• Footnotes: Seniors Wanted; A Deloitte Win; Stuff Creepy Accountants Like | 01.23.13

    By | January 23, 2013

    U.S. Budget Discord Is Top Threat to Global Economy in Poll [Bloomberg]

    Senior accounting positions hard to fill [CPA Practice Advisor]

    Accounting Problems Still Plague U.S. Government: GAO [The Fiscal Times]

    Goldman cleared of all charges in doomed Dragon sale [Reuters]

    Deloitte & Touche Wins Dismissal of Suit Over Ponzi Scheme [Bloomberg]

    The brothers behind Manchester’s rave scene in the 80s are at war with big City accountants KPMG over a top fashion brand [The Sun]

    'Peeping Tom' Accountant Enters Guilty Plea Grosssss: Pirc said he used the pen 15 or 16 times for “inappropriate things,” but deleted all but five to six videos of women using the bathroom. Pirc said he had been taping women using the bathroom for about nine months with the pen, saying it filmed in color “depending on which way they stood, but it would show their butt and front private area.” [Patch]

    • Guest

      If you’re having trouble finding seniors, raise your FUCKING salaries and quit whining about it. God damn…employers feel entitled as if it’s still 2009.

    • indenturedservant

      you mean a bunch of no name local accounting practices can’t find seniors to do the exciting work of doing tax compliance for local businesses for a pittance??

      i’m shocked

    • Ranier Wolfcastle

      From the article: “However, there‚Äôs not a gaggle of A players on the unemployment lines.” Well duh! The “A” CPAs are all freaking working. Every CPA I know is currently working full-time and STILL getting recruited or poached. Worst. Article. Ever.

      • Guest

        I think the real purpose of these articles is to convince the public that there is a “shortage” of certain high skilled workers (accountants, engineers, and IT people are the most popular) and therefore the government needs to step in and provide taxpayer funded employee training via increased higher ed funding. God forbid the managing partner has to pay for training himself and forgo purchasing that eighth Lexus this year.