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    Failed PwC Auditor Finds Success in Burning Bridges With This Ridiculous Farewell Email

    By | November 7, 2013

    In the history of this website, we have posted many farewell emails; the dramatic, the sad, the ridiculously long-winded. Of those, there is just no category for what follows. This person obviously isn't cut out for the job, but if success in auditing were based solely on the craziness of the email you send your team on your way out the door, this email writer would make partner in a matter of weeks.

    Note to interns: no matter how angry you are at your own life choices, don't bring your team's pets into your farewell. And if you must, don't do it before your last day.

    Normally I'd edit out the obnoxious formatting but in this case, it only adds to the mania of this email.

    Hello [redacted] Team,

    After careful consideration, I will be ending my employment with PwC effective Monday.

    I've done two audit internships, one at Deloitte and one at PwC. I hated it then but I thought I'd give it a third try. Third time's a charm right? GTFOH(If you don't know what it means Google it!) Basically, my time here as an associate has confirmed everything I already knew ten times over. Auditing is a job for people who truly don't have any other options and don't know what else they could be doing. You work day in and day out pulling useless documentation and filling out useless workpapers that won't really benefit anybody. All of it is BS! After asking dozens upon dozens of auditors what they think of their jobs and getting responses that include "I love my job!" or "I wouldn't trade it for the world," I realized just how fake auditors can be.

    I strongly believe that auditors hate their lives and try to rationalize every piece of it. "Oh it's just busy season" or  "If everybody did the jobs they loved to do then there would be nobody doing the jobs that need to be done." Measley excuses to justify pursuing a useless, meaningless career….

    You can see where this is going. Rather, you think you know where it's going — unlike our fearless writer, who has no idea where she is going except straight out the door — and then BAM, the surprise right hook. Let's give her credit, while she may not be good at auditing, she's a pro at burning bridges.

    Here are some tips and pointers I thought I'd share for all of you to use through out life, you'll need it. I also throw some tips in there that you can take back to the next [redacted] Team Meeting or just any meeting where real people's suggestions can be heard. Maybe a board meeting of some sort with some really important partners, because they're so important right? (side eye)

    I figure I would use the assistance of Twitter hashtags….y'all like those right?

    • Auditing is for the birds, get a real career that has meaning #dontbeFAKEaboutitbeABOUTit
    • Those coach and partner "relationships" or "meetings"….whatever you want to call them….Just stop. #thatishissoawkward #icantdeal #soforced #fakeconvosforfakeauditors #noidontwanttogazeintoyoureyesatatablefortwo #waytoointimateformytaste
    • Let's keep it real, partners are treated as if they're royalty. The reality is, THEY'RE NOT!  They are average Joe's  like you and I, only their pockets are a little bigger. So, there is no need to wait at the partner's feet acting like you'll do any and everything to please them. For what?  No need to come in early just to greet the partner on the job. No need to act like you're such an overachiever by doing all of these unnecessary things. If you're an overachiever, be a real one..not a phony. No need to wait until the partner leaves during busy season only to leave 20 minutes later. Your time is just as valuable, are the partners God? I don't think so…#don'tbeasellout #thepartnerisgoinghometoeathisorherwarmsupper #whileyouarefakeauditng #weallknownooneisproductiveafterabout7pm #gohomeandcuddleupwithyourkids #ohandspousestoo #isntthatwhatthepartnersaredoing? #ohwellsIdigress
    • Trying to get all in people's business…STOP! Everybody isn't an open book and I'm not the type to give you my life story within five minutes as a lot of you in public accounting do. #mindyourbusiness #keepthosenoseyquestionstoyourself #noneofyourbeeswax
    • [Team Member #1], you're fake important and you stink. I've peeped your game…constantly trying to throw me under the bus. You talk too much about everyone and how much you're so stressed out on all of your clients …everyday we suffer from hearing this ish as well as listening to your countless stories about your girlfriend. You're such a gossiper that sometimes I think you're more feminine then you appear. Who does that? You're a grown man, get your life! #somethingtotakebacktomizzy #f*outtahere #yourlifesucksandyouclearlyknowit  #somethingtotakebacktotheteam? #chattycathy  #femininemuch? #someoneneedstheirvagwaxed #ohwaityoudonthaveone  
    • P.s. [Team Member #1], I can give two shits about your animals, maids, brother, etc. Is your life really that boring? Never seen people so in love with animals in life. #ewwnotcomingovertoyourplace #probsmellslikefecesandthrowup #couchesprobtornup #ohletmeguesstheysleepinyourbed #absolutelydisgusting | Get some friends to tell your business to. #ohwaitdrakesaidnonewfriends #maybeyouneedjesusinstead #yourvisionofyourselfisskewed #takeyourselfdownacoupleofnotches #youhavenotarrivedimsorry #crownforthequeenbey #ohandbythewaycelinedioncannottouchbey #beyhivebitches
    • [Team Member #2], I saw you yesterday giving me the side eye. I think those eyeballs need some readjusting. Girl, stop! Don't play into [Team Member #1]'s episodes. Just because both of you feel the need to give your whole life story doesn't mean other people will feel that way.  Have your own opinions and ideas. #I'msorrybutnotsorry #dontbeafollower #thoseeyeballswerestaringtoohardforcomfort #goodluckonyourmiserablecrapofacareeratpwc #saygoodbyetoyoursociallife #butifyoudecidetoleaveyoucantwerkoutwiththerestofus #twerkmileymileytwerk
    • [Team Member #3], where do I start? You hate yourself and your job, let's be honest. Your cat doesn't care about you so stop caring about it. Stories about your nasty cat are unbearable. Seriously, I can't even deal. Beyond gross! You're fake ratchet! I hear you giving weird remarks that are borderline weird….I can definitely hear the twang in your voice. Just be you! Most of all, these are the top 10 reasons Baddie Bey (Beyonce) will kill Britney Spears (she's a has been) any day.

