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    Deloitte Declares Weekends Are Not For Working, Unless You Are Working

    By | April 2, 2014

    All bets are off if you are actually working on the weekend but if you're sitting at home binge-watching Netflix and trying to recall the names of those tiny humans who call you Mommy or Daddy, Deloitte wants you to put down the "PDA" and focus on the "life" in your "work-life" balance. (Side note: who the hell calls it a PDA? I have a BlackBerry and even I am judging that)

    A reader sent along this interesting bit courtesy Deloitte's Powers That Be, who want their people to know they take the results of their talent survey seriously, guys:

    Our results

    Overall, this year's results indicate that our practice continues to exceed the Professional Services benchmarks. However, after several years of trending upwards, some of our results have leveled off and a few declined. I will be sharing more detailed results during our Q3 All-Hands webcast on April 4, but today I want to focus on two key areas you raised in the survey – work-life fit and future vision

    • Better work-life fit
      • As professionals, we work in an environment of unpredictable client demands that can make work-life fit a challenge. While there are many programs and initiatives in place to help you navigate this challenging environment, it's clear that we need to do more to set the right tone so that you feel able to maintain a work-life balance. 
      • What you can expect: We are working with our P/P/Ds to make sure that "what we say" matches "what we do," including ways that we can meet individual needs around flexibility and help teams manage stress and pressure. We also want to ensure that your engagement team leaders get to know your interests and activities outside of work, so that they can help you find ways to balance personal priorities with client obligations – we are here to help.

    Immediate action: It's easy to feel the need to respond to emails and calls as soon as you receive them, particularly when most of us use the same PDA in our work and personal lives. To try and alleviate this pressure, at least over the weekends, we are asking everyone to do their best to refrain from sending emails or making calls from Friday evening to Monday morning, except in cases of extreme urgency. We expect that this small step will help each of us keep our weekends focused on recharging our batteries and connecting with friends and family.

    When we asked our tipster if this means he will commit himself to not answering emails on the weekend, he told us "yes, I have been ignoring the weekend emails for three years and have every intention of following these results/email to the letter. If it's important, figure out a way to put it at the bottom of my beer glass. Otherwise, I won't see it."

    See, this is the kinda stuff Life at Deloitte should be pushing, not a bunch of curling.

    • Guest

      Is this a case where Deloitte’s leadership is totally out of touch with reality, or do they know exactly what’s going on and simply not care? Ignoring emails on weekends seems like a great way to be labeled as “not a team player” on your next review.

    • RandomExDeloitter

      I’m pretty sure I taught the tipster how to ignore weekend emails. I know for sure that I taught him how to look for messages at the bottom of his beer/shot glass.

    • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

      This is why I maintain two separate PDAs – one is personal, one is Uncle D. I turn off Uncle D’s Friday at 5pm and don’t turn it on again until Monday at 8am. And Guest – I am habitually voted most likely to always remain a team player annually in the year book.

      • Guest

        you were also voted most likely to go to prom alone

        • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

          And you were voted most likely to ruin a good time in general.

    • Anon

      I am attempting to break into Deloitte in the international arena and I wonder if it will be much like this…

      • me

        Sounds like the Gladiator.

        • Anon

          You’re right. By the sounds of it, I will need the whole gladiator outfit for work every week if I do.

          • guest

            Nah. The gladiator outfit is only for the Friday nights when the partner has you over to his place for some “career conversations”. Unless he asks for the gimp suit.

            For work you need to wear your asbestos firesuit with the Kevlar-reinforced back.

            • Roma

              That makes so much sense now…i got a voicemail from my partner calling me gluteus maximus. I was so confused.

    • Cay-Man

      theres pretty good work-life balance at DT-Cayman

      • Another exKPMGer

        Until you come back from Cayman and find out your promotion to manager has been delayed b/c of your play-time on the island. Good luck with that.

    • Pianist

      I am so sick of hearing firms tout their culture and work life balance. A whole bunch of fraudsters!!! There aint no work life balance in this industry, unless you are manager or above and you can do whatever the hell you want either way since it all gets dumped down below.

      • Ima just leave this here.

        • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

          I feel like this is pretty much true of everything any partner has ever said…

    • Assclowns

      God this is such typical bullshit public accounting crap. They don’t mean two words in this whole thing except ‘work weekend’

    • Guest

      “Can you tell me why you’d like to work for Deloitte, Mr. Guest?”

