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    Grant Thornton Was the Most Dynamite Accounting Firm in 2012, Says Grant Thornton

    By | December 21, 2012

    Eddie Nusbaum & Co. put up a good number, $4.2 billion to be precise. That's 10.4% (USD) greater than last time around. That's pretty good. So good, the firm reports in its press release that "Grant Thornton led the six largest global accounting organizations in reported revenue growth rate for 2012."

    And that appears to be true. A quick buzz through the other firms' announcements shows that none of them broke double-digit growth:

    PwC — "At constant exchange rates, PwC's total global revenues rose by 8%."

    Deloitte — 8.6% (USD)

    Ernst & Young — 6.7% (USD)

    KPMG — 1.4% (USD)

    BDO — 8% (doesn't specify)

    Sure, GT may have kicked everyone's asses up and down the block, but you know what? This isn't about money.  

    “While we are proud of this accomplishment, I know our people will say the true measure of our success is how well we served our clients,” said Ed Nusbaum, CEO, Grant Thornton International Ltd. “By this measure, I am confident in saying it was a very good year and something we will build upon. Our continued ambition going into 2013 is to be recognised as the leading provider of high quality, professional services to dynamic organisations, helping them unlock their potential for growth.”

    We'd love to hear how well you served your clients, GT readers. Consider it your gift to the rest of the GC community. 

    • $19577774

      Great long-term marketing strategy by GT. Brag about increasing your revenues at a higher rate than all the other big firms. I’m sure GT clients (and prospective clients) aren’t worried at all about the prospect of higher audit fees charged by their 2nd tier accounting firm.

      What is the point of putting out a press release like this? Bragging about your dick size (or compensating for a lack of dick size)? It’s not like GT is a publicly traded company and needs to report earnings to the street. What does this press release accomplish for GT?

      • cool story brah

        Probably trying to get some credit on this website

        • $19577774

          Mission Accomplished!

      • GAAPforce1

        Dude who hurt you?

    • Autonomy

      GT probably just reclassed a fee reduction as an expense to create this marketing ploy. I think I know where they got the reclass idea from also..

    • GT Staff

      So staff at GT should at least expect a bonus larger than the big 4 firms……

      • tax_nerd

        Hahahahahahaha! Yeah like that will happen. Wait, I work for GT…..*sob*

    • harry23

      Bonaguro does it again

    • Lamb and Tuna Fish

      Growing topline revenue without disclosing gross margin or the expenses it took to generate that level of growth means exactly nothing. Mitt Romney got almost 50 million people to vote for him. Without any additional information that seems impressive but that didn’t translate into the Presidency just like 10.4% doesn’t translate into any sort of meaningful accomplishment. They could have hired 100 BDEs and spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising to grow180 basis points more than D&T (which BTW is almost 10 times bigger and must tougher to grow at the same rate). I’d call it fuzzy math but it’s not even math. Show me Revenue less Expenses before we break out the “Jump to Conclusions Mat”

    • CPA_Escort

      I’m the best at servicing my Grant Thornton clients