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    Tell EY’s Mark Weinberger To Quit President Trump’s Business Advisory Council

    By | August 14, 2017

    I’m overstating the obvious here, but there’s something disturbing when the President of the United States can’t be bothered to unequivocally condemn white supremacists. The fact that I even have to write that sentence blows my mind.

    This morning, in response to President Trump’s remarks, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier announced that he was resigning from the President’s American Manufacturing Council:

    Trump, in a moment of grace and humility, accepted Mr. Frazier’s resignation and stated that he had learned from his mistakes.

    HAHAHAHAHA. No, not even close:

    Right now, business leaders that are serving on any of the President’s advisory councils should be re-thinking that position. And by “re-thinking” I mean, they should quit. Today. Right now. Here’s the full list of them courtesy of Politico’s Dan Diamond:

    Hey, look, there’s EY’s Mark Weinberger without his name crossed off.

    Mark Weinberger is the global leader of a firm that has gone on record that they want their employees to talk about politics at work. Here’s an entire page on the firm’s website with videos of leaders, including Weinberger, talking about diversity and inclusion. Mark Weinberger has repeatedly gone on record about the importance of diversity and inclusion at EY. Here a video of him giving a 20+ minute speech on it:

    You don’t have to watch the whole thing, you’ve heard it all before. But at 25:20, Weinberger says, “We have to back up our rhetoric with action.”

    Fine, so this is the perfect opportunity to say this — If Mark Weinberger cares so much about diversity and inclusion and he believes in backing up rhetoric with action, then he needs to resign from the President’s Strategic and Advisory Council. It shouldn’t be a big deal. If Mr. Weinberger believes in all the things he says about diversity and inclusion, then this decision is easy. It would be far easier than most of the decisions that the global CEO of one of the largest accounting firms ON EARTH would have to make.

    Some might say that Weinberger could help Trump learn more about the importance of inclusion, after all, he’s already the guy who’s supposed to educate him about the importance of women in the workplace. But then I’d ask those people: Do you believe that Trump listens to anyone who doesn’t come calling without a praise folder? Weinberger isn’t going to change Trump’s mind because Trump does not care.

    So what’s the point of Weinberger remaining on the council? There is none. So resign, Mark! It’s the right thing to do. Do you honestly think that in 10 years — hell, 2 years! — you’ll look back and think, “Boy, I’m glad I stuck with Trump.” You will not.

    And you can tell him too: Here’s Mark’s Twitter account. Just tweet at him! Something like, “Hey Mark. Please quit the president’s strategic and advisory council.” Or, “Dude! Get off Trump’s council. What’s wrong with you?” If you work at EY, email him! Don’t forget, EY says that it wants you to talk about politics at work. So talk about it! Tell your GLOBAL CEO to quit Trump. Come on, Mark. This is ridiculous.

    Image: YouTube

    • Big4Veteran

      If Mark is the good Big 4 “leader” that I suspect he is, he will quit after most of the other people quit, and just before the council gets disbanded. And then EY will pat itself on the back for showing courage.

      • PwC Guy

        ^ This. Best comment I’ve read in a while.

      • PwC Guy

        Update: I heard from a friend at EY that a firm-wide e-mail went out yesterday afternoon from Mark Weinberger. Turns out you were spot on. Nice call.

        • Arthur Vandelay

          That’s right. Mark was torn and thought he could do more good by engaging in the council than turning his back on it. However, it eventually became an easy decision.

    • Big4Veteran

      “If Mr. Weinberger believes in all the things he says about diversity and inclusion, then this decision is easy.”

      He doesn’t believe in these things, Colin. It’s a marketing gimmick. This has been covered at length on Going Concern.

      Prediction: This latest Trump embarrassment will blow over by mid week. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore.

    • Big4Veteran

      “Do you honestly think that in 10 years — hell, 2 years! — you’ll look back and think, “Boy, I’m glad I stuck with Trump.” You will not.”

      It’s too late for this. If you are still truckin’ with Trump at this point, you are irredeemable. You might as well just stick with your horse.

    • He’d have the New York Times on his side — https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/14/business/dealbook/merck-trump-charlottesville-ceos.html
      Which would he rather have?

    • SouthernCPA

      This is a website for accounting news, or at least, accounting snark.

      Caleb, we get it… you are a liberal. No one cares about your political leanings. Please don’t screw up this website by posting your political opinions.

      The President strongly denounced this trash on Saturday, and more so today.

      Maybe you could instead wrote a post about his ideas for tax policy.

      • Fat_audit_partner

        I stand behind our president. God bless him. #makeamericawhiteagain

        • EYtheAuditGuy

          Please stop trolling all over this site. You’re annoying, and not even close to being funny.

        • Drowningintaxcodes

          I hope you understand your breaching the terms of use of Going Concern by using that hashtag. It explicitly states you aren’t allowed to promote racist ideas and content. I’m not sure what you’re going for with this trolling account.

          • Fat_audit_partner

            Good, I’ll create another fake account and troll some more

      • Big4Veteran

        So much wrong in just one brief comment…

        1. This is not an accounting news site, it is an accounting tabloid. When the CEO of a Big 4 firm sits on a council in service of a racist, that is “newsworthy” on this site.

