) Dinosaur Brains (subtitle something like, working with those difficult people at work.)

            • cpanum31

              Logically you would think so, but in large organizations rational behavior is not something we can bet on.

              Personally I blame the bad education business schools have for Org Behavior. Both of the classes I took were about “fantasy land businesses populated by perfect management.” The real world is not that way.

              Just watch their behavior.

            • conzultant

              I whole heartedly agree on the business school courses that you’ve mentioned. During class discussions, I (having previously worked in the industry) was relatively more dismissive about the “rosy” world that the professor was painting. Other ‘kids’ were not impressed by my rather ‘negative’ outlook of the world. I really felt bad for those who’d get to learn it the hard way – like most of us do. Nonetheless, one thing I’ve learnt is that one should look for a team/boss than a job. It usually works much better in the long run

            • cpanum31

              Unfortunately that Pollyanna distortion goes up t the Profs.
              Had one for both undergraduate and graduate courses who insisted that CEOs were Golden Boys, Saints ever, who could do no wrong.

              This in spite of boatloads of empirical evidence to the contrary. I write it off as the Business School Neurosis.

    • jsmith

      A2 to S1
      Tysons (DC) Audit
      13.8% raise, 2.5% VC
      61,000 to 69,400
      1,500 VC

      Happy to be under 70

    • person

      San Francisco -Audit
      A2 to S1
      61,000 to 72,000
      VC 2,500

    • Can’t Please Anyone (CPA)

      Just got a call from my Partner/PML about another project that he wants me on… No word on comp…

    • KPMGerrrrrrrrrr

      Texas- Audit
      VC 2k

    • YouCouldDoBetter

      As a firm we had a really bad year which seems to be on the verge of becoming a trend. Until we figure out how to right the ship bonuses and raises will lag behind the stronger firms.

      • AdvisoryManager

        It’s not even that it was a particularly bad year. Adivisory was up something like 13% top and bottom line, last check. The problem is the plan was 16%. So, work harder next near because you need to

        • KPMG KLUTZ

          I love this acronym!!!!!

        • Charlizard

          Haha. Wouldn’t it be Partners’ tho?

    • Guest12345

      A1 to A2
      San Francisco, Audit
      8.6% raise, 1.7% VC
      58,000 to 63,000
      1,000 VC

    • anothercurrentkpmger

      Florida Audit
      A1 – A2
      9% raise, 3% VC
      50k – 54.5k
      VC 1,500

    • Guest

      A1 to A2
      Bay Area Audit
      8.5% raise, 1.6% VC
      59,000 to 64,000
      1,000 VC

    • Guest2727272

      S1 to S2
      NYFS Audit
      8.4% raise, 7.5% VC
      74k to 80k

      • KPMG KLUTZ

        Nice VC!

      • kissmyirish

        Did you transfer in from another firm? 74K in nyfs audit at S1 is higher than the salary for someone who received a 1 rating in the year immediately prior, at least to my knowledge.

    • Crouton

      Tax – no scheduled meetings or correspondence regarding comp discussions. (Mid Atlantic). One week to go before the numbers show up in the system.

      • Burton

        You’ll have it no later than Monday. Payday is next friday, check shows up what 3 days early? They usually wait until the last day or two before that happens to have the conversations.

        • Crouton

          Yeah, it certainly looks like it this year. Last year I remember having my comp discussion earlier around the last week of September/first week of October. I am not too optimistic…

    • conzultant

      Are the comps open for negotiation at the firm? or is this a one way street?

      • theOne

        you can either bend over, or you can leave

    • Uncle_Peat_Marwick

      SA1 to SA2
      SF Audit
      11% raise, 9% VC
      New base: 81k

    • AuditSF

      A2 to SA1
      Bay Area Audit
      61,000 to 70,000
      1,500 VC

      time to start looking for jobs….

      • seattlecpa

        That’s almost a 15% bump. What were you expecting?

    • Uncle_Peat

      M3 to M4
      Advisory SW
      11% raise, 12% bonus

      • whatever

        nice bonus

      • conzultant


    • conzultant

      Do promotions bring in promotional bonus separate to VC ?

      • UnclePeat

        No. Just VC and base comp increase.

        • anothercurrentkpmger

          You sure?

          • accountingforlove

            Yes. Increases during promotion years are presented as base comp and VC, just generally a higher percentage than other years. I have not seen a separate bonus paid out separately except for the year when promotions were effective 7/1 but comp was adjusted 10/1.

            • conzultant

              Sorry, are you saying that July next year promotion bonuses will be paid out?

