• Here’s Your Open Thread for BDO Compensation Discussions (2015)

    By | July 21, 2015

    The accounting firm known as BDO is having a good 2015. It recently admitted 30 new partners, the largest class since GC's been covering the promotions. Revenues eclipsed the billion-dollar mark back in May, thanks to its insatiable hunger for boutique firms. Oh, and it keeps stickin' ex-CEO Denis Field with those massive legal bills.

    Yes, Wayne Berson & Co. are feeling pret-tay, pret-tay, pret-tay good about things. Perhaps the more important question is, how are the regular Joes and Janes feeling at Bravo Delta Oscar? Is all this ludicrous success seeping into the pores of the men and women who spend their days and nights in the trenches?

    We don't know! Tips from inside BDO have always been few and far between, especially for a firm of its size. But earlier we were been blessed with a tip that informed us that "comp discussions will take place this week." We'll take it.

    Yes, this implies that the sit-downs haven't started yet, but whatever, the timing seems to be consistent with last year, so let's get this rolling. You can share anxiety and unrealistic expectations until your actual discussion takes place.

    As always, we'll save comp thread proctors the trouble by reminding participants to share the following:

    • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
    • Promotion (if applicable) & Rating
    • % Raise
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Optional: Old & New Base

    Good luck, BDO brethren. Hopefully Wayne makes it rain.

    • FartDude

      Still waiting for the BDO-RSM merger.

      • The Horniest Partner

        I bet something big happens by year end with a couple of the national – super regionals.

        • FartDude

          I’m just cheerleading for BDSM, LLP.

          • The Horniest Partner

            Nah I think Wayne B.’s wife is partial to BDO

    • liEYr

      Ha. Look up BDO in the urban dictionary. That’s all that needs to be said.

    • sludgemonkey

      I expect to take it up the ass this year.

      • BasisPoints

        BDSM, LLP. LOVES the tower of power!

        • sludgemonkey

          The KY jelly in the break room with the firm’s logo is a nice touch.

      • Al L

        So funny. Now we know why you are failing in life son.

    • Guest

      They are taking their sweet time to have comp discussions…likely to shorten the window for any backlash from Wayne Berson & Co not sharing the wealth

    • Dont Say for Fear of Being Cut

      People at BDO Consulting still have not had their reviews completed yet. Much less pay. Sloppy.

    • anon51

      Central region, assurance
      2nd yr sr mgr, going into 3rd yr sr mgr
      7 percent raise, 12.5 percent bonus, 3.3 rating

    • SM

      Northeast Region
      Senior 1 to Senior 2
      11% Raise
      11% Bonus

      • Dchoco

        New base? Rating?

      • guest

        This is not possible. You’re lying.

        • SM

          I’m absolutely telling the truth! Sorry that your raise was lower!

          • guest

            What was your rating?

          • thenewton

            Your old or new base would put it into context though. Can you give us a range? 11% on 60k vs 80k is a big difference

            • SM

              Old base of 60-65K New base of 67-72

              Base was a drop low before, this was probably playing catchup to seniors who were outside hires and had been given big bumps to come over last year.

            • thenewton

              Base seems a bit low but Northeast markets can vary quite a bit so it could just be you’re in a lower COL area. In either case 11% is a pretty solid bonus.


      There are 3 maybe 3 lawsuits in full swing against BDO. Do you know Bdo? They won’t be sticking Fields with attorney fees much longer but DLA PIPER is sticking BDO with tons of legal fees and burying them and they don’t even know iT. Seidman is spinning in his grave. Even their receptionist took $ from employees and put it in her own account (meant for charities). No charges filed against her,why ? Because they didn’t knpw how much she had collected. Do you know BDO?

    • liEYr

      One word to describe what happened in Houston. Suck. Big time suck.

    • rabbit

      S1 – S2
      3.5 rated
      8% raise

      • theOne

        wtf is a 3.5? pay you as a three but make you feel better?

        • liEYr

          Yes. Only works for guys since we have no idea when our partners fake it.

    • ron_mexico

      Houston Audit
      S2 > S3? & 3.5/4
      8% Raise
      8% Bonus
      New Base: $81k
      Not great Bob!

      • Exhaustedpublicaccountant

        Interesting. I guess I’ll be negotiating a lot harder this year. I’m an S5 making $82K and this is with 4 ratings.

        • Exhaustedpublicaccountant

          … or do you mean senior 2 to senior 3? Because by S5, I mean level 5. Now I’ve totally confused myself. I should just go back to my crappy busy season work!

    • liEYr

      From what I hear….the “rain” is a shitstorm…

      • Mountaineer

        Public Account is always a shitstorm

    • GreenPants

      Manager (Federal)

      M1 – M2 – 2 Rated

      3.5% Raise

      Why AM I working SO HARD —- Read Below

      So here is an interesting topic in making way more than your current salary: A lot of long timers have quit Deloitte and formed an LLC to come back and work at Deloitte as Contractors making 2 times or more in Salary.

      A bunch of folks have done that and are now back at Deloitte and Deloitte seems to be taking people back as contractors provided you had a good track record.

      So the benefit is you get paid hourly + you do not have to contribute to any firm initiatives and you make more than twice the salary.

      I want to see other people’s thoughts on this.

    • liEYr

      Go BDO. Because size really does matter.

    • taro876

      NYC, Real Estate
      yr 1 salary – 56K
      promotion to ex. associate – 10% raise
      promotion to senior associate – 10% raise & 5% bonus
      promotion to audit senior – 10% raise & 5% bonus

      only gripe is that we are busy year round. once busy season is done, it’s private company audits, AUP season, and then interim. You are billable at 8 hours a day if not more. Expect to stay until 7pm, ALWAYS. It’s not awesome, its not as bad as working at Big 4 because BDO is more of a team environment and are very flexible with when and where you work. People are smarter here than the ones I worked with at PwC.