Footnotes: Ex-Chief Accountant Kroeker Returning to Deloitte; Seidman, Hoogervorst Agree to Disagree; Curt Schilling’s Mess | 12.04.12

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James L. Kroeker, Former SEC Chief Accountant, Joins Deloitte Kroeker will serve in a leadership role reporting directly to the CEO of Deloitte, promoting high audit quality and serving as a senior consultative resource to help Deloitte engagement teams and clients reach high quality financial reporting conclusions in the public interest. [Deloitte]

Deloitte: playing the transfer pricing game [Richard Murphy]

FASB and IASB Chairs Air Disagreements over IFRS [AT]
Auditors Diss US Regulators Regarding China [T]he SEC’s latest move, while dramatic, will be moot. The major advantage to Chinese firms of raising from US investors and a major advantage of multinationals doing business in China is that US regulations and law enforcement can’t touch them. It’s written all over the public offerings and it’s written all overt the joint venture agreements. [Re:The Auditors]
Lawsuit Alleges American Apparel CEO Shoved Dirt In Employee's Face [BI]

If you were to guess, what would you expect Harry Reid to say about John Boehner's debt plan? [The Hill]

Schilling’s 38 Studios Pitch Leads to Fraud Lawsuit: Muni Credit [Bloomberg]

Warren Likely to Get Senate Banking Panel Seat [WSJ]

British Lawmakers Accuse Multinationals of ‘Immorally’ Avoiding Taxes [NYT]

Nice Jewish Guys Calendar 2013 Now Available For Holiday Season The 2013 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar offers a buffet of 12 average-looking guys who would make momma proud. They’ve got good jobs, can do your taxes, and know how to spread a nice schmear. [HP]