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    Here’s Another Article That Says Public Accounting Is Where It’s At

    By | February 9, 2012

    Just what public accounting doesn't need, another pro-public article touting the low unemployment rate and relatively high opportunities available to those with degrees in accounting. Forgive me for being too lazy to look up an actual number at this moment but I believe the last statistic was 3.5% or something – which means most of you with half a brain in your heads can manage to stay employed even in this economy. Does that mean public accounting is the recession-proof career for everyone? I doubt it.

    This comes via Monster:

    Hot Skills for 2012

    The people most likely to be successful in landing a finance, accounting or financial services job in 2012 include:

    • Financial analysts who combine strategic vision with cost-monitoring and presentation skills. “We see 4 percent salary increases across the board for financial and business analysts and senior accountants,” Sutton says. 
    • Business analysts with IT slants like experience with ERP and financial accounting systems. “It’s a combination that’s about as recession-proof as you can get,” Ruffini says.
    • Compliance pros, especially those who’ve worked under the Basel credit standards and are familiar with the Dodd-Frank banking legislation. They should see raises of 5 percent to 8 percent in 2012, Sutton predicts.
    • Senior public accountants specializing in forensic accounting, financial planning or taxes as well as accountants with advanced degrees, says James Metzler, vice president of small-firm interests for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
    • Legal professionals who can help banks fight lawsuits filed by consumers and regulators in the wake of the financial crisis, says Sam Garcia, publisher of MortgageDaily.com.

    So if you are a financial analyst who knows Basel with a MAcc, you're pretty much the luckiest worker out there if you believe the article.

    I found the next bit particularly interesting:

    Public Accounting Is Back

    Small and mid-sized public accounting firms made big cuts during the recession, driving many accounting jobs to the corporate sector, Metzler says. Now, public accounting firms are looking to upgrade their staff, creating openings in higher-level accounting jobs.

    They’re promoting from within and recruiting from other firms, Metzler says. “Forensic accounting, financial planning and taxes are really hot as the government continues to ratchet up the complexity of the tax code,” he says.

    Hiring is robust at the big public accounting firms, where experts in international financial reporting standards are particularly in demand, he says.

    What do they mean by public accounting being "back" anyway? Where did it go? Obvious hiccups like Lehman aside, it makes sense that in an era of creative accounting and financial doom the accountants would be the ones to thrive. Accounting firms have ALWAYS promoted from within and recruited from other firms, I'm not sure why this is newsworthy.


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      Scumbag Adrienne Gonzalez:

      • I anxiously await your guest post filled with only useful, newsworthy information.

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           To be fair I actually thought this was a somewhat interesting post.  But I have no idea why Adrienne added that last sentence at the end.

          •  I felt compelled to point out the ridiculousness of the article pointing out that accounting firms are promoting from within. Unless I’ve been confused for the last 5 years, that’s how it has always been. At least I think that’s what I was thinking.

          • Have some GOLDFISH!

             To be fair, you’re gay

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      Glad to see Big4Veteran will finally be getting that promotion.

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          BRO, COME AT ME!

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    • Return of Happy Accountant!

      I’m in tax and am constantly getting recruited these days, even cold-called. It’s like a nonstop parade of tax recruiting! Makes me feel bad for my non-accounting friends who are smarter than me but currently under-employed.
      Our profession rules!!  The brief misery of passing CPA exam is soooo worth it.

      • Keepin_it_real

        I didn’t know recruiters still cold-called. I haven’t received any calls in like 2 years. All I get are random emails and crap load of Linkedin messages.

        • Happy Accountant

          The cold calls I get are from placement firms representing other employers. The routine is that they say they’re asking for referrals, when they’re actually probing to see if YOU are interested in a move. They often start with “you have such a good network in tax that you might have a friend who’s interested in the following role…” It’s generally worth listening.

      • Guest

         I’m guessing you work for the Big4?  That’s probably why.

        • Happy Accountant

          I’m in-house not in public. Recruiters seem to like the idea of pulling an in-house person into an in-house position at another similar employer, perhaps because it would be a smooth transition? Actually I never got recruited heavily back when I was in public acctg. I was just a staff drone who “did my time.” 🙂 BUT STILL HAPPY ALL THE TIME

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      My favorite part of the post is the chick in the photo… two thumbs up just for her.

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      Where it is… period….no preposition needed at the end of this sentence….thank you…
      Where are  you AT???
      Where is it AT????
      The author needs a better proofer.

      • you’ve never heard the phrase “where it’s at”? It’s slang. And also a Beck single.