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    Here’s Your CPA Exam Score Release Open Thread (Q4 2017)

    By | December 18, 2017

    Yes, it’s CPA exam score release season, again. So, if you took a CPA exam from October 1 through December 10, 2017, then consider this post a safe place.

    Please use this time from publication time until midnight to express all the anxiety, rage, and blind hope that you require. Once the clock strikes 12, however, we expect tears of joy or despair, as applicable. And, of course, if scores take a while to process, then you can workshop your mean tweets to NASBA* here as well.

    Godspeed, CPA candidates.

    *PSA — If you’re a resident of California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, North Dakota, Nevada, or Oklahoma, don’t hassle NASBA, even for sport. If you want your score, they can’t help you. Direct your impatience to your respective accountancy board.

    • Lord Treasurer

      Received the good news that I passed my final two sections (AUD & REG) yesterday! What a fun 6 months it’s been studying for and taking all of these exams. So glad to have them all done. Now just to pass that background check and learn about some ethics before being officially licensed!

      Congrats to everyone else who received passing scores, especially if you’re done. To all of those who did not pass, keep your head up and stay committed. The relief felt from being done is worth it.