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    Here’s Your Open Thread for EY Compensation Discussions (2017)

    By | August 15, 2017

    Okay, okay. I’m sure some people inside the House of Black and Yellow need a break from writing thoughtful emails to Mark Weinberger. It seems that yakking about EY compensation is the perfect way to do that.

    The first requests came in yesterday and have been picking up steam today. A tip from yesterday notified us that the compensation discussions were off and running:

    I think comp conversations should start today. I saw one person on fishbowl post. Assurance Senior in the West, 3 rated and raise of 5.8%. So not spectacular.

    Folks weren’t happy with [performance based bonus] either. Heard it was around 1.6% for 3s.

    Overall I think expectations are so-so. A lot of messaging that we didn’t meet vision 2020 goals this year, although we had growth in some areas. So hard to predict.

    We will see….

    Another tipster echoed the “wait and see” attitude, especially since PwC set the pace already:

    Our [diversified staff group] members are getting their compensation: 4 rated senior 1 to senior 2 tax, Midwest 7.3%. So far not the greatest given our scoping of PWC raises being much higher, time will tell though

    It must be difficult for EY people to watch the numbers from PwC roll in. Every June, when the PwC thread rolls, there has to be a lot of partners who look at the numbers and think, “Oof. Our people won’t be getting that.” Alternatively, there are probably some years where EY brass is excited to spring compensation news on their people because they will match the numbers that PwC people are seeing.

    But being the second Big 4 firm to have comp discussions has to be a tough spot. If you’re first, you get to set the bar; if you’re last, like KPMG, you have plenty of time to adjust your plans. But going second is never fun. You’re always going to feel the pressure from the pacesetter. If you’re the type of firm that doesn’t mind not going first and have the confidence that the financial rewards you give your employees will satisfy them, regardless of what your competitor will do, then I suppose it’s no big deal. Is EY that type of firm?


    So let’s get to it. Once again, here’s your checklist:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (preferred) or region
    • Line of Service
    • % Raise
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Old & New Base

    Have fun, everyone.

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    If your firm is holding discussions about performance reviews, raises, bonuses, et al. this summer, email [email protected] with the details.

    Image: Quentin Michon/Wikimedia Commons

    • Reclaiming my time

      City (preferred) or region: LA
      Line of Service: Assurance
      Rating: 3
      % Raise: 6.2
      % Bonus (if any): PBB 1.58%
      Old & New Base: $77,800 > $82,500

      Got played on my rating and majorly screwed on my compensation. Ready to leave and start reclaiming my time. Not sure if staying until manager makes sense anymore.

      • bobjones
        • Reclaiming my time

          Yesssss hahaha. My sentiments exactly!

      • EY slave

        Surprised they didn’t give a RAC award instead of PBB???

    • Ted

      Not sure yet but PBBs were awful, it may be time for me to start looking at the ol industry. Make it a bit easier knowing my CEO sits on Trumps committee and supports an open Nazi apologist

    • EY Indentured Servant

      Is there a way we can pin this thread to the first page for a couple of weeks? It’s going to get lost in the shuffle and can get pushed back when new articles get posted over it.

    • PaulGeorge222

      What happened to going concern? 1 salary post?

      • Disqus Sucks

        Comp talks have not really not gone into full swing just yet. Most people’s discussions are over the next few days.

    • Disqus Sucks

      As mentioned in Caleb’s post, performance based bonuses were rough this year due to not meeting revenue or profit plan. This should really not be a surprise. The firm’s Vision 2020 completely focused on revenue when first rolled out. It took the firm 3 years to realize you do not make more money with revenue. You make more money with profit. The firm dug this hole.

      Firmwide bonuses with ratings are:
      Senior Manager: 7.92% (5), 4.75% (4) and 1.58% (3)
      Manager: 7.13% (5), 4.75% (4) and 1.58% (3)
      Senior: 4.75% (5), 3.96% (4) and 1.58% (3)

    • whenismy2weeksup

      Staff 1 > Staff 2
      City (preferred) or region: Northeast Region
      Line of Service: Assurance
      Rating: 3
      Old & New Base: $57,000 > $61,200
      A little BS since we are going to make the same as current staff 2s and the incoming staff 1 class got a market bump from $57 to $59k. Not sure why there was no market bump for anyone else.
      Cant wait to put my 2 weeks in. These salaries are a joke for the amount of work we do

    • Big4Burnout

      Fair enough. I jumped and couldn’t be happier. Less hours, less stress and about 50% more in compensation. I was not a manager when I left.

    • jesusismylover

      Staff 2 –> Senior 1
      Rated: 5
      City (preferred) or region: Washington DC Metro
      Line of Service: Assurance
      % Raise: 15.5%
      % Bonus (if any): $5k promotion bonus
      Old & New Base: $62.8k –> $72.5k

    • EY?

