• #BusySeasonProblems: Lack of Exercise, Funny Looks and Nodding Off to Jay-Z

    By | February 24, 2015

    Let's wrap up Tuesday by checking in on the plight of accountants across the Twitterverse:

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    • N.E.R.D.

      6/6 female tweeters.

      Females complain more than men. We have the evidence!

      Confirmed? I think so!

    • Guešt

      I’m old. What does @ s c mean?

      • Me too. I googled it and still can’t figure it out. But then again, I’ve never used twitter.

      • EyeHeartNumbers

        Sean Carter = Jay-Z’s government name.

        • Sane Jones

          One problem down, 98 to go.

        • Herbie Hancock

          You can’t just go around dropping people’s gov’ts like that

    • Chris

      I hate but season just as much as everyone else, but some of these posts just seem like bitching and and avoidable.