• This Dusty Stack of Decades-Old Arthur Andersen Materials Can Be All Yours

    By | July 25, 2017

    Thanks to the unruly playground-cum-marketplace that is Craigslist, you now have the opportunity to own a bit of Arthur Andersen history. No, I’m not talking about the cheap swag that the most loyal Andersen alumni whisper empty prayers to on private altars hidden in storage units. I’m talking about the written materials that guided the partners and employees of the firm four decades ago. It’s like modern day Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita.

    Okay, maybe that’s overstating it a bit. It’s just some old shit from the estate sale of a former partner:


    The images, I’m sorry to say, are lousy. If you have keen eyesight, then please read the covers aloud for the rest of us. I’m very curious about the one with the hats.

    But it’s undoubtedly Andersen stuff; in the second picture you can make out the legendary Arthur Andersen doors:


    The listing says $165, which is probably well within budget for the Arthur Andersen Gallery. You might also have to contend with that new dodgy French firm that popped up. They probably want to lay claim to any primary source documents that could help their shaky claim to be “the rightful holder of the ‘ARTHUR ANDERSEN’ and ‘ANDERSEN’ historical trademarks, logos, visuals and slogans at a global level.”

    Either way, if you want these for your personal collection, you better move fast.


    • The Horniest Partner

      The one with hats caught my eye. Supposedly they had strict dress code and the men had to wear a hat (fedora) outside while walking the city streets. This is an addition to business suits and polished wing tips. Much different than era in public accounting.

      • keepin_it_real

        Don’t forget the other requirement for men. They had to be white.

        • Debit_cash

          The final requirement to look the other way when your clients are making shady deals at the expense of their shareholders

          • sludgemonkey

            You suck.

            • Debit_cash

              Your wife loves that I suck. You should ask her

        • The Horniest Partner

          By the 1980s I am sure they had their token minorities.