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    Here’s Your Open Thread for Deloitte Compensation Discussions (2017)

    By | August 24, 2017

    Apologies to all the Deloitte compensation junkies out there experiencing withdrawal symptoms. We received this tip awhile back and, judging by the timing, many of you are anxious to yak about what’s going on:

    The national call was today and comp talks with partners won’t be happening until after 8/17. The raises take effect in early September.

    We checked in with our tipster earlier this week and got an update:

    [C]omp discussions have begun, colleagues’ sentiment has been mixed so far.

    I think more than any other Big 4 firm, Deloitte projects the attitude that it is the panacea to all of business’s challenges. It’s the only firm that didn’t shed its consulting business in the early 2000s, so it has the benefit of continuity in its business while the rest of the firms spent the last decade-and-a-half rebuilding their consulting practices.

    These days, Deloitte’s consulting services overshadows its still massive and fiercely competitive audit and tax practices. I don’t know if the accountants — tax, audit, advisory or otherwise — feel overshadowed by all the non-accounting things Deloitte does, but as time goes on, it’s likely that the firm will be even less accounting-service centric than it is now.

    But don’t worry, Deloitte accountants, GC will never forget you! Your smug attitude about the superiority of your firm has nothing to do with what you do on a day-to-day basis, but that’s okay, you still deserve a place to talk about your compensation and whether it’s generous, adequate or soul-crushingly mediocre.

    Anyway, forget all that, here’s the stuff everyone wants to know:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
      City (preferred) or region
      Line of Service
      % Raise
      % Bonus (if any)
      Old & New Base

    Happy days are here, Green Dots. Right?

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    Image: Janaa/Wikimedia Commons

    • AnotherDeloittian

      Position, promotion: A1 > A2
      City (preferred) or region: DC Metro Area
      Line of Service: Audit
      % Raise: 5.9%
      Old & New Base: $56k > $59.3

    • exitopps

      Position, promotion: A1 > A2
      City (preferred) or region: LA
      Line of Service: Audit
      % Raise: 7.3%
      Old & New Base: $59k > $63.3

    • Big4fugitive

      Position, promotion: S1 > MBA > Post MBA
      City (preferred) or region: Chicago
      Line of Service: Advisory
      Old & New Base: $68K > 2 yrs tuition + 55K signing bonus > ~$200K

      Get out folks…

      • Small4

        Can you explain this a bit? You switched jobs that immediately paid for MBA?

        • Big4fugitive

          I had to pay the two years of tuition (some scholarship included too), but signing bonus helps offset that amount.

          With MBA, jump ahead years of Big4 salary growth…

          • Small4

            Hm, interesting. I’ll have to see if i have any options like that in tax. (Big 4, but not deloitte though)

    • James

      How are you guys finding this out early? I though comp wasn’t available until the 28th (for Tax)

      • BigD

        For my National member firm, audit compensation discussion were held in the first two weeks of August.

    • absoluteassurance

      Position, promotion: S2 > S3
      City (preferred) or region: MidAtlantic
      Line of Service: Audit
      6.5% raise
      AIP 11.8%

      • Big4Burnout

        Where in mid-Atlantic? DC, Richmond or Baltimore? Raise sounds pretty crappy but the bonus is solid, 11.8% on a low base caps out though. Entertaining outside options? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let’s talk

    • Sammy K

      [C]omp discussions have begun, colleagues’ sentiment has been mixed so far.

      That’s interesting news considering they aren’t doing comp calls this year – you just have to look online for your compensation statement.

      • Material Misstatement

        This isn’t firm-wide. It must be region or office specific. In Chicago we still had face to face meetings.

        • Touched

          This is within Advisory only.

    • Hannah Sanchez

      This is an interesting news coming out. Once I took help from http://dua.co.uk and then I understood that choosing accountants is a massive task. Hope this news come out to be true and work out good as well.

