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    CPA Exam Candidates Are (Still) Totally Killing It On the Exam

    By | July 1, 2014

    As you already know, today is July 1st which means two things: one, my rent is due; two, it's the first testing day of the third quarter. For those of you who have been putting off taking the CPA exam due to New Year's hangovers, busy season, and nice weather, now is the time to get cracking as you only have four months left in the year. FOUR months.

    I have a bit of good news for you all: you're still killing it on the exam. As Another71 mentioned the other day and we pointed out back in April, future CPAs haven't done this good on the exam since a black guy was president. Oh wait…

    Let's check it out:

    Oh snap, BEC though!

    So, if you're feeling a little testing anxiety, let this soothe your fears. Or, let this make you feel like an even bigger loser when you fail. Whatever.

    • RandomExDeloitter

      So, a black guy was president?

    • Old Man

      They need to make the cpa exam harder. If this continues a cpa license will be worthless.

      • Certified Public Acehole

        Take it easy ancient one. It’s already useless. All it got me was a miserable job in a big 4 slave factory churning out 1065s

        • IndenturedServant

          just be glad they haven’t killed you and ground you up into soylent green yet, you ungrateful millenial.

      • john

        No one cares about the CPA designation. “Oh you’re a CPA, do my taxes”.

        Get a real designation (JD, Dr.)

        Yes I am bitter I failed Audit with a 68 in May lol.

    • Sec. 1231 Asset

      Over 50% for REG? Wow