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    Ernst & Young Tag Line Takes on a Whole New Meaning in the Lavatory

    By | March 5, 2012

    February was filled with toilet humor and it appears that the posted rules of etiquette at Ernst & Young were taken very, very seriously by one office (that we've been asked not to disclose). 

    I'm not really sure what kind events would have led up to an official posting of this magnitude but too much Tex-mex take out could be one theory. It's also conceivable that since it's busy season, any time lost is money and thus flushing has becoming too much of a burden to bear. Other speculation is welcome at this time.

    • derp

      Caleb bro this is the second time today you said “to” rather than “too”. Take a nap or something.

      • A Cruel Man

        You mad bro? 

    • Toilet_Humor

      More like “Quality in Everything We Poo” Amirite?

      • DooDooMan

        I like “Quality if Everything We DooDoo”, myself…

        • BringMeTehHorizon

           Don’t distract me, I’m trying to make quality PCAOB-approved output here

    • cool story brah

      I should post something similar at my client, people are fucking disgusting

    • Guest

      Don’t sweat on company time, don’t shit on your own time. 

    • What the fuck, didn’t they test this in BEC?

      • GuestERNIE

         They only test plunging abilities.

    • The Dingo

      E&Y didn’t install the auto-flushers? 

      Geez, you’re generally not even 1/2 done and the boys get either a “power wash” or cooling mist, depending on how they’re hanging that morning. 


    • Guest

      There’s also a similar sign at one of the Deloitte’s offices.

    • guest

      i always wondered what the yellow stream in the logo represented…

    • Turd

      This is just the standard cover letter to their audit opinion

    • Guest

      We installed low-flow toilets in our new facility which were definitely not equipped to handle the more senior partners’ output.  They overflowed every other day.  Our OMP pretended it wasn’t happening (since there was always someone else to clean it up, and these were his idea in the first place) until Dec 24 – there were a couple of people left in the office and the OMP of course – another disaster – and the last thing heard was him yelling “oh no!” since the perp had bolted seconds before and he was suddenly the cleanup crew.  January 2 we were greeted with the biggest toilets I’ve ever seen, you could flush a goddamn lobster now.

      • Guest

        The lobster line nearly had me crying from laughter.

      • Guest

        Merry Christmas!

    • Guest

      All I know is after going to E&Y for an interview I used their bathroom. It hurt to go for the next three weeks & the doctor had to clear it up.  Never again.  

      • NOBODY

        Don’t blame the EY bathroom for the half-dead hooker you dragged up there and plowed.

    • Woody

      Does the firm require placing used toilet paper into a bin to be shredded?

    • I_have_a_footing_fetish

      Three things that you will always see in the men’s bathroom:
      The unflushable B.M.
      A giant pubic hair on a urinal cake
      A dried booger on the wall above the urinal

      • Timtebow

        Truer words have never been spoken. Also, why is the booger always bloody? 

    • wonkatonka
    • Taxguy351

      can some1 give me the email for the JIT E&Y rappers? I’d like to talk to them about making a remix to their famous song/video “In a JIT”. I dont want to spoil it, but the title is “In a JIT, takin a shit”. kinda has a nice ring to it eh?