• Further Evidence That Accountants Suck at Math

    By | March 13, 2015


    Presumably, these Philly McGs are auditors because you KNOW the tax folks will be celebrating the real Pi day at the office tomorrow.

    • Unrecorded liability

      SMH but so true, excel does all my math I just write the formulas. Also, the fact that they remember it was Pi day should be consider a sin.

    • FartDude

      This is a special Pi day (well, tomorrow is).
      It’s not just 3/14 (2 decimal places of Pi) it’s 3/14/15, which is a once in a hundred years Pi day. 4 decimal places!

      I think tomorrow should be celebrated like Christmas just because Christmas is awesome, not because I give a shit about Pi day.

      • cool story brah

        A bit more meaningful than that

        • JustAnotherCPA

          Actually, twice in a lifetime, as 9:26:53 will roll around twice tomorrow.

          • cool story brah


          • The Horniest Partner

            Technically the pm is 21:26:53 in terms of absolute time.

    • Skip

      in my personal experience you cannot trust a CPA to handle any math beyond high school-level stuff. They definitely have an aversion to statistics. My favorite was a useless accountant telling me that no one could trust my predictive analytics because they were not “computer scientists.” This was some simple regression analysis that was shockingly straight forward. I will take an English major from Yale any day over Mr. Accounting Master Race any day of the week. Any organization can train intelligent people to understand basic accounting. I have never seen any entity that was capable of training intelligence.