• Big 4

    • BasisPoints

      Did they actually give out fanny packs? I want to see a photos of interns wearing these things, if they exist – fun to gauge just how far kids will go to impress

    • buthurt

      Apparently they increased the intern head count in a few large markets. I guess they are trying to get more full time people out of the intern pool (which already has a declining offer acceptable rate) and reduce full time hiring.

      • taxintern

        where’d you hear about this declining acceptance rate? – I’ve always wondered what ACCOUNTING majors actually do if they decline B4?

        • buthurt

          F500 financial management programs for those who value work life balance. TAS and if lucky IB for those who still want to be in professional services.

        • N.E.R.D.

          There are other accounting firms that are not B4. They probably work there.

          There’s also probably a lot of overlap with the B4 making offers to the same top candidates, and up to 3 of those offers will be declined.

    • Zobabe

      Im sippin the EY kool-aid with full force atm

    • Jennifer

      I hope that none of the interns that Mr. Maturando is addressing are British. The word “fanny” means something else entirely over there.

      • BasisPoints

        It means the same thing here in the States… hence the way you wear the thing

        • Jennifer

          Are you sure about that?

          I’ve only heard people in the US use the term “fanny” to mean “butt.”

          Not the other side.

          • BasisPoints

            99% of the time we’re referring to the rear, we don’t really use it for the lady parts in general, but we sure do know what it means in context 😀

            • Jennifer

              Glad that’s cleared up!

    • SouthernCPA

      Fanny Packs? Really?

    • Earl_Swift

      Apparently, the kiddos will get their offer rescinded if they get caught drinking at any time during their trip to Florida.

      • theOne

        that is how it is every year

      • big4dropout

        Don’t worry, dry-humping in the hotel lobby is still allowed.

    • McValue Meal Audit

      Interns, now is the time to quit holding the campus recruiters hand.