    • GreenDotStables

      Position, promotion: S2>S3
      City: Detroit
      Line of Service: Audit
      % Raise: 7.2%
      % Bonus: 11.7%
      Old & New Base: 69K > 74K

      • Big4Burnout

        Bonus is not bad, but raise is subpar. Should be able to get you at least $10K more than that with other incentives. Shoot me an email, let’s talk: [email protected]

    • raghavsaboo

      Position, promotion: C1 > C2
      City (preferred) or region: NYC
      Line of Service: Advisory
      % Raise: 9.33%
      Old & New Base: $75k > $82
      Really? Disappointed.

    • dz

      Position: Specialist Sr.
      Line of Service: Advisory
      % Raise: 0
      % AIP: 0
      Salary: 120K
      Years: 4.5

      Seasoned professional who received 10% FY16, 11% FY15, 9% FY14, but had a discussion and found out that I was magically a low performer the evening before comp emails. No indicators from coach as discussions were “keep delivering and stay the path”. No indicators from the only rater as they had been giving me a solid meeting expectations for all snapshots. Met all metrics. Worked 2300+ hours. Fucking amazing. Don’t think that this could happen to you. Time to say Adios and leave that massive technical hole and silo that I’ve built.

    • pillows

      Position, promotion: C – SC
      City (preferred) or region: DC Metro
      Line of Service: Advisory
      % Raise – 18%
      % Bonus (if any) – 0
      New Base – $73,000

    • johhhhnnnnny2312

      Position, promotion: C1 – C2
      City (preferred) or region: NE
      Line of Service: Tax
      % Raise – 3.8%
      % Bonus (if any) – 0
      New Base – 67,400

      Percentage seems kinda low

    • OhboyOhboy

      Position, promotion: S1 – S2
      City (preferred) or region: Mid-Atlantic
      Line of Service: Tax
      % Raise – 9%
      % Bonus (if any) – 6,000
      New Base – 70,100

      But hey $500 Giftcard

    • Trenta_ice_coffee

      Position: S2 – S3
      Region: North/mid-east
      Line of service: Tax
      % Raise: 11.5%
      % bonus: 8.5%
      new base: $86,600

    • IntheDoucheToilet

      Position, promotion (if applicable): Consultant
      City (preferred) or region: Midwest
      Line of Service: Advisory
      % Raise: 0%
      % Bonus (if any): $0
      Old & New Base: $56,000 -> $56,000

      This is not a joke unfortunately. Decent snapshots and great utilization. Several of my colleagues also got nothing.

      • Disguised Spy

        WTH. Did they tell you why then?

        • IntheDoucheToilet

          Nope they have a new process where you find out your raise online. So, I couldn’t immediately ask anyone any questions. But we have an option to talk to a PPMD about it and I plan on doing so.

          • GameofGnomes

            Position, promotion (if applicable): SC
            City (preferred) or region: West region
            Line of Service: Advisory
            % Raise: 0
            % Bonus (if any): 0
            WTH is right. I thought there was a mistake. Decent snapshots, no compliance issues..etc. thought I would get something. Shitty.

          • Burton Anderson

            Your partners can’t even find the time to have comp discussions with you?

            • Max

              you can now request a call with a partner but no info comes from that call

    • Moderate

      Position, promotion: TC1 – TC2
      City (preferred) or region: TX
      Line of Service: Tax
      % Raise – 4.1%
      % Bonus (if any) – Nada
      New Base – 55,500 > 57,800

    • abcdef0987

      Position: S1 –>S2
      City: Bay area
      Line: advisory
      % raise: 11%+
      % bonus: 14%
      old & new base: 75k –> 83k
      rank: very top right of the scatter plot

    • EverydayCPA

      Position: S1 –>S2
      City: SE
      Line: Tax
      % raise: 2%+
      % bonus: 5%
      old & new base: 105k –> 107k
      Bonus: 4k
      rank: very low on the scatter plot

    • id

      TC2 – S1
      West Large Metro
      % Raise: 11%

    • disqus_cy61Uwhh0z

      S3 > M1

      Bay area
      Raise – Merit: 8%
      Raise – Promo: 5%
      Bonus: 13%
      New base: 105k

      What are other new advisory managers seeing as their promo increase?

