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    Any CPAs Want to Work in Hawaii?

    By | February 10, 2017

    Any CPAs in the northeast thinking that packing up and heading to Hawaii would be just a little too rash should know that it’s not that crazy. Turns out, there’s plenty of opportunity in paradise.

    Here’s a brief from Hawaii Public Radio that says firms are “finding it especially difficult to find accountants with 3-to-5-years of experience,” and — AND! — offering perks like “in-office massage therapy, flex-time and telecommuting during the busy season.”

    Honestly, drop what you’re doing, go home pack your stuff, the kids, whatever. Just go.



    • McValue Meal Audit

      I flirted with this idea a few years ago…would be a fun experience.

    • The Horniest Partner

      Hey, I give in-office massages to 3-5 to the female staffers. Maybe my firm should promote that as a perk.

      • GAAP Wedge

        I can only think of 1 coworker who I would’ve ever turned down an in-office massage from. A massage is a massage and I carry my stress in between my shoulder blades.

    • SouthernCPA

      Firms in every state struggle to find people with 3-5 years experience.

      Thanks Big Four for burning them out!!

      • cpanum31

        Immediate indication that the firm has either no training program or an inability to manage a training program.
        1) Hawaiians seldom accept newcomers. It takes a couple of generations to be accepted into the wider community.
        2) Hawaii, based on standardized testing, is the second dumbest State in the Union. That can be good or bad depending on how you live your life.

    • sludgemonkey

      Do the female staffers wear wool or a thong and grass skirts in Hawaii?