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    FYI: CPA Review Guy Is Free Tonight for Drinks, Riffing on Pension Accounting

    By | June 6, 2017

    If you’re in Los Angeles, thirsty, but also have the urge to kick around some pension accounting, Peter Olinto’s got you covered:

    peter olinto

    If memory serves, “coffee” was also Olinto’s code word for beers, so don’t be shy about getting the adult beverage. If you’d rather stick with coffee, at least get something with the most expensive non-dairy milk available. And maybe order some avocado toast. I’m told he does this happy hour thing regularly, but I don’t know where his threshold or if he’s still throwing money around like this:

    Have a good time, all.

    • Big4Veteran

      Peter Olinto is an accounting hero. That’s all I have to say about that.

    • Big4Gasbag

      He’s quite the guy.

      • Big4Veteran

        Always happy to welcome another B4V groupie on board. Glad to have you!

        • Big4Gasbag

          I’m not a groupie. I’m just an old bloviated gasbag

          • Deloitte Douche

            All of the Brosephs were banned, but this clown is here? Is anyone paying attention to this site anymore?

            • Big4Blowhard

              I’m not a clown, I’m just a big 4 blowhard

    • Basis Adjustment

      i didn’t use becker to pass the cpa exam but I now regret that decision.

    • Biff Tannen

      I want to meet the man himself one day. He is an icon, who has moved our field forward.