• Here’s Your Open Thread for BDO Compensation Discussions (2017)

    By | July 28, 2017

    We’ve had a couple of requests for the BDO compensation thread, and the calendar is right, so we’re happy to oblige.

    One tipster that works in advisory told us “I just received an email from the partner saying to stop by his office” but added, “I don’t expect anything significant.”

    BDO hasn’t released its revenue numbers for fiscal 2017 yet, but if it’s anything like the last few years, it’ll be another double-digit increase. The 2017 BDO partner class was slightly smaller than last year’s but still large, so you would think things are still pretty good at Bravo Delta Oscar.

    But who knows? I feel like accounting firms, more so than other employers, have a knack of disappointing their employees when it comes to rewarding them financially. For those unfamiliar, every year, accounting firm employees get herded into hotel conference rooms or some other space where the leaders of a particular office or region will tell you how things went. And how did things go? The answer is: Great. Things always went great.

    What they don’t tell you how all these great things are going to translate into meaningful financial rewards for you. I guess it’s possible that they do, but I either wasn’t paying attention, or they talked about it in such vague terms that I lost interest. The obvious point is, accounting firms are good with numbers and not good words. So when the numbers you hear in your performance evaluation and/or compensation meeting are bad, usually the words that explain those numbers are also bad, and therefore disappointing. When the numbers you hear in your performance evaluation and/or compensation meeting are good, you don’t give a damn what the words are, because your compensation numbers are good. And because accounting firms like to believe that they’re meritocracies, they also believe the best performers really do receive the greatest rewards. After awhile, this kind of treatment becomes demoralizing, as our tipster’s expectations illustrate.

    So anyway, I hope you BDO pie-throwers get some decent cheddar thrown your way. I’m sure the partners are fine, especially those that got pied.

    Reminder, people can get prickly about the details shared in these compensation threads. Usually, they appreciate it when you share things like:

    • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    • City (preferred) or region (we’ll begrudge you)
    • Line of Service
    • % Raise
    • % Bonus (if any)
    • Old & New Base

    Thanks for playing.

    Is your firm conducting performance reviews and discussion compensation this summer? Let us know! Email us at [email protected].

    • Robby D

      I heard they have changed the entire compensation system, either you are Ryan and receive a 10% raise, or you are not Ryan and receive 2% raise in the Midwest/South

    • GuCCi-MaNe

      Street hustler – $6000 per night selling that white lady

    • ImMrAllStar

      L3->L4 (Staff to Senior)
      11.5% raise
      $1k Bonus

    • Joe Krutel

      1st Year Associate (no promotion, partial year)
      2% raise / no bonus
      $51,000 old
      $52,020 new

      stay thirsty.

      • Joe Krutel

        Jumping ship to a top 30 firm. New base $58,000 plus $2,000 signing bonus. Same city.

    • SEO marketer – 15 000$ per month.

    • FoonTheElder

      Sounds like the same reasons I left BDO almost 30 years ago.

    • sludgemonkey

      Does this mean that I can hold BDO to a 2% or less increase in our fees this year? We’ve been taking it up the behind on our benefit plan audits. Ticks me off.


      BDO NYC NFP AUDIT GROUP. Raises and bonuses this year at all levels in the NFP group are abysmal except if you are one of the chosen few members of the “BOYS CLUB”. The group leader, Adam Cole has no regard for any of the decent hardworking women in the group and as a result many have left. His boys club including the hideous new “Director” Matt Becker gets away with doing no work along with the rest of the ‘boys club” while everyone else has to kick in and pick up the
      slack. Matt is too busy wining and dining the interns and hanging out with the first year girls then actually doing any-work. Worse yet are the new Director and Partner Promotions including Matt. Our newest “Partner”, Ritesh Lall got to Partner only after threatening to leave every year and is unwilling
      to help anyone out except for himself. I guess being part of the “boys club” has privileges. Especially when you miss getting promoted every year because you cannot pass the CPA exam. It has become an open joke in our group about the inequality of how men and women are treated and the favoritism that is showed to certain individuals that offer nothing and take everything. This is all coming from a man in the group that is disgusted with this place and cannot wait to hand in my notice. This is a truly terrible place to work and I hope that the group is exposed for what it is. More to come!!

      • Big4Burnout

        Sounds like a shitty situation, my friend. Let’s get you out of it. Email – [email protected]. No CPA, no problem.

    • LmaoAccounting

      L3 to L4
      West Coast
      No bonus though I heard some received one last year
      61k to 72k

      Received FANTASTIC as rating. Overall, comp exceeded my expectations given I just hit annual billable on the dot.

    • DoOver

      Midwest – not Chicago
      S4 to S5. (Promotion: Senior associate to experienced senior)
      7% raise
      4% bonus
      Pathetic weak salary too embarrassing to post. Low-balled again.