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    Grant Thornton CEO Does His Best Ferris Bueller Impression

    By | August 5, 2016

    Mike's just blowing off work to see a Cubs game:

    Ball? Strike? Wild pitch? If you were there, get in touch to let us know how he did.

    Other great moments in Grant Thornton sports history:
    Grant Thornton Hoping to Bring Soul-Crushing Disappointment to Charlotte Hornets With New Sponsorship

    • Chipman69

      Why was this posted on a Friday afternoon? @chipman69:disqus doesn’t do Fridays in the summer…
      It’s good to see that DYNAMIC Mike McGuire with his DYNAMIC porn-stache has the INSTINCT FOR GROWTH necessary to throw from the rubber using his WHOLE SELF!!!! I bet whatever NONDYNAMIC douchebag that’s running either the Really Sad Masturbators (RSM) or Big Dumb Oafs (BDO) wouldn’t have the balls necessary to pitch from the rubber!!!! This visual will enable DYNAMIC GT to penetrate new CHOSEN MARKETS as targets will become moist watching this!!!!!!!

    • The Horniest Partner

      What is “CLT”? Also Cubs gonna Cubs this year.

      • sludgemonkey

        Same question–WTF is “CLT” or is there a letter missing?