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    Here’s Your Open Thread for Crowe Horwath Compensation Discussions (2016)

    By | August 2, 2016

    It's unfortnate that we don't hear more news about Crowe Horwath. It's a Top 10 firm with more than $700 million in revenue last year. That means it's only one big merger away from joining the billion-dollar firm club and closing the gap between it's Tier-2 rivals — RSM, Grant Thornton and BDO. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, CROWE?

    But I suppose when it comes to this site, no news is good news. Unless you're telling the world that your employees can wear whatever they want and work wherever they want. That's good for the ol' brand, I suppose.

    And compensation, of course. It's typically hit and miss with CH, some years they get lumped in with other firms, other years they get their own thread and some years we totally forget them (if you manage to dig up the 2015 thread, let me know; I can't find it anywhere).

    Anyway, since it's an election year rife with populism, it seems appropriate to give Crowe Horwath its very own post for discussing their meager pay. Or maybe it's handsome pay! That's why we're here, to talk it out. Here's your checklist:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
    • % Raise 
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Old & New Base

    Have fun.

    More compensation season:
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    • Mose Schrute

      This thread is going places….

      • KM

        Considering the GT, RSM, and BDO threads went literally nowhere, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

        • Mose Schrute

          Check out @cpanum31:disqus – He’s got the inside scoop!

      • Reasonable Assurance

        That’s my line

        • Mose Schrute

          I didn’t think you would lower yourself to commenting on the Crowe Horwath thread…

    • cpanum31

      OT, but they bought Perry-Smith in Sacramento, so I guess following your suggestion on continuing to grow through buying practices.

      Other than that, I have heard nothing about them or what they are paying.

      • Mose Schrute

        Like I said, this thread is going places…

    • sludgemonkey

      You would think they would be Croweing about their success ?

      • Mose Schrute

        I see what you did there…