    I know she just said she was going to give 10 reasons why Baddie Bey will kill Britney Spears but it's still unbelievable that she actually did it for some strange reason. IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT…   

    1. Beyonce can sing and dance live without lip singing and do it well. She doesn't need autotune or a background track to make her the Queen. All she needs is a mic, some heels, and her fabulous Brazilian and Malaysian wig to swing around. Can't say the same for Britt. Sorry girl!
    2. Beyonce has much more class.
    3. Beyonce's music transcends culture. Britt….uh….well, that stopped a few world tours ago.
    4. Beyonce has continued to get better and better over time. Her vocals are stronger than ever. Not to mention, after popping out Baby Blue she was back at it. She didn't get all washed up and boring like Britt did.
    5. Beyonce is on some presidential ish. Didn't you watch President Obama and First Lady Michelle's first dance? Or the inauguration performance? Haven't you kept up with the Let's Move campaign (Bey and First Lady Michelle's initiative to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity? ) Well, Bey has been on! Britt has stayed in the shadows. #sorrybutnotsorry #getyourlife
    6. Beyonce killed the Superbowl half time show solo dolo. Britt and NSYNC did that back in the 90s…but that was the 90s…and she wasn't solo dolo…so Bey wins!

    7. Beyonce can dance her butt off. She has rythym. Britt used to be able to …but she is stiff now. I'm sorry..
    8. Beyonce has stage presence. I don't think you know what that is but you can Google it. It's basically something Britt doesn't have.
    9. Beyonce is the QUEEN. She is the best performer alive. Bottom line, no gimmicks!
    10. Beyonce wins and now that I'm out of here, I win too!!! #doingtheharlemshakeasitype

    What in the actual fuck just happened here? Anyone know?

    • Quixote

      Saw this yesterday. #burningbridges

    • cool story brah

      too many hashtags

      • #

        #toomanyhashtags #fixed

      • Whydid Youblockme

        WAYYY too many hashtags
        #andherhashtagswereaslongassentences lol

    • #lol


    • #Aaronblakeisgay

      Was this Aaronblake?

      • AAronBalake2

        I’m in Advisory man, and I have never used a hash tag in my life.

        • Reasonable Assurance

          Do you even twitter, bro?

    • Hashtags on GC

      This person is way to excited to begin their career as an internal auditor…

      • whatever

        to, too, or two?

        • Hashtags on GC

          alas, quick typing has failed me =/

          • pikachu

            sure….haha..who cares anyways? as long as it can be understood..

        • AJ Petros

          “Whatever” isn’t living up to their online nickname if he/she is nitpicking grammar on the comments section of a blog. Just say, whatever. #BootheGrammarPolice

      • Krelm

        1. She worked at PwC. She was doing attest audits, not internal audits. 2, You meant “too”, not “to”. 3. You mixed singular (“this person”) with plural (“their career”). Given your lack of attention to detail, I think it wise that you steer clear of a career in public accounting, as well.

        • Johnny

          1. Hashtags already admitted to the typo.
          2. Their does not mean plural. It shows possession. He used a gender-less term, therefore using their to show possession is acceptable.
          3. You are replying to a post that was made nearly 2 weeks ago. Herp Derp.

          Given your lack of attention to detail, I think it wise that you steer clear of a career in public accounting, as well. You may as well not pursue one in teaching English either.

          Herp Derp.

          • atruesista

            Preach Johnny!! You told him!! Luv it…

        • Whatever

          *Sighing* or is it *sigh* 🙁

        • toofunny

          She was on her way to having a nervous breakdown and instead she decided to just say Fuck it and to give e/one else the finger. At least she didn’t end up hospitalized like a few accountants Ive known…

        • Mr. Cerealbox

          While derided by many, “their” is a common gender-neutral pronoun. The fact that it was “their career” not “their careers” indicates this.


    • KingofLimbs

      This girl worked in the office I work at..what a shame..she is very pretty and I was going to ask her to go with me to the NIN concert… =[

      • JustAnotherCPA

        Actually, I’m pretty sure you dodged a bullet on that one…

      • LetsCircleBack

        Given your name, I would’ve thought you’d ask her to Radiohead

      • Jim Turley

        Not sure why you can no longer ask her out.

    • JessterCPA


      • KingofLimbs

        she actually got a job as a model…

        • Coxswain3

          Are you sure she isn’t starting for Buzzfeed?

        • #InHerDreams


        • PotKettleBlack

          Yeah, because there is soooo much meaningful work in modeling. Nothing fake about that!

          • toofunny

            She was on her way to having a nervous breakdown and instead she decided to just say Fuck it and to give e/one else the finger. At least she didn’t end up hospitalized like a few accountants Ive known.

        • guesty
        • Alan Barnes

          Hopefully doing porn? She seems just mental enough to be good at it…..

        • geniusa100

          I would strongly encourage you to not take what she says at face value.

          If she’s talking to you- it likely means that your already in her next email.

    • einniw

      someone has a small chip on their shoulder…

    • AccountsPlayable

      I mean… she’s not exactly wrong about auditing…

      • notanewhire

        I mean we were all getting the popcorn ready until she started laying into the personal insults. That’s poor form.

        • Guest

          Yeah when this started going around like wildfire everyone thought it was hilarious until they got to the point where she starts ripping up her teammates, almost made us all feel bad enough not to forward it to everyone we know. Almost.

          • Kevin

            I got a copy and i work at a different Big 4 Firm

    • Guest

      Go out in a blaze of Glory

      • Glory-us

        I see what you did there….

        • DeloitteCPA

          Maybe she can Eke out a better career in the future.

          • Glory-us


            • ##’sarestupid

              Made it over here to KPMG. “Glory” to going out in a ball of flames

          • Me

            Too Funny…

        • disqus_BxcOvUQ88l

          She sure did burning the bridge! Sorry this was to be replied to under Guest!

    • AAronBalake2

      Holy hash tag, how did this hash tagging monster make it past HR to begin with

      • TrojanPeep

        cuz she is extremely hot…when I say hot..I mean it

        • AAronBalake2

          Pics or it didn’t happen.

