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    Everyone Suffering from Busy Season Depression: Grab Some Bubble Wrap, Stat

    By | April 6, 2017

    Is there anything better than popping bubble wrap? No. No there is not.

    The Los Angeles office of Cohn Reznick seems aware of that fact, as they spent part of the day yesterday de-stressing with a little contest:

    Amazing. Look how good everyone feels after that!

    I have to believe that someone who practiced bubble wrap popping on a weekly basis would prolong their public accounting career by at least one year. A daily practice might yield an additional 6 months on top of that.


    • sludgemonkey

      Who is Cohn Reznick?

    • Peter J Reilly

      LIke prolonging your public accounting career would be a good thing?

    • Big4Veteran

      This is stupid. But not as stupid as PWC sending the Oscars briefcase on a national tour for staff to take photos with…and then fucking up the Oscars with 100 million people watching.