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    Here’s an Unconfirmed Account of a KPMG Auditor That Walked Off the Job and Never Looked Back

    By | February 1, 2013

    From the mailbag:

    There was an Audit Staff 2 in the Silicon Valley KPMG office that walked out of his audit room during busy season and just did not return. Everyone is talking about it, even here at another big 4. He is our hero. We all want to celebrate him.
    We don't have any further details at this time, but, if true, this young man is on the cusp of achieving legendary status in long history of public accounting farewells. No verbose email. No sentimental happy hour. No tears. No apologies.  
    If you know anything more about this new hero to Big 4 auditors everywhere, get in touch.
    • $19577774

      Going Concern should do an exclusive interview with this guy in five years when he’s a server at T.G.I. Friday’s. Colin could ask him if he’d do it all over again, or if there’s anything he’d do differently.

      • DonaldManchester

        You think he falls that far. Worst case he becomes a 40 year old fixed asset accountant at a $100 million dollar construction company or a City Government. I think that is still north of chain restaurant server.

        • $19577774

          You’re probably right. I don’t know. Something tells me that chain restaurant servers do almost as well as fixed asset accountants, and they probably enjoy their lives more. At least they don’t sit on their fat ass all day staring at a computer screen, which has got to be worth something. I think my point stands though. This future fixed asset accountant (or chain restaurant server) may end up having some pretty big regrets when he’s 40 years old.

      • Guest

        At least he won’t be reduced to trolling the comments of an accounting tabloid website. That right there is the lowest of the low.

      • randall

        big 4 veteran blows. shut up dude.

      • Steeeeeve_Perry

        How? He can just make something up about why he left, and find another job easy. You think a big 4 HR department is going to come out and say that he just walked out? They will not state the reason the employee left if a future employer inquires.

    • Fucks Given = 0

      and he has already been replaced. whoopteedoo.

    • duh

      If (and that’s a fair sized if) this kid was smart, he had another job lined up and just decided to be a d*ck and not give two weeks. Walking out on one job and into another seems…expected.

    • GaryM

      I received the email about him, name was Ryan. Funny story for sure

      • WheresRyan

        Are we going to see this e-mail?

        • Kristen

          yes please! i need some friday entertainment to keep me from walking out of this office haha

    • Oarboar

      At one job I worked at, we had a temp named Grant come in one morning. He let us know he was going on his morning break and left. Early that afternoon, my boss looked around and asked “Where’s Grant?” He’s still on break all these years later.

      • your mom

        was his last name thronton?

        • Guest

          Your joke sucks because you didn’t spell Thornton correctly. WTF is Thronton?

    • Disqus Hater

      While that’s not a brilliant career move, we all have to admit that we’ve fantasized about doing something like this.

    • I wouldn’t say I’ve been “missing work” Bob………….

    • GUEST @

      Someone else did that at D&T about a year ago!

    • Tarant

      I forget where the story came from, but there was a nice looking young lady that one day walked out on her firm. Her parting comment was, “I’m too hot for this s**t.” Hope she landed somewhere that better appreciated her “talents”…

    • PwCASSociate

      How is this even news? During my time at PwC SoCal I noted the following:

      – 1 Senior Associate who quit without notice and left most of the database wide open – leaving 2 new associates to fend for themselves with the Senior Manager until they could find a new Senior (luckily the SM ended up being awesome and the new Senior goes down in history as having saved the job)

      – 1 Senior Associate who quit with 4 days notice (bonus: 3 of the 4 days were the AQW)

      – 1 Experienced Associate who transferred offices, got staffing moved around and then quit. The Senior who worked to move them to a new job found out this Associate quit via a FB post a couple days before the new client was supposed to start.

      – 1 Senior Manager (who had been with the firm less than 2 months) went to a training, said “Bye, see you tomorrow” to his team and never showed up the next day. I guess the guy quit the day he never showed up.

    • Big4VeteranFanBoy

      Just shows, it ain’t about the…Cha-Ching Cha-Ching…ain’t about da Ba-bling Ba-bling….

    • Guest

      As funny as this is, it’s not surprising. The Bay Area Business Unit is notoriously mismanaged.

      • Guest

        Unlike the rest of KPMG, which we all know is extremely well managed.

    • joe398s3

      I wonder what the reaction would be if you gave notice during busy season, but are willing to keep working until mid-April but you were only going to pull 40 hour weeks. Would most firms agree to that or just tell you to pack up your stuff and leave?

      • donaldmanchester

        Most would agree to it, and then try to dump more work on your plate then can be handled in 40 hours. Then you would work it just for a good recommendation.

    • notcereal

      I did this as a Senior Associate at PwC in the last weeks of February. Felt great. The Senior Manager was pretty understanding but the manager was really ticked off. Burned all bridges, no care. I am happier than I can ever remember.

    • President Snow

      Didn’t happen. Nothing to see here.

      (Trying to quell an uprising in District 3.)