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Any Accountants Looking for a Holiday Volunteering Opportunity Should Contact Occupy Wall Street Immediately

By | December 20, 2011

You may have noticed that the media coverage of Occupy Wall Street has died down quite a bit in recent weeks. With many Americans going into food-induced comas in late November and with the twilight of the football season fast approaching, several of our fellow citizens simply quit giving a shit every time someone got pepper-sprayed or was caught slobbing out of the W in their Deloitte University t-shirt. Be that as it may, the movement is still out there, marching, chanting and whatnot (at 2 am outside my apartment window last night, in fact).  Here at Going Concern, we've mainly focused on OWS's need for some able-bodied accountants to help tighten up the groups finances. Recently someone representing the group reached out to us directly to inform us that this is still the case:

[T]he finance team is still completely overwhelmed and could use any help the accounting community has to offer.  My sense is there are some dedicated people trying to make it work, but it's challenging and they're swamped with the day-to-day logistics.

In other words, the donation (aka trash) and messenger bags aren't working out to well and many receipts that should be kept for expenses are being used for medicinal purposes. There's a forum dedicated to the topic of OWS's finances but the problem is donations are dwindling fast. But you know what would really help? Someone that can straighten out the group's financial reporting so they can show everyone that the money situation is above board. Here's the criteria from our tipster:

Requires work in evenings and on weekends with sometimes difficult and sometimes contradictory clients having substandard documentation.  Internal management can be contentious and rarely reaches consensus on significant decisions, but still expects results.  Pay will be nothing compared to the effort involved in completing the job.  Good record keeping, organizational and presentation skills a plus, along with experience in setting up cash monitoring systems.
While this might seem like a refreshingly-honest description of a junior accountant position at the Big 4, in fact it's a call for volunteer help from Occupy Wall Street.  The "Finance (Accounting)" group has been putting together cash statements and balance sheets, but needs any assistance the community can provide. 
As it mentions, this really doesn't sound too different from any gig that you've ever worked so if you're Brad Spitzer or someone else looking to expand your business acumen, enjoys a cool evenings in a REI Half-dome, don't have much going for the next couple weeks and have experience that relatively matches the above description, contact OWS at [email protected]. Tell them Going Concern sent you.


  • 155

    What no union wages?

  • 080080

    Would this count towards my work-mandated community service hours?

  • Toofd

    I would rather shove needles in my cock then help these pretentious little pricks.

    • $19577774

      OWS isn’t really my thing (although I get what they’re saying), but I would rather help them than shove needles in my cock. Just for the record.

      • Toofd

        I was just quoting Entourage.  Doesn’t seem like anyone got it.  lol

        • NOBODY

          only pricks watch Entrourage.

      • Guest

         You get what their saying? But they don’t say anything because they have no message. Unless you count “we want something for nothing”

        • BW

          That or “the government and corporations (which only exist thanks to the government) have combined to create yet one more f-d up scheme, that is federally-backed, non-dischargeable, tax-payer-supported-when-the-graduate-eventually-defaults, student loans. The same kind of scheme that we see every time these groups join hands to make money and hand all of the risk off to tax payers.”

          I also dislike OWS but that kind of message, at least when it’s actually articulated, should be understood by any one with some common sense.

  • Section245

    Shirkers of the World, Unite!

  • Bringcookiesnow

    Um, no.  I do not deal with asshole clients for free.

  • Epic LOL, these idiots are paying the Alliance for Global Justice 7% to handle donations (um, what donations?) and the AGJ turns around and adds these funds to their own 990. So why the hell do they need accountants? And how is that even legal if OWS is not a part of AGJ and vice versa?

    Quote the AGJ:

    So what does the Alliance for Global Justice do for Occupy Wall Street
    (OWS)? Essentially we collect and process their donations and pass the
    money on to them as a project of the AfGJ. In IRS parlance we take
    “responsibility for all financial and programmatic matters” of OWS. We
    are responsible to include their financial reporting as part of our own
    when we file our annual tax return, which for non-profits is called a
    form 990. We are accountable legally and financially to prove that all
    expenditures by OWS are within the IRS’s tax-exempt rules. If the IRS
    audits us, we will have to show supporting evidence of the numbers we
    report. Occupy Wall Street’s obligation to us is to provide the
    accounting and receipts we’ll need for the IRS and to not jeopardize our
    tax-exempt status through any actions of theirs.

  • rogcpa

    “and messenger bags aren’t working out to well”
    it’s “too” not “to”… 5th grade grammar is hard

    • Hd

      Haturrs gon hate

  • MickJ

    Do I get stock options as part of the overall comp package??