• Here’s the ‘Janice in Accounting Don’t Give a F*ck’ Video Compilation You’ve Been Waiting For

    By | November 17, 2015

    If you religiously watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver like I do, then you certainly know Janice from accounting, who does not give a fuck. Not a single one.

    If you're unfamiliar with JFA, then this short compilation of her mentions on LWT will get you up to speed.

    We've all known a Janice in accounting at some point in our careers. Some of you might even be a Janice from accounting. If so, I hope you're enjoying your reign of terror while it lasts, you MONSTERS.

    [YouTube via Heavy]

    • SmallFry

      wonder if janice has a twin brother that cares too much

      • Evil twin brother?

        • Another exKPMGer

          Even better if he’d been an evil conjoined twin.

        • SmallFry

          Yea- his name would probably be Uptight Bob. get it?

    • MWCPA

      Good for Janet. Stop giving a fuck. It’s freeing.

    • dumpus

      fiery accounting redhead? janice might not give a fuck, but she’d probably be good people at the post-holiday afterparty drinkathon. AP folks all have a few bags that they stow away for a night of drinks with the office degenerates.