        2. A lot of people care about Colin’s political leanings. You don’t speak for everyone.

        3. This website is already screwed up. Have you not noticed? At this point, Colin may as well just write about things that he wants to write about.

        4. Trump did not denounce white supremacists, the KKK or Nazis on Saturday. FACT Sorry, its a FACT.

        5. Trump doesn’t have any ideas on tax policy, or any other major issue facing America. The only two things Trump cares about are (1) being praise and (2) fucking Obama.

        • SouthernCPA

          1) So now Trump is a racist? Good Grief

          2) You. You are the one that cares.

          3) LOL you win this point

          4) Why do we get so hard about denouncing people? Maybe it’s better to not even mention their names and give them any attention.

          5) Your liberal bias is showing. Again.

          • keepin_it_real

            1) So now Trump is a racist? Good Grief

            No, he’s always been a racist.

            • Fat_audit_partner

              Trump is no racist. He loves the blacks. He is going to make America great again

            • Big4Veteran

              I love a good parody account, but this one by “Fat_audit_partner” is really terrible. Not funny at all. Please try harder, or just stop trying.

            • Fat_audit_partner

              I’m glad my comment ticked you off. That motivates me to be an even bigger asshole.

            • Big4Veteran

              Exactly. It’s not like Saturday was some huge revelation about Trump. Dude was denying black people housing in his apartment buildings decades before he ran for president.

          • PwC Guy

            We get it, you’re a Trump supporter. Congratulations, you are on the wrong side of history, will eventually be proven wrong, and will always be remembered as such.
            1) Yes, it’s readily apparent he always has been. Long before he ran for president. Do your due diligence CPA.
            2) I wouldn’t say we overly care about Colin’s political leanings, but he has every right to express them, the same as you.
            3) You and people like you are what’s wrong with this country. Not relevant to the actual #3 above, just wanted to add that. 🙂
            4) Because, the leader of our nation refusing to condemn racism specifically and vehemently is tantamount to him silently endorsing it.
            5) Libertarian here. These views are not liberal bias, they’re common sense observations based on his behavior to date, you sheep. Refer again to 3) above.

        • Fat_audit_partner

          Trump is a good man. He’s going to take care of us and make America great again

          • BlackHarvardMan

            Hmm, this from the same person bragging about his “new Range Rover” and going home to his “28 yr old wife while the team grinds to make me rich” on another thread.

            If anyone wonders what’s wrong w/ the culture of Big4 firms, Mr. Fat_Audit_Partner’s comment is endemic. One can only hope that Tim Ryan is paying attention.

            • Fat_audit_partner

              Your comment was filled with so many grammar mistakes that I was exhausted by the time I finished the first paragraph.

            • AaronBalake

              Are you so fat that reading makes you tired?

            • Fat_audit_partner

              I’m very obese. 20 years of eating shitty takeout every night takes a toll on your health

            • BlackHarvardMan

              Apparently it takes a toll on your personality as well.

            • PWC Prick

              Yes – AaronBalake is back!!!!! All hail the greatest commenter GC has ever seen!!!!!!!

            • BlackHarvardMan

              Maybe you should work out…

        • Biff Tannen

          Big 4 Vet saying NASTY things about me! Sad!

    • Reasonable Assurance

      EY already hand holds its employees over every trump mishap. I’m sure we’ll get a heart felt email when he does resign.

      Trump isn’t a Nazi, just an FYI.

      • Big4Veteran

        No one said Trump is a Nazi. He’s just someone who enjoys the support* of Nazis, and therefore feels an obligation to not criticize them too harshly.

        *Trump, nor anyone on the right, has yet been able to explain WHY Nazis love him so much.

        • Reasonable Assurance

          I don’t get it. The media constantly writes he is or goes out of their way to imply it 24/7.

          Nazi’s in America are basement dwelling morons who don’t deserve the time of day. Thoughts aren’t a crime. Actions are.

          ANTIFA and BLM are also disgusting groups that have led to how many riots? Of course they are gonna brawl with some Nazi’s. Police shouldn’t have let it happen.

          • Caleb Newquist

            Judging by the number of Nazis that showed up in Charlottesville, saying they’re basement dwellers would highly inaccurate.

            • Reasonable Assurance

              Is there a count? World needs plenty of bar-backs and fry cooks. I suspect many of them either do that currently or will be shortly.

            • Big4Veteran

              And they didn’t even wear hoods this time. They proudly showed their faces. Nazis apparently feel emboldened in 2017 America, for some reason…

            • Reasonable Assurance

              Good… it’s always good when you can spot and identify extremists. That way law enforcement knows who is part of a terrorist/hate group.

      • BlackHarvardMan

        No — Trump is a feckless, narcissistic idiot who enables/defends Nazis. “Sad!”

    • Sammy K

      AICPA Rule 501 prohibits acts discreditable to the profession.

      • Big4Veteran

        This is a really good comment. +1

    • Reasonable Assurance

      Mark sent us an email! I feel so much better now!!!

      • keepin_it_real

        So did he resign before the thing was disbanded?

        • Disqus Sucks

          No. He “resigned” about 6 hours after the council was disbanded. His email also said how stressful the whole situation was for him. Feel really sorry for him…

          • Reasonable Assurance

            R u ok?