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    EY Counts the Votes for the Golden Globes, You Guys

    By | January 3, 2017

    Look at that, another year gone by. As many of us try to get back to the gym, find a new job or yell at fewer strangers, there's one other time-honored tradition in January: accounting firms boasting about their award show gigs. And here's EY, right on cue, to tell us about their sweet counting exercise with the Golden Globes:

    EY is kicking off the New Year by tabulating the votes for one of Hollywood's most prestigious award shows: the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Awards®. For the 44th consecutive year, EY is overseeing the voting process for the awards, which honors the best in TV and film. Only three EY professionals will know the results in advance of the ceremony, which they will personally carry down the red carpet in briefcases handcuffed to their wrists.

    Why do they always make a big deal about the handcuffs? Is that meant to deter potential hijackers who don't have the stomach to chop off an auditor's hand? If EY really wants to put the fear of God into would-be case-snatchers, they should hire mercenaries to guard the team with AR-15s.

    I have to admit, though, if you were going to land an awards show engagement, the Globes would be my choice. Where else do you get to watch celebrities make terrible faces while they eat and then get blind drunk? EY should really be mentioning this in their recruiting materials. "Sure, PwC has the Oscars, but last year at the Golden Globes we watched Jack Nicholson piss himself and then get turned down by Jennifer Lawrence."


    • keepin_it_real

      I always thought the Oscars were the most prestigious.

      • Big4Veteran

        They are. But EY! does the Golden Globes. Therefore, per EY!, the Golden Globes are the most prestigious.

    • Big4Veteran

      The whole handcuffing to the briefcases thing is just for show. It’s part of the Hollywood experience. I’ve heard stupid stories like how the two PwC partners will travel to the awards show separately on two completely different, secret routes.

      It’s just stupid shit the firms say/do that impresses no one, but they think its awesome. Similar concept to a financial statement audit.

      • Smack That

        I love how awards shows are entirely inconsequential, too, yet all the hoopla about the integrity. Who fucking cares? They’re just mantel decorations.

        • Big4Veteran

          This is what people who never win awards say. If I were an actor, I’d give my left nut for an Oscar.

          If there were an award given to an accountant signifying that he/she is at the very top of the profession, you would consider that inconsequential? C’mon bro.

          • Smack That

            I am completely uninterested in winning any awards for accounting. C’mon dude-bro-champ-sport.

          • keepin_it_real

            What would you give for a Golden Globe?