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    Here’s Some Shit You’ll Hear Accountants Say During Busy Season

    By | January 10, 2012

    For some of you, this marks your first busy season. That's pretty relatively exciting. You'll learn many things along the way but communicating effectively with your peers and superiors will be one of the most important learning curves you'll climb in your young career. Likewise, for the veterans out there, it's imperative that you communicate with new people so that they don't feel like auditors caught in the daylight during February. If you start throwing around some fancy schmancy lingo they're going to A) fail to understand how to spend their 15-hour days and B) hate you. Historically, accounting professionals have taken a lazy approach to communication, using a wealth of clichés and trite expressions. As abhorrent as this is, it's important that you are familiar with these so that you don't automatically think your superiors are Neanderthals that are incapable of articulating themselves above the level of Bill Lumbergh. Their language has simply regressed after years of exposure. With all that mind, the following video should get you up to speed on many of these common phrases and sayings.  

    It's worth noting that there are some notables missing including: "This is pretty straight forward," various forms of "circle back," and "I just emailed you." Of course since I've been out of the business awhile, I'm sure the language has evolved (?) in ways I'm not privy to. Please share those below, along with any reactions to our instructional video.

    • Guest Auditor

      Dude – isn’t that the “In a JIT” guy?!

      • Reality Bites

        He could pass for “fake JIT guy,” maybe.

        • Guest Auditor

          What’s a “fake JIT guy”?

          • John

            it IS the ‘in a jit’ guy…i can vouch

      • Adam


    • cool story brah

      I know people in this video

      • Sshahguest

        OMG… really? You are sooo cool

      • I know the guy who wrote this article.

    • Guest1

      That is indeed, “J-Pain” from In A JIT 

      • Reality Check

        Okay, if you and John insist that this is the King of EY guy, I’ll buy it – but he still looks more like “fake JIT guy.”  Maybe if he’d busted a move…or, more subtly, if he’d had the JIT picture of Obama hanging in the background in a couple of shots…

        Nevertheless, if it is indeed him, the pure genius of King of EY leaves me no choice other than to thank him for his reappearance.  Since King of EY set the standard for that genre, he was smart to go in another direction – understated but confident.  He could take that, reunite with King of EY partner, and do a spoof the “The Office,” accounting firm style.  We would be forever in his debt – no, wait, we already are.

        • Sjwexford

          What is this “fake JIT guy” – is this another video that I missed out on?

          • Reality Bites

            “Fake JIT guy” is just a reference to someone who bears a strong resemblance to one of the legendary JIT duo, but isn’t, in fact, one of them. 

        • Guest

          Can’t be him this is definitely the Deloitte LA office.

          • James

            Nope – definitely EY San Jose – considering I’m the one who made it. 😛

          • Iggy Pop

            You’re both wrong, this is KPMG in Alburquerque.

    • EY

      Occupy GAMx

      • EYNinja

        lets get this on arms

    • GUEST

      One thing that was forgotten…

      Can we make a tracker to track this tracker, to ensure that we are effectively tracking that other tracker? (and so on…)

      • ERic

        omg .. my favourate…

    • Ex-Big4

      I once heard a senior joking ask us “where’s the budget to beat up the budget?”

    • Keepin_it_real

      Whenever someone says “great learning opportunity” on an engagement, RUN!!!!

      • Jack Sparrow

        that has non-charge written all over it.

    • future gopher

      Manager: This stupid intern makes more than I do.  INTERN GO GET ME COFFEE!!! ON THE HOP!!!

    • ChiComm

      is everyone in audit that lame?

      • jj9291

        i admit to being a lame auditor and quitting really hasn’t helped fix the problem either 🙁

    • Rollin_on_Dubs

      wow looking in from the outside….we are pathetic…..

    • EXbigFOUR

      “Just follow last year’s working papers”
      “What is the materiality threshold”
      and a saying a manager used to say when wrapping up an audit: “Let’s slap some lipstick on this pig”

    • tim tebow

      “from a [insert accounting buzzword] perspective”
      “we need more blue balls…” (pwc)
      “must be nice” (referring to normal human beings working 9-5)

    • Josh Schustak


    • bigun

      it is what it is…

      • 080080

        At the end of the day… it is what it is.

    • Anal Ram

      Oh my god, These dudes are so dreamy 😉

    • BusySeasonInFullSwing

      you’re leaving at 5?  how’d you get to take a half day?

    • Is That Your Bag?

      (at 9:00am): Start thinking about what you want for dinner.
      (at 4:00pm on Friday): Start thinking about what you want for lunch and dinner tomorrow.

    • Facepalmoverandover

      “you really need to take ownership of this” … really? of a gd rollforward?