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    #CPAexamFail Doesn’t Do This Justice

    By | June 21, 2016

    Nor does it seem real which either means: 1) It's totally real and if so, let's pray for this person; 2) It's totally not real. But hey, someone shared it with us on Twitter, so okay!

    I remember the night after Day 1 of my exam — yes, the written one — I was sitting around with some graduate school friends when, for whatever reason, I had a mental image of myself filling out the multiple choice question bubble sheet across instead of down. Incorrectly. This meant that most of my MCQs were going to be wrong. The fear gripped me like nothing I've ever experienced. I felt like I was going to lose my cookies right on the table of that dimly lit hotel bar. After 60 to 90 seconds of sheer terror, my senses came back and I remembered that I filled out the sheet correctly.

    I recount this story because it's not impossible for your brain to play tricks on you or go into full meltdown when you're under stress. We'd all like to think that everyone goes into their exams prepared, but sometimes, obviously, they don't. Gah.

    • N.E.R.D.

      Why do you even post this Caleb? You can do better.

      Anybody can sign up then walk out of an Exam and get an 8%.

      There’s no way somebody completed the exam with an honest effort and ended up with an 8%; you’ll get ~25% just guessing.

      Unless there’s an actual story, this is just needless lowlight of an anonymous Exam without any context.

      • Anon123


        Origin of the score

        accounting subreddit > going concern, this place is dead


        Considering the fact that your composite exam score is not correlated with the percentage of questions you answered correctly, it is very possible that someone could get an eight when giving an honest effort. Also you should consider simulation questions, it is possible that they answered extremely poorly on that section.

    • CPA Judoka

      I feel so bad, but I bursted out laughing at that photo. How does one get 8%? That takes some special skills. I remember the simulations part was just simple accounting journal entries (pretty odd imo), so I’m surprise this can happen.