            • accountingforlove

              Sorry, I was confusing this for the year when they shifted the promotion timeline forward to 7/1 but didn’t adjust pay until 10/1. That year they paid everyone a spot bonus on the 7/15 paycheck to compensate. To my knowledge there is no promotion bonus paid out separately from your base comp and VC

      • larrybirdman

        Promotion to senior got a one-time payout in July, but it was to make up for getting promoted 3 months before actually getting our raise. It was basically nothing though

    • whatever

      S2 to S3
      Bay Area Advisory
      92k to 98k, 2% bonus

      time to start looking for jobs….

      • conzultant

        why? what is your expectation? and your skillset/years of experience?

        • whatever

          when other smaller firms are offering 135+, 98 is not going to cut it

          • conzultant

            if you bring in an MBA/specialist degree with 7+ years of experience then probably. Otherwise, expectations are high in my opinion.

      • psg190

        What practice?

    • sludgemonkey

      Does KPMG pay people better for working in hell?

      • Jacob Neat


    • KPMGreenBean

      A2 to S1
      Midwest Tax
      19% raise, 4.8% VC
      52,500 to 62,500
      2,500 VC

      • Jacob Neat

        What state?

    • AaronBalake

      Polling for who is interested in how much I earn beginning now.

      • Reasonable Assurance

        Count me out, you jabroni.

    • yawn

      A2 to S1
      Colorado – Audit
      14.4% raise, 2% VC
      55.5 to 63.5
      VC 1.1

      another year of living paycheck to paycheck

    • whatevs

      Southeast Advisory
      16.2% raise, 0% VC
      new base of 85k

    • GuestxT

      S2 to S3
      NY Advisory
      7% raise, 2% VC
      91K to 97K

    • GuestABC

      A2 to S1
      Bay Area, Advisory
      20.9% raise, 4.5% VC
      67,000 to 81,000
      3,000 VC

    • Guest

      East Coast – Tax
      19% raise, 6.2% VC
      62,600 to 74,500
      3,850 VC

    • Derp

      S1 to S2
      NYC Audit
      6% raise, 4.5% vc
      70,000 to 74,200

      “Hello, yes, recruiters? I’m listening.”

    • NYKPMGer

      S3 – M1
      New York Metro Advisory
      13% Raise 9.5% VC
      $100K – $113K
      $9500 VC

      Epic fail. Don’t get paid enough for this.

    • guestblanket2

      A1 to A2
      NYC Metro Tax
      10% raise,
      60,000 to 66,000

    • Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon

      A1 to A2
      Colorado Advisory
      ~3.5% raise, 0% VC

      54 and change to 56 and change

    • Guest

      East Coast – Advisory, Risk Consulting
      18% raise, 4.5% VC
      67 to 79
      3k VC

      • SacrificedMyLifeForAYear

        A1 – S1
        Northeast – MC Advisory
        23% raise, 6% VC
        65 to 80 (4K VC)

    • Guest

      A2 to A3
      SE, Advisory
      6.6% raise, 0.0% VC…..
      What a year

    • KPMG Servant

      A1 to S1
      Tysons Corner
      69k to 79k salary
      5k VC

    • Guest

      Midwest – Tax
      5.3% Raise, 6.6% VC
      76,000 to 80,000
      5,000 VC

      • Jacob Neat

        What state?

    • Guest

      A2 – S1
      Advisory – Midwest
      25% Raise, 0% VC
      60k to 75k

    • Spiffy-12

      A1 to A2
      Risk Advisory (East Coast)
      52,000 to 60,000
      7,000 VC

      • AdvisoryManager

        Crazy VC for an associate. How’d you manage that one? Walk on water?

        • Spiffy-12

          I’ve had good luck with – working 15 hour days and billing straight 40s,

          • Don’teathours

            Billing 40 when working 75, sound like a sucker… not worth 7k

            • Spiffy-12

              Different strokes for different blokes.

    • disqus_hd5yrowFFW

      S1-S2 (NJ Based)
      $88K – $95k (8% raise)
      5k Bonus (5.7%)


      New KPMG Joined Apr/16
      M.5 -> M1
      Advisory – MC – Digital
      150K To 162K (8%)
      10 % VC
      Default Performance

    • Lost-In-Corporate

      KPMG Joined Aug/16
      M.25 -> M1
      Advisory – MC
      140K To 140K
      0 Raise
      0 VC
      No Rating

    • KPMG_NE_Advisory

      SA.25 to SA1
      NE RC Advisory
      5.5% raise, 0% VC
      128K to 135K

    • Guest

      S1 – S2
      New York Advisory
      $96k to $107k
      $10k VC