• Protip: Don’t Give Your Bank Information to Anyone Claiming to Be an Accounting Firm Recruiter

    By | August 31, 2017

    Never trust anyone online wearing a hoodie.

    Good night, nurse, what is this:

    Executives at UHY Advisors are sounding the alarm about online scammers who have been impersonating recruiters at accounting firms, offering enthusiastic young job seekers new career opportunities and internships. All the applicant must do, scammers tell them, is sign an acceptance letter and provide personal and banking information, and in some cases, a cash payment so they can be reimbursed for materials associated with starting their new job.

    In one instance, a recruit received a reimbursement check for $3k for “job preparation materials.” It bounced.

    Of all the worries that recruits have these days — nerve-wracking interviews, wardrobe choices, finding an employer who keeps organic produce in the kitchen — you’d hope they wouldn’t have to fret about getting ripped off, too. Not even getting a job at accounting firm is sacred anymore.


    Image: iStock/scyther5

    • Debit_cash

      “Hey, new college graduate, do you want to come work for PwC? I will need your bank information, but I promise to get you an interview”

      You’d have to be very stupid to fall for that one

    • Big4Veteran

      As a general rule, the only time you should ever provide your banking info to a stranger online is to claim a large inheritance from a distant relative in an African country.