• Commando

      If only it was only four months a year…

      • Spectrum

        This needs about 3000 more up-votes. My first though when I read the cartoon was “4 months per year? That’s awfully optimistic.”

    • Another exKPMGer

      I can’t get past the huge right shoulder and non-existent left shoulder.

      • Tax Nerd

        He’s pumped from using the mouse and numeric keypad right-handed?

    • accountingforlove

      I dispute the difficulty of the CPA exam claim. From what I’ve heard the CFA is much more challenging intellectually.

      • Basis Adjustment

        I’m a CPA and a June 2017 CFA level 3 candidate and I agree, CFA is much more challenging.

        1. each CFA exam is 6 hours (morning 3hr sesh, afternoon 3hr sesh). Total exam hours for CFA=18, CPA exam hours= 14 (4+4+3+3?) can’t remember exactly what it was in 2010.

        2. the amount of material/topics covered in the 3 CFA exams easily exceeds the amount of material covered on the 4 US CPA exams.

        3. CFA level 1 is offered in Dec/Jun, levels 2 and 3 are only offered in June. This adds a lot of pressure to not screw up. CPA exams can be taken much more frequently.

        4. For each of the three CFA exams, many people will need to study between 250-350 hours. My CPA exam study hours were roughly (FAR-80ish, AUD/BEC-40-50ish, REG-60ish)

        5. CFA level 1/level 2 cover most of the more difficult financial accounting topics (leases, pensions, FX translation, investments, etc). So, you are test on a fair amount of tough CPA material plus a laundry list of valuation calculation methodologies, duration, swaps, etc.

        6. CFA level 2 is hands down, more difficult than all four CPA exams combined. I studied over 300 hours for that exam alone.

        • accountingforlove

          That’s consistent with what I researched back when I was considering pursuing my CFA. Not to knock the CPA exam, to be clear – it is challenging. But not sure it’s the “most” challenging. And that’s deeply subjective irrespective of topic, since I’ve heard the PE exam is a beast also.

          • Basis Adjustment

            Agree. I wouldn’t knock the CPA exam either. I guess the cartoon isn’t as good if it reads “one of the most difficult exams”. Nevertheless, your comment struck a nerve of mine because I’ve been battling the CFA exam the last two years. I hope to get my life back for good at 5pm on June 3rd. Cheers