          • Guest

            I’ve seen the pics, it didn’t happen

          • Guest

            PLEASE tell me this is a joke. youtube videos of her doing makeup?

          • AAronBalake2

            Probably what she is doing right now..

          • Guest

            This is not her…

          • Guest

            Extremely hot? G’me a break. Solid B minus in my book. Raise your standards.

            • Rtruth12

              Should be revised to “extremely OFFICE hot”

            • Editorial_Response


        • Name

          Naw dude, just naw

      • Guest

        SMU grad, diversity hire, with 2 internships under her belt. Looks good on paper.

        • Guest

          I’m sorry….did you just say DIVERSITY HIRE? Because she’s black??! Wow. Just wow.

          • Guest

            Um..any recruit that isn’t white is a diversity candidate. At least at Deloitte they are.

        • Guest

          Everything was fun till shit started flowing out of your ignorant mouth. Because somebody is black, it doesn’t mean they were hired for diversty reasons. There are a lot of black people out there that are way smarter than you. Assuming you are in one of the big four, this is exactly what undermines the efforts made by these firms to diversify their teams. You are no different than most of the staff and seniors I put on my jobs and before I introduce myself, they think I am either a staff or an intern simply because of the color of my skin. We are in the 21st century.

          • Blake

            Cry about it

          • Tax acct

            At ey only African Americans and Latinos are allowed in the diversity internships that’s just what it is called. They usually come in as a sophomore whereas normal interns which includes every race usually come as juniors

            • Jim Turley

              Yep. Can’t remember the name of the bullshit program. Is it “Horizons”? I was a bit surprised the firm had a program like that. In San Francisco, there are plenty of well qualified African Americans and Latinos that don’t need a special internship program

          • Mr. Cerealbox

            Nobody really derided affirmative action only acknowledged it as contributing to her getting a job. Giving black and hispanic people a little bit of an advantage when it comes to hiring is what affirmative action IS. Because it would be unusual for a company to hire people without regard to race and then hire a bunch of totally ineffective people to even out hiring practices, that means that EVERY black or hispanic person hired in corporate is done so partially on the basis of affirmative action, even if they were other qualities that helped them get the job. All black people are affirmative action hires.

            Again, I’m not taking a position against affirmative action, just pointing something out.

      • Ms.November1103

        I was wondering the same thing

    • Guest

      This made the rounds within PwC yesterday and last night IT went on a rampage trying to delete it from everyone’s inbox. And to everyone saying she’s really, really hot, I assure you, she is not.

      • #FacebookModelNotRealModel

        did she go to SMU. Currently trying to find her on Facebook

        • Guest

          She did

          • #FIUchickgoesbuhbye

            Nope..She went to FIU..

            • #whotheFisthisgirl

              Name? I go to FIU, I must know her…

            • #FIUchickgoesbuhbye

              I took Ind. Tax with her w Brunken..

            • #whotheFisthisgirl

              great just what FIU needed, im hearing now she was at the boston office

              can you send me her name?

              [email protected]

            • #FIUchickgoesbuhbye

              Shawana James

            • kms837

              That’s not who wrote this. I would hate to see an innocent party get blamed for this.

            • #FIUchickgoesbuhbye

              ok..it was Ophrah

            • Guest

              That’s not her name. I saw the entire email chain. She is also not from FIU. She’s also not out of the Boston office for the poster above you.

        • ExtremelyCold
    • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

      Epic. And, i am def an oversharer. #introsepction

      • #NachoMamaMelaMama

        EPIC? what are you? a 7-yr old who still plays Final Fantasy?

        • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

          Immaturity gets me through my day. An operation to remove your head from your butt would help you with yours.

          • #NachoMamaMelaMama

            whatever yo..

        • Guest

          You have a bug up your ass about using the word “Epic?” Lighten up! This is the internet..

          And by the way the guy you were lambasting has a talking poop as his avatar

    • whoops

      did anyone else stereotype while reading…

      • No. If you did, that’s on you.

        • whoops

          You’re naive to think nobody else did. Read the comments.

          • Name

            That’s okay. I’m black and I stereotype white people all the time based on what I see when I watch Honey Boo Boo and Miley Cyrus…and those guys in the mountains who don’t brush their teeth.
            No seriously, though. It’s almost 2014. 1956 called and asked you to return the mindset you borrowed as they can’t remain stuck in time without it.
            Progression is fun, you should try it.

            • #sorrynotsorry

              I’m from the country and what your referring to is redneck/inbreds. Which do exist alot in rural areas. They’re parallel to black people like this in my book. Except the only difference is that the redneck inbreds don’t get the chance to go to school on scholarship and receive diversity hires.

        • Robert Palmer


    • N.E.R.D.


      • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

        #doyounottweet #awesome #thelongerthebetter

        • HoKAllDayErrDay


    • Joy

      haha she pretty much sad what some folks really want to say or we just instant message to one another. been in the game 10 years. and fake auditing is real lol.

    • Guest

      I did not attend FIU, fyi. No plans to ever work in accounting again..hence the reason why I went out with a bang. If you don’t like it…stop giving this article so much of your time. Nosey roseys…

      • Reasonable Assurance

        Maybe you should post a picture of yourself.

        • PwCCottBeverageAud

          Strongly agree..good auditors always verify

      • Joy

        contact this webpage to take your photo down stat as that is beyond cool and although you dont want to work in public accounting you never want to have stuff in the public realm that could be potentially damaging in the future, id contact this website to also redact this story as this is out of control and sue them period if they do not take this down as they have uncovered your identity without your permission. lawyer up boo!

        • Guest

          This is not my picture.

          • Joy

            wipes brow – alrighty you have it covered. all the best!

          • If this is really you, gonna shoot you an email if that’s cool.

            To be honest, when I first saw this last night I was like “OMFG WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK” but now that I’ve had all day to think about it, I came to the conclusion that you’re actually genius.

            The hashtags and the Beyonce were a bit much but as a disrupter myself, I get it. I get it.

