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    Citing Lotus Notus, Ernst & Young Instructs Employees to Not Upgrade to Blackberry 10

    By | February 7, 2013

    Most large accounting firms have some kind of "News" section included on their internal web sites. Headlines like "Partner Joe Quoted in Today's Wall Street Journal" and "United Way Honors Firm for Being a Strategic Partner for 20 Years" and other shallow announcements are typical. Most partners and employees couldn't care less about these things but those internal communications have to do something with their nonbillable time, don't they?

    Anyway, a source at E&Y shared today's headlines with us and there are a couple of items that might actually be of interest to a wider audience (apologies for the small type):

    The "Silly Season" blurbs are of marginal note since people in Chicago can actually survive with body temperatures in the mid-30s, all Canadians wear clown noses, and everything is so different in San Francisco that nothing is different. (That's our source's annotation, btw.)

    However, asking employees to not upgrade to Blackbery 10 "to access your EY Lotus Notes tools" is perhaps a sign that E&Y should save a couple of those Davos invites and invest in some technological upgrades.

    • Intheknow

      EY is switching the Outlook in the fall, and also rolling out a new auditing system (switching from GAMx to FAST……yes, it’s going to be called FAST…I can only imagine the jokes that are going to come out of this)

      • brozilla

        If I knew you personally I’d literally bet you $1000 GAMx is still there in two years.

        • your mother

          God, I hate GAMx

    • biggusdickus


      • Nordics guy

        Indeed a switch from Lotus to outlook is a first step. Also heard that a windows OS update will be rolled out + new handsets, In addition EY is currently investing a lot of money to new technology tools for SL requirements

    • DTtoEY

      I came EY from DT .. They are light years behind DT in terms of technology …. That doesn’t seem to bother people much … Anyways