      • Touched

        Same here. 5% promo raise, that seems to be standard. New base 105k, metro dc area.

        • Max

          3% was ‘standard’ for Advisory in FL this year, what a joke

      • CheckingBoxes

        S > M
        Raise – 9%
        Bonus – 11%
        New Base: 109k

    • Mamba

      Position: S2–>M1
      City: Texas
      Line: Tax
      % raise: 14%
      % bonus: 9%
      old & new base: 74k –> 85k

    • green_dot

      Position: Specialist Senior
      City: DC
      Line: Advisory
      Merit: 0%
      AIP: 0%
      Base: 125K

      $500 gift card and x-mas off. Whoo hoo!

    • throdot

      Region: NE
      Line of Service Tax
      % Raise Zero point zero
      % Bonus Zero point zero
      Base $72k

      Guessing I have around 6 weeks, if I’m lucky, to find a gig before they show me the door. Any insight is appreciated

      • C2C

        You’re joking! Not even an inflation raise?

    • Wubsywubs

      Region: Central East
      S1->S2 Tax
      67k->72k Base
      4k Bonus

    • anongreendotter

      S2 > s3
      10% raise to 70k base
      9% bonus, almost 6k
      I’m in a low col area I guess. Small office.

    • BiggerD

      A1-> A2
      Greater Washington
      5.9 % Raise
      56K -> 59.3K Base

      Was expecting a higher raise given my excellent scatterplot! Get out of here folks #auditgrunt

    • F*UncleD

      TCII –> Senior
      NE Metro Area
      12% Raise
      $77K –> $86K
      0 AIP (Not Eligible)
      $3.1K RNR Rewards
      $4K Referral Bonus
      1650 Chargable hours for FY17 (Team Avg – 1500)

      Have not yet received $500 gift card from Cathy yet in mailbox…..

      Top Top right Scatterplot and was recognized as “Super Star” among team leads. Turned down a couple of attractive offers from clients in hope that uncle D would treat employees well for their loyalties…..

      Was expecting at least 20%+ raise and shocked by seeing the low % base raise. Still love the current team but seriously thinking of clients’ offers now.

      • Disguised Spy

        I don’t think anyone would get a 20% merit increase unless they are way down on the pay scale which I believe you aren’t.

    • Disguised Spy

      13% raise (including promotion raise)
      25% AIP

    • C2C

      A1-> A2
      Southeast Region
      4.8 % Raise

    • Mike

      TCII -> S1
      13.7% raise
      0 AIP
      New base = 60,500

    • BigGreenDot

      Advisory (Cyber Risk)
      4.8% Raise, 4.8% Promotion, .5% CoL (10.3% total)
      72.5K -> 80K Base

      Expected better but knew the $500 “High Five” was a sign to not get my hopes up.

    • Anony Mouse

      Specialist Senior, S1>S2
      Greater Washington
      3.5% Raise
      3.6% AIP
      80K > 82.9K Base

    • Material Misstatement

      6.6% raise
      12.3% bonus
      73k to 78k

      On a side note, this talk of finding out about compensation online must be regional. Here we still had meetings with our partners to discuss.

      • Touched

        This is within Advisory. The PPMD discussion was optional.

    • Max

      SE ->Senior SE
      Orlando area
      3% Promotional Raise
      3% merit increase
      Everyone in this office who got promoted only saw a 3% promotional increase, regardless of position change. A lot of very unhappy people.

    • Anon

      Position, promotion (if applicable): A2 -> S1
      City (preferred) or region: DC
      Line of Service: Audit
      % Raise: 9.6%
      % Bonus (if any): 0
      Old & New Base: $59,100 -> $64,800