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    Grant Thornton Hoping to Bring Soul-Crushing Disappointment to Charlotte Hornets With New Sponsorship

    By | December 10, 2015

    Grant Thornton recently became a multi-year sponsor of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team. The deal will afford them several perks including "leasing a suite at Time Warner Cable Arena, advertising courtside and putting the firm’s name on a private club near the home locker room."

    It's a great deal for GT; a sports franchise — owned by Michael Jordan! — plastering your name all over the place and providing you with access to the local movers, shakers, dealbreakers, high-end escort services, etc. etc. all in the name of a "strategic partnership."

    Grant Thornton CEO Mike McGuire calls Charlotte home and was instrumental to the deal, according to the report in the Charlotte Business Journal. But it isn't the first time M-squared has landed a big sports sponsorship. The Purple Rose of Chicago also boasts the hometown baseball team: 

    McGuire and Wedding said the value of the Hornets sponsorship ranks among the firm’s largest sports investments. Grant Thornton became a Chicago Cubs sponsor in 2015, just in time for the team’s unexpected run to the National League Championship Series. The firm also has a suite at the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks arena.

    McGuire said he hopes to see a repeat of the Cubs’ season with the NBA team. “We told Fred (Whitfield), we just got involved at Wrigley Field, look what happened to the Cubs. We just got involved with the Hornets, so we’re hoping for good things.”

    Yes! Look what happened — everyone got their hopes up only to have them crushed in humiliating fashion and continue a long history of losing. Just think, you could be next, New York Mets!


    • The Horniest Partner

      NBA sucks.

      • Based on your username, I assume you’d rather watch the WNBA?

      • Reasonable Assurance’s Broseph

        i wish they didn’t delete your scissor comment…

        • The Horniest Partner

          They delete a lot of my tame comments

    • keepin_it_real

      I’m still waiting for the KPMG sponsorship of F1 team McLaren Honda to pay off. They were 5th out of 11 in 2014 the year before KPMG and 9th out of 10 with KPMG. Of course this has more to do with their new engine more than anything else but horrible timing by KPMG.

      • The Horniest Partner

        I think we found the only F1 fan in USA.

        • keepin_it_real

          Correction, the only F1 fan in the US that also posts on GC.

    • Chipman69

      It’s a no-brainer for a DYNAMIC firm like GT to sponsor a DYNAMIC team in the NBA!!! The NBA has the tallest athletes in the world, proving they have a strong INSTINCT FOR GROWTH!!! They perform athletic maneuvers where they drive and penetrate using their WHOLE SELVES, similar to how GT penetrates and satisfies clients in both new and existing CHOSEN MARKETS!!! The only negative to this deal is GT felt the need to appease Captain Pornstache by sponsoring the team in his CHOSEN MARKET, Charlotte!!! They should keep it in Chi-Town and sponsor the Bulls!!!

    • YouCouldDoBetter

      First GT brings soul crushing disappointment to their employees, then the Cubs and now the Hornets…someone has to stop these incompetent fools 🙂