      “Yes. I have read that you guys take work/life balance very seriously. I would love the opportunity to work hard for you during the weekdays and be able to enjoy my weekends, as you emphasize in your philosophy. My family would also appreciate me not working much on the weekends.”

      “Thank you for coming in, Mr. Guest. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Also, watch out for that door on your way out.”

    • De-what

      you work on weekends? geez, what the hell is wrong in the US. i am glad nobody knows deloitte here in western europe

      • Happy P.O.S. Accountant

        They do, but luckily in western Europe it is ok to have a life outside of work

      • It still exists?

        Wasn’t western europe destroyed in world war II?

    • Guest

      I left Deloitte as an audit senior manager last fall because I just couldn’t take the hours anymore.

      I get it, leadership has to sound the bell about work/life balance in order to give the appearance that they care. But at the end of the day, you have a business that it totally beholden to a regulator and a group of practitioners that have absolutely no idea how to please that regulator. The Deloitte audit approach has moved from risk based to avoid a comment based. How do you avoid a comment? Do more. Doesn’t matter what you did, the PCAOB could challenge us, so we have to question proof the file by doing more. Well all that does is take a shit load more time, which means less work/life balance.

      Last year, I had to write a memo on a particular accounting conclusion, it went through no less than 7 different partner reviews (audit partner, EQCR, ppd, NPPD, national office, random partner that the audit partner knew, other partner that had dealt with the PCAOB on this issue, and I think one more). Well fuck, how many times do you think that memo got edited? Sure did wonders for my work/life balance. Oh and btw, we got selected for PCAOB review and those bastards beat the shit out of it anyway….no comment though!!!!!

      • Memo as evidence

        Risk Based Audit Approach = write 50 page memo on why every damn line item is/is not a risk.

        Be sure to include some testing with the items that are not deemed a risk, just to prove there is no risk. Did you conclude is was not a risk? Why did we test it?… Should we include in our memo why we tested it, found some f’ed up shizz, but is still not a risk. Make sure you conclude that we have addressed this risk…errr not a risk. I’m Ron Burgundy?

    • Good One

      Hahahahaha ha.
      Ahem, sorry, excuse me.

      Unless you have any intention of getting promoted while competing against ambitious backstabbing peers who aren’t concerned with work/life.

    • “Do their best” always works for a week or two before it gets inconvenient.

      We had an initiative to move to a four day work week, and it lasted, by very liberal measures, for about one summer. I think it’s technically still going on, but if you actually take that extra day off (or the weekends, for that matter) you’re screwed.

    • Guest

      How are the work weekends in the Big 4 when it comes to tax? Should one expect a whole lot of that crap?

      • Uncle D’s Tax Slave

        what’s a weekend??? you mean the workweek isn’t 7 days?!

        • Anon

          Well, that certainly isn’t a good sign.

          • Jewish on Saturdays

            The weekends are totally different! You can wear jeans and more casual shirts on the weekends. You’ll still be working 12-16 hours a day, though. (Maybe.)

            I highly suggest claiming (after you start full-time) that you are religious, and observe whatever Sabbath is popular in your part of the country, so you can get one day off each week.

            • Anon

              So can I wear my t-shirt that has a babe with a rockin’ rack on it on weekends?

            • guest

              Stick to the tuxedo t shirt.

            • Only if it’s Big Johnson

            • Nude Dude

              I prefer a transluscent skin suit myself.

            • Guest

              “I highly suggest claiming (after you start full-time) that you are religious”

              I wonder how God will feel about that claim. I guess you will find that out later. . . . .

            • Jewish on Saturdays

              I’m Facebook friends with God. He said he’s cool with it.

    • The Original NASBAstardo

      There’s some good stuff quoted from that memo, especially the intention to have PPDs think more carefully about what they’re sending between Friday night and Monday morning. Often the week-end emails are sent to show “look how much I work all the time” and those of us closer to the top of the food chain are the ones empowered to change that one-upsmanship. Even starting around 3 or 4pm on a Friday, I ask myself “does this really need to be sent now?” because I KNOW a staffer will feel obligated to jump and respond. Instead, I save-as-draft and send early on Monday morning.

    • Disgruntled Deloitter

      Everyone at Deloitte knows we no longer call it “work-life balance”. It’s now called “work / life fit”, because now we’ll “fit
      as much work into your life as we can.”

    • Guest

      Can we talk about the fact that Deloitte’s strategy is to “make sure that “what we say” matches “what we do,””. Like – it had to be specifically called out. Because that is not the default mode. Facepalm.