            • Guest

              This is me.

        • Lolz

          You do realize that the names were redacted in the actual article and that the comments range from (an obvious) fake picture of her to “twitter sucks balls.” Also, there was no defamation comitted.

          • SpellingBee

            committed? or comited? or comeeted?

            • Lolz

              “Twitter sucks balls”

          • Joy

            doesn’t have to be defamation/defecation

      • Guest

        You do realize that sometimes employers want to know where you previously worked or want to contact previous employers, right? It’s not a public accounting thing, it’s a job thing.

        • Glory

          I can give three shits about weather or nut I get anotha jab..

          • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

            With spelling like that it is a good thing you don’t care…

          • Guest

            Stop pretending to be me.

            • Glory#1

              BACK OFF…NOW!

            • AAronBalake2

              I wouldn’t even want to pretend to be you.

          • AAronBalake2


      • AAronBalake2

        like your eyebrowzzz

    • Joy Harper

      Wait someone posted her picture – umm I would take that down unless you want to be sued. I will leave my real name rather than hide behind anonymous comments if you would like to discuss live. Or I hope this site takes down the allegeds hash tab abusers photo down, because this is really poor form.

      • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

        Emails aren’t private. Ask the NSA. Public domain means it is fair game. You assume no right to privacy the minute you enter this world. Hashtag Boom.

        • Joy

          no but your picture is

          • guestied

            Not if it’s online for the world to see already…

            • Joy

              only on certain sites where privacy laws are discussed etc. this page not so much and you always have the right to request certain information be removed

            • I don’t recall seeing any communications from the OP requesting we remove this email or any identifying information, which we did not post in the first place.

              That said, if people want to keep outing her in the comment section, just know I’m hovering my finger over the “block” button because that’s unnecessary and distracts from the actual message of this masterpiece.

      • Linnie McCallister

        You know, Joy, you’re what the French call les incompetents.

        • Frenchuto

          les miserables..je ne parles pas francais mais je sais au revouir..

          • Joy

            Miserabili .. io non parlo francese, ma so che il revouir ..

          • Joy

            les miserables .. no hablo francés, pero sé que el revouir ..

          • Joy

            les miserables .. ik spreek geen Frans, maar ik weet het revouir ..

          • Joy

            ok ok im done i have to work now lol and its late. my comic relief for the night

        • Joy

          oh i love insults thank you. im crying a river!

          • Another exKPMGer

            Not surprised you love them considering you have no actual knowledge about what can or cannot be sued for. #DenialAintARiverInEgypt

    • bueller

      Since we’re all being honest here, I pictured the writer as a sassy black woman. damn playing into stereotypes too

    • Lurker at the Threshold

      So what was the letter about anyway – I got a headache from all the hashtags and all I could make out is that she’s obsessed with Beyonce and hates pets.

    • Yup

      I bet she went to work at McGladrey.

    • NotAsDumbAsTheE-mailGirl

      Just read this a little while ago. If you know you don’t like it, how the heck will a third time be any different?!

      • Charmin

        third time might be the charm… 😉

        • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

          Is that Charmin’ or the TP, Charmin? I just realized they are the same thing and, as i am a pile of es, I may need both.

    • PwCCottBeverageAud

      I could not find her on PwC’s 365 app..

      • Guest

        Check LinkedIn

    • LonelyBoy

      Somalia? Cote D’Ivore? Gambia? Tanzania? Ethiopia? Morroco? Cameroon? Niger? Nigeria? Egypt? South Africa? Ghana? Senegal? Mali? Chad? Tunisia? Zimbawe? Togo? Madagascar? India? Peru? Singapore?

      • s


    • Ms. Snatch

      Can we try to keep these comments as classy as possible? E.g. Stop being racially and gender offensive

      • WahhhGoCryBoutIt

        Oh yea like thats going to happen. Stop being so sensitive.

      • Dr. Cock

        Whatever you say.

      • Another exKPMGer

        Keep it classy says someone calling herself Ms. Snatch? #ohtheirony

    • #WhoTheHellHiredMe

      The most ironic part? She just started in September. It only took her 6 weeks for her character to show through.

    • NaijaMandeyenjoyBig4

      Let me speak this in a way that a select few will enjoy……..

      Chai…see as this naija girl just spoil show for the rest of us. This girl don craze finish. You no be first person wey get job at big4…dey do yanga. abeg comot for here. this girl no get sense. All of una people wey dey big 4 dey suffer. abeg pls oh, no mind this girl jare…..

    • DamnShesRight

      I didn’t do audit but man can I relate to her. I was so glad to get out of a pointless professional services job and go into something meaningful. Big 4, Accenture, GT, whatever. That crap is for the birds.

      • JW

        What do you do now? Just wondering what “meaningful’ means, according to you obviously.

        • Uncle Ernie’s World Builder

          YouTube-make-up-video gaffer.

        • DamnShesRight

          Hardware engineer. I like making physical things instead helping lazy government employees do IT security audits.

          • whoops

            i don’t get it.

          • HighPerformanceCulture

            Off-topic, but how did you make that move? Already have an engineering degree, go back to school, or find a way to convince somebody that your audit experience was actually useful? I speak as a former IT auditor in a sorta-related IT risk job.

    • If anyone else wants to out this person in the comment section, this is your final warning. KNOCK IT OFF. Her name was redacted for a reason. Do it again and you get blacklisted.

      The point is not to out her because you were forwarded the email, so just stop.

      • Guest

        Hitler Gonzalez amirite.

        • That’s the best you’ve got? Lame, it’s overdone.

          • babablooey

            wow, great retort.

            • FmrBig4Mgr

              She didn’t need a great retort, it was a lame comment. Get back to your invoice testing.

      • Quixote


      • Guest

        As much as it’s ridiculous (and whatever the GC equivalent to unprofessional is) to post her name and picture, I just can’t seem to summon any sympathy for her whatsoever.

        I understand why this isn’t the place to “out” her, but she certainly DESERVES any and all ridicule and consequences that would come her way as a result of being “outted”. What a b****. If she was never employed again it’d be too soon.


        • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

          It is #sorrynotsorry, no but… *duh*

      • Big Tex

        Considering there are many that know who she is, the idea of outing her isn’t all that necessary. Also, my primary criticism here is her approach. This is bad form all around. You can say many of those same things, in a way that is much more professional and won’t haunt you for a good while. Plus, calling people out in an email like this show’s your true character.

      • hahahaha

        This is exactly the place to out her moron. You all shouldn’t have put this on the website. You use her letter to make a deadline and now everyone knows who she is. Your are idiots……….and she deserves to be outed so I know never to hire her

      • 10 euro/hr

        Carley Menton agrees with you?

    • Baloney Pony

      A few observations:
      1) Wow, that really was the craziest farewell I’ve ever read.
      2) Internet detritus is gonna be internet detritus. Some of you really need to keep your thoughts to yourselves.
      3) She totally f’ed her career. I’m still having a laugh at this, but man, this is Aleksey Vayner-like in how difficult it’s going to make her job searches. Then again, I assume she had something lined up that she was jumping into.
      4) She was right about audit, but she’s not going to succeed anywhere if she doesn’t learn to deal with a little BS.

    • anon

      This was actually EY, not PwC. PwC just got ahold of it.

      • anon

        Also, it’s a guy. Not a girl.

        • Quixote

          Also, it’s actually not an auditor, it’s a McDonald’s employee. Actually, it’s not a McDonald’s employee, it’s a horse. Actually it’s not a horse, it’s a broom….

          Seriously though, I heard this was a PWC’er and not an EY person. But as long as we’re spreading rumors, I heard this person was from KPMG.

      • NiceTryPwCHR

        Oh, is that why the original email I have is from a PwC email address?

    • glorie is cute

      I found her on Facebook. Holy Eyelashes. When it comes to make up, she takes the cake. They should call it cake up.

      Honestly though, she is fairly pretty. A shame she cakes it.

    • Glory Eke

      come check out my youtube channel guyz!

      • best idea

        Someone needs to do a reading of this email and match it up with her make-up videos.

    • Nunya

      This made me LOL. Loved it. They said everything, I wish I had the guts to say. She straight read her co-workers. It was awesome.

    • guest

      i hope this chick winds up broke poor and even more miserable than she was at PWC

      • guest

        why? who cares? #mindyourownbusiness

      • Anonymous

        Like You. She wins. She decided early in her career that she doesn’t like it after being pushed to try again. Pushed you may say yep. No accountant wants to hear that another accountant has quit after all that studying in school. And potential earnings!!!!!!!!



    • CpaCat

      I was with her until she claimed that cats don’t care.

      When I wake up in the night and catch my cat staring at me like a vulture… I know it’s love.

      • Ihat8gossip®

        Your cat stares at you like a vulture because it is trying to figure out how to kill you and then eat your dead carcass.

        • Kylie


    • CrazyEd

      This idiot probably thought she was a bad ass for this, but in reality she is hurting not only herself but also a whole host of others. This reflects poorly upon her college program, and I know that the head of the program has been doing damage control with the PWC partners since it happened. It affects anyone who has recently graduated or is about to graduate from there because it furthers a stereotype. It hurts the person who recruited her, who we all know is likely deeply ashamed. It hurts the National Association of Black Accountants, with whom she held a leadership position. I would even argue it hurts Adrienne’s favorite cause of diversity within Big 4 because these generic white guys who hired her are going to be more cautious in the future when making “diversity hires”. But hey, I’m glad she’s proud of herself and thinks she’s “queen bey”.

      • Reasonable Assurance

        Agreed, it does reflect poorly upon her college.

      • guest

        100% furthers all stereotypes and completely disgraces any organization she was previously affiliated with… great youtube page though! lmao

    • Guester

      She made one good point amid all the hatred and drivel…I often found the auditors I worked with at Big 4 to be too nosy about personal lives. I was there to work and get paid, not to be interrogated about what I did on our rare days off.

    • beentheredidntdothat

      Public accounting is not for people who don’t really want to be there.

    • big4life

      this is sad all around. the letter. the comments. the truth about auditing. all of it.

    • Guest

      Haha, that is awesome!!! At least she had the guts to tell some of those pathetic people how it is and how they are perceived! Too many people brown nosing these days, good to read someone still has “balls”, not enough do.

    • SC2008

      Still, I wonder if the Starbucks job was really worth dissing your co-workers for.

    • Mario

      Auditing does suck. She has a point. I mean, do any of you actually feel rewarding for doing audits?
      But shes prob the type that wanna marry rich anyways.
      Auditing is a career for a certain group of people with certain traits. Its not for everyone.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      wow ….. i’d totally SH !T ALL OVER HER EMAIL if I wrote an email to the people on MY job expressing MY TRUE FEELINGS …..

      not because i’m trying to take anything away from the person who wrote this email or condemn the things she said
      i actually commend her – definitely – and i can TOTALLY relate

      it’s just that my email would be so much more stronger bcz my feelings of HATE & DISGUST towards corporate america & the people I work for are so much more INTENSE …..

      and i have more experience being AROUND these fake board-a***zzzed bad-breath dog-smellin’ motherfkrs
      but good for you Sis!!! i wish you much luck & hope you do well from this point & find what makes you happy & do it to the death #SINCERELY

    • hahaah #unemployment office.

    • Romulus

      I wonder how long she has been unhappy, looks like she needs a long break. btw, she is only human, but clearly needs a little help

    • bekindandfair

      WOW. Some of her criticism may be justified but she is just immature and crude. How did PW ever hire her? They need to revisit their assessment procedures. Who would ever want to marry a person like this let alone hire her? Someone just like her, no doubt. There is always someone for every one. At least she is getting out of a profession she doesn’t like early on, instead of being miserable the rest of her career. She certainly is not an analytical type; more like an emotional type. Just what talents does she have to offer anyone or any company?

