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    Here, Have This Video of EY Interns Cheering for No Damn Reason

    By | August 11, 2016

    Crikey, it's like they're at the Price Is Right or something:

    Sure, they seem like an ethusiastic group. Watch out for the bullies, though.

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      “well, at least that wasn’t weird”

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    • Another exKPMGer

      I asked our audit team about the whole video of the interns getting off the bus and the cheering squad. They were terribly embarrassed that anyone had actually seen that.

      As a side note, the cheering squad was probably a good call since these kids’ parents have been telling them they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread their whole lives. I’m surprised there weren’t some moms getting off the bus, too. It’s like a field trip to Washington DC or something and they need chaperons.