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    Here’s Your Open Thread for Grant Thornton Compensation Discussions (2016)

    By | July 19, 2016

    Grant Thornton saves its compensation discussions for the dog days of summer. My hunch is that they like sharing disappointing news when people are feeling lethargic and unwilling to make too much of a fuss over a raise that barely keeps up with inflation.

    ANYWAY. I'm in Chicago this week so it also seems appropriate to spring this thread on the GT faithful while I am in town and even a day early. Why not?

    The pleading started last week, well in advance of the big day, which is supposed to be tomorrow:

    Grant Thornton comp will be sent out on July 20th! Ready the Comp Discussion!

    Grant Thornton comp talks are happening! Ready the post.

    GT Comp talks underway, where's the thread?!

    Then there's this tip we received this morning that's a little more informative:

    GT compensation comes out tonight at 6PM/tomorrow morning – a lot of rumbles in the jungle right now; management keeps saying its gunna be a great year and everything is up, but the attitude at the ground level is expectations might be squandered after last years high standard

    I won't drag this out any longer. As usual, those familiar with how things roll around here ask that you provide the following:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
    • % Raise 
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Old & New Base

    Keep cool, GT. About the money, that is. 

    More compensation season:

    Image: Raysonho/Wikimedia Commons

    • Chipman69

      Congratulations to all of the DYNAMIC GT professionals on their DYNAMIC raises, bonuses and promotions!!!!! May your increase in compensation and responsibilities engorge your WHOLE SELF with the INSTINCT FOR GROWTH necessary to penetrate clients in new CHOSEN MARKETS!!!!! For those of you about to be counseled out, maybe you can find a job with a NONDYNAMIC firm like the Really Sad Masturbators (RSM) or the Big Dumb Oafs (BDO)!!!!!!!

    • Reasonable Assurance

      This place has really dropped off.

      • Mose Schrute

        Word is that all of the cool kids are over at Reddit…

        • Adam Hill

          Just ask them

          • PWC Prick

            All of us millenial PWC Pricks love Reddit!

      • Coxswain3

        It’s not the same without HG.

      • AaronBalake

        I don’t think this place ever reached a point high enough to drop from.

        • Mose Schrute

          We need another Rothstein Kass type thread so everyone can go apeshit

        • cpanum31


          • PWC Prick

            At least @cpanum31:disqus is back

    • Dirty Mike’s Mustache

      S2 to M1 (early promotion)
      5 Rated
      NE – Advisory
      18% raise
      6% bonus
      Old base 80.5 k New base 95.5 k

      Seems low…thanks a lot GT

      • AaronBalake


        • Mose Schrute


          • keepin_it_real


            • Adam Hill


            • PWC Prick


    • GTNE

      New England – Audit
      2.99% raise
      2.5% bonus
      Old Base – $73.5K; New Base – $75.7K

      Very disappointed even with no change in level; Continued communication regarding how AMAZING our territory is doing with revenue, beating budgets and getting new clients

      • KM

        What were you rated?

      • LessChatMoreZap

        Is DP the one saying how amazing your territory is doing? If yes, expect the closing of offices, layoffs, and “reassigned” partners within 6 mos. The guy is a liar and scum.

    • anonymous

      Southeast Audit
      A2-S1, 4 rated
      10.53% raise
      2% bonus
      New Base – $63K

    • Rhino999

      4 Rated
      Central Advisory
      5% Raise
      3% Bonus
      New Base = $70k

      • sludgemonkey

        You are getting hosed.

    • Jmoney

      A1 to A2
      4 Rating
      7% Raise
      3% Bonus
      New Base – 67.5k
      Thanks for nothing

    • sludgemonkey

      Is it true that all the GT Partners now drive Tesla Model S in an effort to impress clients that they are big swinging dicks?

    • GTISOK

      Chicago, Advisory
      10% raise, 3% bonus
      100k new base

      Looks like audit and tax get the short end again.

    • The Horniest Partner

      lots of tears here from the GT crew.

    • sludgemonkey

      Stopped at GT to see a partner there and they had caviar K-Cups in the conference center area. So not everything is going so badly.

    • sludgemonkey

      Wondering what you get if you are a “GT Master” and as long as we are at it, are your recruiting coordinators called “GT Master Baiters” ?

    • sludgemonkey

      Can you get a purple nurple at GT staff parties?

      • Mose Schrute

        They’re all purple headed warriors…