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    Deloitte Employee Suing Bar for Kicking Him Out Over His Ugly Hat

    By | March 21, 2017

    Someone call the fashion police.

    If there’s one thing sober minded people can agree on, it’s that “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hats are ugly. It’s a rope style cap that is solely fashionable at private golf clubs that only allow white, straight males as members. The hue of the classic MAGA cap is a hideous shade of red. What is it? Crimson? Scarlet? Rose? Who gives a shit, it’s ugly. The font is in all caps Times Roman, so we know that it’s meant to bellowed like a drunk Patriots fan. And the slogan is basically plagiarized, making it soulless, unimaginative and blatantly dishonest. Regardless of your politics, I think you’ll agree that these eyesores should be smote into ash.

    Which brings us to this story. Greg Piatek is a manager at Deloitte who is suing The Happiest Hour, a bar in New York’s West Village, for refusing to serve him and his buddies over his #MAGA cap. Yep! This is a real American story, people. Here’s the New York Post:

    The shake-up started when Piatek and two pals, after a visit to the 9/11 Memorial, ordered drinks at the posh tavern around 6:30 p.m. Jan. 28.

    A female bartender served Piatek a $15 jalapeño margarita and his pals beers. But when he tried to order a second round, a male bartender noticed his hat — and skipped them, he said.

    One of Piatek’s pals pointed out it was their turn to be served, but the bartender scoffed. “Is that hat a joke?” the Manhattan Supreme Court suit claims he said.

    Yes, yes it is a joke! It’s a hideous item of clothing that you should not wear on your head. If you were cast out into the cold naked and alone, you should refrain from wearing this hat, even if to cover yourself. The hat is ugly.

    But it also infers a political message. A political message that lots of people in, say New York City, don’t agree with and many find offensive. Thereby, wearing the hat in a West Village bar cannot be construed as anything other than an audacious troll move. Piatek knew or should have known that wearing that particular hat in that particular place was bound to get a reaction out of someone. And, what do you know, it worked like a charm.

    Now he’s claiming that the whole situation has left him “humiliated, degraded, victimized, embarrassed and emotionally distressed.” In other words: Sad! No, really, Piatek’s lawyer said that it was his client’s “saddest hour.”

    Anyway, someone give Greg a new hat, please. Not just to cheer him up but also to give him something a little more fashionable to wear. Maybe a mesh visor or a fedora? Any other ideas are welcome.

    [NYP, Heavy]

    Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

    • JamesKann

      This blog is always terrible when it goes heavy on politics. And I hate Trump, FWIW.

      • Caleb Newquist

        FWIW, the post is about a hat and you have to agree the hat is ugly. Thank you.

      • Big4Veteran

        Sure you hate Trump. Sure you do.

        • JamesKann

          Damn, you’ve exposed me. Great work.

    • northern_confederate

      Heh, what an ugly hat, go back to flyover land you dumb non-diverse man. Trump will totally never win in 2020 as long as the entire blogosphere keeps pumping out articles like this one.

    • Andrew Y

      He is an embarrassment for bringing the firm’s name into this. Not a smart career move but by the looks of him he seems a bit out of place.

      Personally they (the bar) should have just told him up front they weren’t going to serve him and asked him to leave. Instead they let this become an issue. Stupid on his part, but also the establishments. They should have served him but spit in his drink. Couldn’t prove it, and the story would have been epic.

    • billbrasskey

      I wonder how he feels now, knowing his whole office thinks he’s a little bitch boy.

      • Treadway

        Be careful what you say, as you may make him feel “humiliated, degraded, victimized, embarrassed and emotionally distressed” all over again.

        • iamthelolrus

          Somehow I’m ok with that

    • LeftShark Consultant

      What damages is he claiming? Private enterprises may discriminate based on political views. The Civil Rights Act prevents discrimination on race, color, religion, and national origin- in addition civil rights extend to sex, familial status, disability, and more recently sexual orientation and could potentially apply to gender identity.
      But I’ve never seen anything that had civil rights apply to voting for one political party.

      But he’s getting his minute of fame to play victim.

      • Palikari

        To avoid being arbitrary, there must be a reason for refusing service and you must be consistent. There could be a dress code to maintain a sense of decorum, or fire code restrictions on how many people can be in your place of business at one time, or a policy related to the health and safety of your customers and employees. But you can’t just randomly refuse service to someone because you don’t like the way they look or dress.

        • LeftShark Consultant

          What damages is he claiming? The Deloitte guy is just a triggered snowflake. That probably doesn’t constitute damages that he can sue for.

          No, the bar does not have to be consistent- because political opinion isn’t a protected class. If it were a protected class, then yes- they would have to have some sort of policy showing why they asked him to leave. ie: “You were asked to leave because you refused to take off your hat, not because you are a Republican”.

          It’s similar to cases involving the NHL playoffs. Many teams will ban fans of the visiting team in certain sections of the arena during the playoffs. They can do this because like political affiliation, sports affiliation isn’t a protected class.

        • Ready to Retire

          Private enterprises can do whatever they want as long as it’s not illegal. Refusing to hire, serve anyone because of how ugly their hat is, or the color of their shoes is completely legal. It may be stupid, but not illegal. Not hiring or serving based on race is illegal because race is explicitly illegal as a reason for not doing those things.

        • iamthelolrus

          The law does not require you to avoid being arbitrary

          In fact, they are fully within their rights to explicitly ban Trump supporters

    • JessterCPA

      If only he went out drinking in a city that had more than one bar, he would never have had this issue.

    • Adam Hill

      Just think if he tried to order a wedding cake.

      The hat is just a tad uglier than thick rimmed glasses and ear gauges.


    • Tax Nerd

      Don’t most bars have a sign somewhere saying that they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?

      • Adam Hill

        Doesn’t/shouldn’t ANY business have that right? It only seems to be allowed in certain situations with the loudest people winning.

        • iamthelolrus

          Anyone who is not a protected class

          Luckily, Trump supporter is not a protected class

          • Adam Hill

            That seems like a response that relates directly to the Constitution………..that is weird to me based on an earlier response of yours, but hey.

            • iamthelolrus

              Care to refresh my memory?

            • Adam Hill

              http://www.southernliving.com/syndication/north-carolina-restaurant-says-no-kids-under-5?xid=sl_socialflow_facebook I need your verdict on this one. Technically there are multiple classes going unprotected here. Infants, wobblers, toddlers……and would it change within those groups if they had the Trump hat on?

            • iamthelolrus

              I’m confused on the point you’re trying to make. I see a restaurant perfectly within their rights to ban those groups, and this would not change if the kids had a specific political persuasion.

    • Big4Veteran

      Ironically, this guy is probably totally cool with businesses being allowed to refuse to serve a homosexual or Muslim.

    • Big4Veteran

      Trump bashing is one of my favorite topics on Going Concern. Whenever Colin posts one of these articles, I am sure to read it. In fact, I click on it several times just to help Colin out a bit. I always leave insightful comments too.

      Good job, Colin. Keep it up!

      • iamthelolrus