• Footnotes: Tax Cheats Not Interested in Personal Responsibility; Connecticut’s Mature Video Game Tax Proposal; Frugal to a Fault | 02.08.13

    By | February 8, 2013

    Posner: Tax Cheats Suing UBS for Not Stopping Them From Cheating Like Suing Parents for Not Raising Them to be Honest [TaxProf]

    (VIDEO) Move to an S Corp to Save Taxes [Blumer & Associates]

    Connecticut State Representative Proposes 10 Percent Tax On Mature Video Games [ATL]

    IIA and Robert Half Present 7 Attributes of Highly Effective Internal Auditors [IIA]

    Big Storm and Its Disruptions Descend on the Northeast [NYT]

    At What Point Does Frugal Just Become Stupid? [LH]

    Bill Would Require Brevity; Wit Still Optional A California lawmaker is proposing a bill that would require online privacy policies to be short and clearly written. A measure introduced this week would impose a 100-word limit on privacy policies —  a bit shorter than this post – and require that they be written in “clear and concise language” at “no greater than an 8th grade reading level.” [WSJ]
    Ex-Tyco CEO Wins 2nd Chance At Parole [Law360]
    FASB works quickly to clarify nonpublic disclosure exemption [JofA]
    Mailman Arrested For Drinking On The Job [HP]