    • Krelm

      I would suggest this person try and avoid any job where empathy is a valuable attribute. Perhaps a career as a professional sociopath? Just because she hated auditing doesn’t mean everybody hates auditing. Just because she apparently sucked at it doesn’t mean everybody else sucks at it. As for her whiny comments about having to hear about others’ “boring” personal interests, like their pets – why on earth would she feel compelled to subject us all to her boring personal interest – namely, Beyonce? Don’t like the hierarchy in public accounting, where partners are given a lot of deference? Well, partners tend to make partner because they busted their asses and earned it. Conveniently missing your flight to a conference and deciding that’s a good excuse to quit is not really the sign of someone with the makeup to fast track to partner. Or any other position of responsibility. Tell me when you’re flipping burgers at Mickey D’s, or stocking shelves and cleaning up vomit from the floors at Wal-Mart that you’re going to think about your manager, or district manager, or regional manager, right up the pipeline – any differently than you felt about the audit partners at PwC. In short, little girl: grow up.

    • brightceci

      Wow… is she really that stress or what? I have worked at one of the big firm and totally understand… but yea maybe she really should get out and do something else!

    • Mimi

      Just plain stupid, who cares girl!

    • Ihat8gossip®

      A man at my job did the exact same thing, he had two weeks of vacation took the two weeks to go work at a new job. Then he sent a mass email to EVERYONE at work including the President, CEO, Vice President etc. It was epic, we were talking about it for weeks.

      • Jason B

        Wow sending an email! Wow what a warrior…lol Gen Y.

    • bob

      Auditing is a brutal job. The most boring and mind numbing work you can imagine. The worst part is essentially being hated by everyone. She is spot on in regards to the business.

    • agi

      Beyonce can sing and dance live without lip SINGING????? Learn to write before you embarrass yourself…

      • liquidpapercoke

        the term is actually lip-syncing.

    • milkshake_greg

      I have worked as an auditor and lots of other jobs. Yes auditing is a grind but so are lots of other gigs. Ask an articling lawyer trying to grind out 60 chargeable hours per week dotting i’s and crossing t’s how great is their job. Or how about an investment banker cranking out pitch book after pitch book through the wee hours of the morning? All jobs have their tedium. As an auditor you get to dig through the guts of many different organizations. You have a chance to learn lots more as an early 20s kid auditing than you do in many other jobs. If you cannot take it and want to leave then leave. Self-imploding in such a manner and whining about petty personality issues is the mark of a real loser. Frankly, PWC is better off without you and so are your former accounting peers. Good luck loser … you are going to need it.

    • whatwhatintha

      This Bey-otch is stupid.

    • Lcgriesbach

      awesome! go girl!

    • Michael

      Typical angry black woman, she must have been fun to work with.

      • Guest5

        You’re the type of person that goes out in the world and gets the shit beat out of them because they forget the difference between freedom of speech on the internet and saying too much in real life.

      • Editorial_Response

        I agree with you Michael. I had the opportunity to work with Africans before and they were petty, nit-picky, nosy, and ran to the manager at all different hours of the day stirring the pot for no reason. It made working with them very difficult and something I do not wish to do again.

        • Wow!! Let’s all take a chill pill, calm down and slow it down a bit. You are allowed to hold your opinion but this is mindless stereotyping. We’ve seen some crazy resignation letters from white people too but no one goes around bashing the white race for their work ethos or lack of based on those individual’s actions. Her actions her consequences. I am a black, African new joiner in the UK and I sure hope this isn’t the sentiment on this side of the pond. Call it what you want but this is utter bigotry. Some of you lot forget that the big 4 are actually global firms, it’s not just about America you know.

      • Guest

        Typical white people generalizing

    • Paulette Williamson

      The whole Beyoncé thing lost me.

    • Rese


      • Editorial_Response

        You’re the type of person that goes out in the world and gets the shit beat out of them because they forget the difference between freedom of speech on the internet and saying too much in real life.

    • Editorial_Response

      Africans! SMH!!!

    • geniusa100

      You landed a job, and now instead of leaving because you are unhappy, but you are lashing out at others- personally.

      This email does not read of a professional who has discovered another calling, it’s of a child who does not realize the importance of having a job, the value of working for a living, and that some people can be very happy doing jobs that you may not like.

      I hope you are never rehired, for when you are working another job (which you will definitely not like)- you may realize that there is value in others, and realizing and appreciating it is more important than tearing it down in a temper tantrum.

    • mike


    • katy

      hahaha fudge yes…bet thats the realist shit her co workers will ever hear #sheonone

    • yogi9644

      How she became an accountant mystifies–she is a moron and her idolization of Beyonce goes beyond bad taste to criminaltiy.

    • Herbert Partlow

      I am 52 years old and worked for three of the Big 4 / Big 6 accounting firms at the time, and I am African American. I worked for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Main (now KPMG), Arthur Andersen, and Deloitte & Touche. So, I have a unique perspective and insight into this situation/scenario.

      When I worked in those environments (in the late 80s early 90s) and later in the early 2000s, I was often the only African American. In fact, when I worked for Arthur Andersen’s San Francisco office, I was one of maybe two or three black employees out of upwards of 300 employees, if not more. While those numbers aren’t good, I always felt that is was good for me, and demonstrated my abilities and competency. To use the young ladies vernacular, “I could hang!” And the training, experience and exposure I got was second to none; 1st tier!

      I was the Audit Staffing Manager for two of the firms, and an independent contractor working in the Office of the Vice Chairman for another. I think that this young lady will do fine because of her independence and intestinal fortitude . . . and she is so young, so there is still much to learn. If I had an opportunity to mentor her, I would have encouraged her to stick with it, because for those of us who know, it is an “up and out environment” anyway. But when you have firms like PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG on your resume, it bodes very well for your future employment prospects. These are some of the most prestigious firms in the world, and not everyone can get in the door.

      Now, I would agree with her . . . you have to be “cut of a certain cloth to be an auditor in the first place, and it’s not for everyone. And the hours and focus required are crazy at times. But that’s the nature of the beast.

