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    Here’s Your Open Thread for Deloitte Compensation Discussions (2016)

    By | August 18, 2016

    Just as soon as we put of up the EY compensation thread, tipsters out of Deloitte started crowing for theirs, including this one:

    Deloitte comp talks season!  Just remember that we'll need to change our normal tracking for "ratings" as it is now based on a 2 question grid (so maybe an inferred percentage score for each).

    Yeah, sure. Whatever it is Deloitte is doing now is probably fine with everyone else.

    I'm really curious if the Digital folks every wander over just for fun to read all the accountants complaining. I doubt it, but if you're here, Deloitte Digital people, welcome! If you feel like participating, you'll want to cover the following:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
    • % Raise 
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Old & New Base

    Your participation is appreciated by all.

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    • crackjack

      Gonna be pretty quite till Monday…

    • krampus_here

      M3 > SM1
      Rating: a (green) dot amongst many
      Region: NE
      Raise: 14%
      Bonus: 11%

      • sky

        new base?

        • krampus_here


    • DisgruntledDeloitte

      Rating- Somewhere on a raw data graph
      Region- SE
      Raise- 8%
      Bonus- 12%

    • dt4life

      How is anyone possibly finding out salary increase and AIP before Monday’s comp statements are out?

      • daudit15

        Wasn’t aware comp statements were going to be released Monday? Also, a lot of partners have been proactive in meeting and many people have had comp discussions already.

        • dt4life

          All of tax (and I believe consulting as well) will get access to a statement showing comp increases Monday morning 22nd. Then partner conversations happen later after you already know what increase and AIP your getting.

      • GreenGirl99

        Advisory and maybe Tax practitioners have had comp calls with their respective PPDs starting from this past Friday. Consulting will get confirmation tomorrow via a comp statement what their merit/bonus increase is.

      • Deloitter

        Audit comp discussions in FL started 8/15 immediately after the audit practice nationwide comp call. The PPDs received the file with comp in advance of the call.


      Line of service?

    • OnMyWayOut

      Advisory | Finance & Ops
      New York
      12.5% raise $73k>$82,300

    • auditor01

      Staff 2 > Senior 1
      Midwest (small office) Audit
      14% raise (5% promotion 9% performance
      $1,000 bonus
      $51,500 > $58,600

      • YoWHATSup

        how did you place in your scatter plot?

    • Dconsult100

      C1 > C2
      Rating: 2, top-right section of scatter plot
      Mid-Atlantic | Consulting S&O
      Raise: 4%
      Bonus: 11.5%

    • OhboyOhboy

      Staff 2 > Senior 1
      Southeast Tax
      15% Raise
      $55,000 to $63,250

    • ohwell

      Senior 1 -> Manager
      Florida Tax
      11% Raise
      10% Bonus
      $70K -> $77K

      • Basis Adjustment

        don’t you mean 70K -> 77.7K??

    • Guest

      consulting said they beat their target and would fund greater than 100%. but this year’s bonus and AIP is less than last year’s. Why would that be?

      SC2 > SC3
      Mid Atlantic Consulting
      3.6% Raise vs last year 4.5%
      7% AIP vs last year 7.4%

      • Ready to Retire


        • Guest

          hah probably

    • guest

      North east
      M2 > M3 Tax
      5% raise to 140k
      7.5% AIP

      • sky

        that’s pretty good..

        • sky

          it seems quite a difference when someone down below from M3 to SM1 at 125K and you are at 140K as a M3. which tax service line are you in…

          • guest


    • ThorneStockton

      S1 to S2
      8% to 70ish
      9% AIP

      • TheSeer

        I have spoken with several people in the industry and helped hire a few. Your pay should be high 70’s.

        • ThorneStockton

          That’s not terribly surprising.

    • Mike

      Mid Atlantic (small office)
      TC1 -> TC2
      8.6% raise to $53k

    • ManMan

      14.3% raise to 86K

    • Wubsywubs

      Tax TCII -> Senior 16.4% raise 58k old 67.5k new. $1k non-aip bonus

      • TaxCPA2012

        What office? That’s a good promotion bonus.

        • TaxCPA2012

          I actually meant that was a good promotion raise not the $1k bonus. Everyone in tax that wasn’t eligible for AIP should have gotten the 1k.