      Manager (5 rated) -> Senior Manager
      PBB $8K, Promo Bonus $8K
      Old Base: $98K, New Base: $118K

      • EY FSO

        early promotion? It is kind of low?

    • Unimpressed

      Position, promotion: Senior 2 > Senior 3. Could have tried to make the argument to be early promoted if I had the license requirement settled.
      City (preferred) or region: Northeast
      Line of Service: PAS – mobility
      Rating: 5
      % Raise: 8.5%
      % Bonus (if any): 4.75%
      Old & New Base: Approx 84K > 90.7K

    • Accountmeout

      Senior 1 > Senior 2
      Region: Northeast
      LOS: RAS
      Rating 3
      Old base: ~77k > ~88k

    • JoetheEYAuditor

      M1 to M2
      Region: Southwest
      LOS: Audit
      Rating: 3
      Raise: 8%
      Base: 75k->81k (Low COL)

      • Infrequent lurker

        I know you said you are in a low cost of living area, but an M2 making ~$80k is laughable. I’m pretty sure even in a low COL area M2s are making ~$100k. You should probably shop around for a new job.

        • Anonnnn

          Better check your facts. I’m in a high COL city Audit M2 making just under 100.

    • Faj

      NYC, Staff 1 > Staff 2
      5 rating
      15% Raise
      Old & New Base 75k to 86k

    • EY Indentured Servant


    • EY ain’t so bad

      Senior 2 > Senior 3
      Central, not Chicago
      7.8% Raise
      3.96% Bonus (4 rating)
      $64,100 base + approx $1k in RAC to $69,100

      Probably not being paid the highest salary in the S3 class but I’m not too incredibly upset as I never worked beyond 8 or 9p in busy season and work from home 4+ weeks out of the year.

      • Big4Burnout

        I’ll tell you about somewhere you won’t work past 8 or 9 PM year-round and make more than that amount in base and bonus. Life after audit is great!

    • StephenG

      M2 to M3
      3 rate
      Bump 2.5%
      New base 139K
      Told bump due to top of band NE region.

    • Small4

      No advanced degree? What was your degree?

      • Eyadvisory

        Math and finance majors bachelor

    • Carl

      m2 to m3
      4 rated
      8% raise
      4.75% bonus
      New base 118K

    • The Blitz

      You on wellfare?

    • Traveling LA Dude

      M2 to M3
      West Region
      Advisory – PI
      4 Rated
      7.5% Raise
      New Based 145K

    • T. S.

      Assistant Director > Assistant Director
      Region: West / Bay Area
      Rating: 4
      % Raise: 3.4%
      Old $107,200 > $110,888
      PBB 1.6% / $1780

    • T. S.

      Assistant Director > Assistant Director
      Region: West
      Rating: 4
      % Raise: 3.4%
      Old $107,200 > $110,888
      PBB 1.6% / $1780

    • theOne

      M1 to M2
      West Region
      Advisory – Risk
      4 Rated
      7.5% Raise
      New Based 119K

    • Senor Tuna

      S2 -> S3
      Assurance Specialty
      5 rating
      12% raise
      4.75% PBB ($3,664)
      $1,150 RAC
      $77,140 -> $86,396

    • WhatHodor?

      S2 –> S3
      NE Region
      4 Rating
      12.5% raise
      3.96% PBB
      $78,000 – $87,750

    • HTKO

      Staff 2 > Sr 1
      5k promo bonus
      New base ~73k

    • Little John

      M1 – M2
      FSO Advisory NYC
      144 to 149 (~3.5% raise)
      PPB 1.58%
      3 rated

    • Just here to chillax

      Sr 1 -> Sr 2
      FSO Advisory | Northeast
      Rating : 5
      % Raise : 12%
      Old -> New Base : 95 -> 108

      • EYsuperduper

        Wow, that salary is excellent for a Senior 2. Are you in a higher COL location?

    • Red Hood

      Level: Staff 1 > Staff 2
      City: East Canada region
      Service line: Risk Assurance
      Rating: 3
      % Raise: 6%
      % Bonus: $100 Bravo Award for busting 80 hour weeks 10 months a year.
      Salary: $47,000 > $50,000

      I’m offended by this raise given that they just hired new Staff 1’s at $50k a pop. It’s as though they didn’t take into consideration the last year I worked.

    • Kennedy

      Sr. NYC CBS 80k. 10/1 increase 2.1% 81,645. I’m actually considering transitioning to client facing – ADV OI FinMgmt. How’s the client onboarding process? I bought a crappy condo and purposefully foreclosed. Will this be an issue getting confirmed on engagements? My credit score rebounded, but the foreclosure is still on my credit report.