      As far as her letter goes, it does show immaturity, but more than that, it is reflective of her generation, and the coinciding vernacular. Sorry for such a long-winded response, but I felt compelled to comment because of my first hand experiences and knowledge of these environments; especially as they relate to people of African decent vs. other nationalities. I wish I was there to mentor her. She could have done her 2-3 years, passed the CPA exam, completed all of her CPE requirements and been in a position to “right her own ticket” by the age of 25 or 26! Anyway, that’s my 25 cents on the subject.

      – Herb P.

      • lifetimearearesident

        As someone who also worked for PW in the 1980s I generally agree with Herb’s assessment. I’m middle aged and white so I did not see it from a black man’s point of view and instead was a white observer of the few blacks in our office. I’m sorry she did not have Herb to mentor her.
        I’m no fan of quotas and perhaps she did get her job in part because of her race, but I’m not inclined to attribute her foolish e-mail to race. She’s young and this has the mark of youthful foolishness more than anything else.
        I hope she succeeds in life – and gets some manners. Trashing her co-workers is just too much.

    • Jason B

      Her father is the Nigerian email scammer…she has plenty of cash don’t worry.

    • Andrew Thomas Regan

      We have to end affirmative actions, these three internships could have gone to someone who really wanted them.

    • mstevens73

      The company didn’t leak this so you KNOW she did it for the attention! #ImSpecial #FutureRealityHO #Whyareyoutalkinginhashtags?!

      This was a CLASSLESS move, with TERRIBLE grammar! #HopeUNeverGetAnotherJob

    • Wildchild

      After reading the email i’m not surprise she’s black. What I am surprised about is that PWC would hire such an idiot, as they are one of the nations top accounting/auditing firms and their hiring is very competitive. Sad to say but she clearly must have been hired for diversity reasons.

      • Kylie

        Same way I hear of a mass shooting, and I immediately know a deranged white male is behind it!

    • Bridgett Wilhelm

      That lady has problems.

    • millennial

      She represents the absolute worst of the millennial generation.

    • Sure mob

      What a joke she doesn’t deserve a job anywhere

    • nikki

      Ok… WTH does Beyonce has to do with her leaving her job????

    • Concerned SMU alumni

      I am SMU and KPMG alumni. I am in the industry, but interact with PWC auditors from YOUR office on a daily basis. They are fantastic, smart people who actually DO LOVE their jobs. You are disgrace to my college, public accounting, and the whole audit profession, and I will make sure you will not be on my hiring list. Even if you did not like your job and working at PWC, no need to get personal. There are plenty of people who get burned out at Big 4, but I am yet to meet someone who behaved the way you did. Just resign and thanked everyone for the opportunity that was given to you. Hope you find something you like, and hopefully it will NOT be in accounting or auditing field. But even after what you did, good luck finding a job in another field.

    • CrazyTimes

      What the hell? They should have let her audit Beyonce’s company.

      • liquidpapercoke

        i don’t know objectivity could be a problem. lol

    • tara

      so ghetto

    • Ann

      its called freedom of expression and if that’s how she feels well
      fine i just hope she pursue something more meaningful in the future.

    • weatherlol

      there are a lot of LOL!!!

    • TLJ

      You know its funny I feel her frustration and just not giving a care. When my BS cup runnith over I let it all out too. I did something similar to a job that I had quit, but it was a farewell letter. I had already quit and HR had sent me a packet on why I quit with my last check etc. When I saw the section that asked Why I quit. I wrote please see attached letter. In this letter I let it all out. How the people ( other than myself) that takes everyone’s shift last minute because they are in a squeeze cause some called out sick (hung over… It was always that or they just didn’t feel like working that day), but we were the ones that had the smallest paychecks. I was even praised by a corporate worker about my customer service and I still was not promoted when they needed a new manager. It baffled me how people so reliable were never promoted instead they promoted the people that called out. I explained my theory of why. It was because they fraternized after work by going to concerts and doing drugs together (both things you are not supposed to do according to the company policy). The Managers and the call outs would talk about it openly the next day with no shame, so I kept mental logs of it. One thing I learned when I served in the military was document, document, document. I gave them days, times, who was there and what happened on days that there were unfair treatment. I even talked about how the Store managers girlfriend (who was a manager at the store until her boyfriend became store manager then she had to quit) would walk in the store straight down stairs (employee place only, she’s no longer and employee) , use the phone and when I would question her or stop her she would say how she can get away with it cause she’s F***ing my boss. I let it all out in that letter. However I told the establishment that I had a blast working for the company, it was been my most fun and liberating jobs, but the people the put in management SUCK. It caused such an issue that they basically gave the Store Manager a choice of quit or be fired. he chose to quit. I didn’t feel sorry for doing it.
      Was it immature of her? Yes, but sometimes you just have to let it all out, and if it comes out like that, oh well at least you know you didn’t hold anything back. She knew that she would never do that job or work for that company again. As for the Beyoncé Britney Spears thing, it wasn’t needed, I’ve seen both in concert and they both can through an amazing show. And now Beyoncé has been caught lip synching, so someone will one day throw that in her face. However all the hash tags really hurt my eyes.
      Now she better live for her and do what she likes. I think its funny though that employees can write letters like that and people may applaud and what not but if an employer sent a letter like that to someone who they are firing everyone would be up in arms about it.
      So if anyone is going to do something like that, make sure that you would never in life go back to that company again.

    • glory’s ridiculous

      Wow. Where to start. Clearly professionalism wasn’t stressed in your office, but then again, perhaps in any of your internships or positions, you didn’t learn any yourself either.

      Quitting is not about one-upping or insulting your soon-to-be-ex-coworkers; quitting or leaving a position is about moving on to bigger and better things. With an email such as this, all you do is degrade yourself, belittle a profession (whether or not you enjoy it is besides the point; millions of people change careers and since you’re one of them, don’t go bashing a job others may love), and prevent yourself from ever being taken seriously. Especially with the hashtags! Any hiring person with an ounce of brain matter would never hire you, across any career, for proffering veiled threats behind a social media symbol.