          • Wubsywubs

            Central East Market Circle

        • Wubsywubs

          General BTS not NFTS

    • harley

      Audit A1 to A2
      7.2% to 61.1k
      Honestly didn’t know what to expect and my scatterplot was ok-ish.

      ..I don’t even know what an ok-ish scatterplot should look like actually so nvm. Is this the norm?

      • id

        I’d say that’s pretty comparable with the median NYC A2 employee. ask around

        • TheSeer

          That is not comparable…. 61.1 in NYC is a joke.

    • id

      LA Tax
      8.3% 60->65k
      1k non-AIP

    • hinglemcringleberry

      Central Advisory
      19% Raise to 99k
      19% AIP
      pretty happy with it

    • Ben

      Chicago Audit
      A1 to A2
      13.2%, 57k to 64.5k
      1k non-AIP

      • Wet Bandits

        you got 13% as a first year? what the fuck?

        • Ben

          Lol. Well they did a market adjustment so all incoming first years are making 60k.

          • Wet Bandits

            yeah after speaking to a few colleagues it turns out you little shits did get raises that high. its like they want their seniors to quit or something.

            • Ben

              I was assuming each level benefited from the market adjustment though, so the seniors would have gotten a larger than normal raise as well, right?

            • Wet Bandits


            • IndenturedServant

              lol just lol

    • BrandCompliantGreenDot

      Without a national call to communicate raise ranges by rating, How did everyone’s office communicate how there compensation compared to your peers?

      • blarg

        They didn’t.T hey hide behind the scatterplot now.

    • TaxesUgh

      West Tax (not Cali)
      TC II -> Senior
      10.5% raise (5% promotion based, 5.5% performance based I assume)
      53K -> 58.5K
      1k non-AIP bonus

      Seems low especially when everyone told me I killed it this last year… (and compared to other senior promotes reported here). We’ll see what the big boss has to say when I have my comp talk today.

      • IndenturedServant

        spoiler alert:

        “Be patient. Keep on doing good work and eventually the money will come. You are future firm leadership material. just make sure you keep on busting your ass and making us money in the meantime”

    • charliewoots

      North East
      AIP 10%

      • no_name2016

        What part of Advisory or Consulting?

    • IndenturedServant

      Are there just no raises this year or what?

    • Disguised Spy

      Where are the numbers?

    • willie phuister

      does anyone like or actually believe the scatterplots?

      • BrandCompliantGreenDot

        I haven’t heard anything good about them – There are many situations where top performers ended up on the lower end of their graphs, and many struggling performers in the middle of their graphs.

      • Deloitter

        The problem with the scatterplots is that people are not all filling them out the same way. We had several individuals in the South Florida audit practice have a full year of scatterplot data that placed them in the third of five buckets, then their underhanded team leaders (managers and senior managers) said at the calibration meeting that they needed to be moved down…some all the way to bucket 5. So, all year they were saying the person was fine and the scatterplots reflect that but then at year-end they are essentially saying “No, this person sucks”.

        Also, it appears that one “Agree” response in a pool of “Strongly Agrees” hurts quite a bit when there are teams willing to answer “Strongly Agree” throughout for the people they “like” even though those individuals are not perfect. Overall, it ended up being a mess and since we no longer have a curve, we had several classes with a high number of people in that “1” bucket and they all had to be given a “high” raise, which screws others over.

      • IndenturedServant

        I think everybody predicted correctly that this new system would basically screw high performers and prop up struggling people.

      • Disguised Spy

        They are weird and misleading but I’m glad they aren’t the only source of data for the year end raises and bonuses. A lot of it is dependent on how you perform against your peers

    • FloatingInASeaOfGreenDots

      DC Advisory Analytics
      C2 -> Senior
      65k -> 80k, 1k bonus despite not being eligible for AIP

      a few others going from C to SC have been placed at 80k. Not sure if that’s our new regional floor or what

    • CantbeLife

      I need to be prepared for a rate increase and increased use of USI resources to accommodate these raises.

    • anongreendotter

      finding this thread is impossible on mobile

    • anongreendotter

      east tax, pretty small market/office
      10% raise
      12% bonus
      new base (including bonus) is like 70K roughly
      I was not bummed. Especially after I felt like a lackluster senior promotion raise.