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    Gather Round, CPA Exam Scores Are Out

    By | August 17, 2017

    Pass or fail, we still got you.

    Hey look, NASBA released CPA exam scores today:

    Twitter is filled with the normal joy and strife of any score release date — mostly because the bumrush of CPA candidates crashed the site. But a few other things caught our eye. First, inexplicably, NASBA — not NASA — ran some numbers on Monday’s solar eclipse and put out a infographic. Probably so you’d forget that their site infrastructure is woefully inadequate. So that’s something.

    Also, there’s this amusing bit of news:

    I love that a programmer at NASBA, or just the programmer that does stuff for NASBA, knew the angst that this countdown clock would cause and named it appropriately.

    Elsewhere, all the candidates in California are sad:

    Congrats to all who passed and our sympathies to all who fell short. Express yourself as necessary.