      In short, get a life, and stop stalking Beyonce. If you hate your job fine, leave it behind you with class – another aspect of career life you’ve clearly never even heard of.

      • Ms.November1103


    • RGK

      Was she forced at gunpoint to become an accountant. Her pre-teen level maturity is indicative of the fact that accounting is a career that keeps you institutionalized straight from school and prevents you from developing into a normal adult.

    • U.S. citizen

      Why do black people feel they are entitled to do things like that, but if a white person says something back then it’s immediately “discrimination because of skin color”? I have a black guy working on my team who is exactly like her. Bad mouths his peers, throws everyone under the bus, does a crappy job, but when it’s addressed he throws back “discrimination” card. If anything, I feel white people are discriminated by blacks.

      • Ms.November1103

        Are you serious? This was not about race as much as it was about ignorance. What gave you the impression that her issue was race? It sounds like you may need or want to pen a letter like this to your “co-worker” instead of classifying every disgruntled black employee as a racist. Ignoramus!

        • ShesfromtheDallasOffice

          Have you not seen her response interviews? She is completely focused on race, and then proceeds to make several sterotypical/racist comments herself – and I only skimmed through them because they were pretty unbearable. I worked with the same team last year (mostly people she didn’t call out in the email directly), but they were all stand-up auditors (notice she spent 99% of the time attacking them personally and not professionally) that were very easy to get along with. I guess she just didn’t fit in with the team…which speaks more about her than them.

      • Mr. Cerealbox

        Are you really surprised that someone with this personality would blame the internet laughing at her for being racist?

    • huh?

      well, anyone arguing that hard that beyonce is better than britney clearly knows deep down that it isn’t true. 🙂

    • Leticia Renee

      This website is horrible. After signing up to have the site access my information under the rouse that I could post a comment…my comment was deleted and I now have a blank box to start over. #thanksloserhopemyinfoismoreimportant

    • liquidpapercoke

      #Bravo #Strange’ #Strange’ #U-GOgirl

      Yeah, the entire letter was consistent with how I felt too…especially when she started ripping her co-workers. The culture can kill you, the work isn’t unbearable, it’s the social side and having to listen to co-workers bitch about their personal lives. If all I had to do was focus on the work – the job wouldn’t be so boring. My co-workers were equally annoying and too competitive…and that Beyonce/Britney rant most likely stems from a conversation a co-worker consistently had in her presents and she never said anything. They say don’t talk religion or politics in the workplace – “they” should add don’t talk about non-work stuff until I know you and actually like you.

      Clearly, that wasn’t the right culture fit for her. I think she would be a rock star in the entertainment industry and that’s not discounting her intellect, or maybe she might be better working for a law firm that hires accountants, this way she can be in an expert support role versus being among her boring peers. There are actually lots of industry and government roles she could assume. Her future is still bright, don’t give up on auditing or accounting, there are some really unique opportunities out there if you’re willing to seek them out.

      Either way, I hope she lands on her feet because although her perspective is brusque, it sounds like PwC needs to take notice as this is still positive feedback. This ladies letter could be a great opportunity for the company. Hopefully, someone took notice and used it to make some changes.

      On another note: OutKast might reunite at Coachella, whoo hoo!!! #Excited #Stoked #Imgoing


    • Ms.November1103

      Let me get this straight, a former intern (which I have been) has decided that this career is not for her and instead of just moving on (like an adult) she does this??? Um news flash “Glory” this is what life is like in corporate America for anyone but the honchos. #growup. Lastly can someone please tell me wtf Beyonce has to do with her job????
      #prioritizebooijs, #whosgonnahireunow??#talkaboutothersgivingouttoomuchinformationsmh.

      • David Perkins


    • cody

      WHy is this person even working anywhere??? Better yet why is she even breathing ???

    • I understand you….

      Leave this woman alone. She did what a lot of us would like to do. I worked as an auditor and some of the BS she talked about are true. I think a good auditor is smart, creative and quick on his or her feet, but the BS is killing the profession. I loved being an auditor, but I could not deal with the butt kissing. I worked with a director in Miami and she was “GHETTO ALL DAY EVERYDAY.” I do not agree with the way she “resigned,” but…. 🙂 And, I do not understand the Beyoncé thing at the end…. All the best to you young lady and ignore all the haters. They would like to leave their crazy coworkers and managers behind, but do not have the stones!!!!
      I hope you find what you are looking for…..

    • Chuck

      Here is her rebuttal!!!


      I personally think she’s full of it, contradicting that the email wasn’t supposed to be personal and accusing 85% of the GC responses as “racist.” Hope your venting and sheer ignorance was worth it, because it could have serious implications for potential Big 4 hires of diverse backgrounds.

    • neil

      It’s better to burn out
      Thanthen to fade away. ?

    • nitrodrip

      #doing the harlemshakeasItype is hilarious. Not professional but sometimes people are exhausted with BS. I would not do it but I applaud her. If she is young she has a degree and will be employed.

    • IrvingFeldspar

      Hope she enjoyed her trip to Belize.

    • Moni

      this is actually too funny. not sure if she knows what she’s doing… the britney beyonce thing was SO. RANDOM.

    • X

      Hillariously Funny.. she lost her mind..

    • agnome

      What a pompous self absorbed jerk. I am personally grateful to have never work with her.

    • Public Writing

      All these people and there [sic] checking speling [sic] and grammer [sic] errors are driving me nuts [no puncuation [sic]] It’s a message bored [sic] not a collage [sic] english class. Oh dear i just made a lot of peoples [sic] head explode Not to funny, “to two or too”

    • ccb9803


    • OldGreg
    • kats

      BIGGEST WASTE OF MY DAMN TIME. Bitch just wouldn’t shut up or say something really funny. It was lame and childish, too bad it wasn’t clever or witty. Instead the dumb bitch talks about how great Beyoncé is….WE ALREADY KNOW SHE IS THE BEST! Talk about something important you twat!