Announcing Our Partnership with FloQast, the Startup Built by CPAs

By | November 16, 2017

Okay, some big news.

Going Concern’s been at this for the better part of a decade, and one of our big goals for awhile now has been to produce more content for our readers who leave public accounting for industry. Which, let’s face it, most of you are going to do.

You hear about us when you’re at an accounting firm, then move on to become senior accountants, accounting managers, controllers, VPs of finance, CFOs, or whatever. When that happens, we still want you to find useful content on Going Concern.

That’s what this little missive is all about. We’re excited to tell you that today we’re announcing a partnership with FloQast, a Los Angeles-based startup built by CPAs.

We like the team from FloQast a lot. They build close management software for accountants who work at businesses like GrubHub, Stack Overflow, DocuSign, even the Golden State Warriors. They have CPAs working in all functions of the company, including the co-founders, product development, customer support, and sales. We decided to partner with FloQast to help bring more readers to technical accounting topics, and hopefully you’ll learn more about FloQast in the process. Both sides want this to be about great content, not over-promotion, although we wouldn’t do this if we didn’t think FloQast was great already.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we’ll try to address a few questions you may have about this partnership:

1. What kind of content will be posted? We’re going to start writing more technical features that will help you in your daily work, including articles for controllers, chief accounting officers, VPs of finance, and CFOs. Also, FloQast will sponsor the Industry section of the site.

2. Who’s going to be writing these features? We’re excited to announce that Jason Bramwell has joined our team. You may have seen Jason’s byline over at AccountingWEB, where he spent four-and-a-half years writing and editing content for accounting and tax professionals.

3. How will this affect Open Items? Okay, maybe you’re not asking this question, but it’s worth mentioning that tomorrow we will be expanding Open Items with technical sections for discussions and Q&A on audit, financial reporting, and tax issues. You’ll be able to crowdsource solutions to your most vexing accounting problems in Open Items. We think this will come in extra handy when you’re afraid of looking stupid at work.

4. Why are you doing this? We’re always trying to make the site better. Our partnership with FloQast will help us do that. Plus, this kind of business relationship reduces our need to put ads on the site. We think that makes for a better user experience, and we think you’ll agree.

Of course, we want you, our audience, to be involved. You’re on the front lines, so your feedback and article ideas are going to help us craft the most relevant and useful content possible. Let us know what kind of topics you want us to cover and how we can continue to improve the site. You can send your ideas and questions to [email protected] or leave them in the comments.

Thanks again for your support of Going Concern.

Image: iStock/Peshkova

  • Big4Veteran

    1. I use FloQast at my company. It’s legit.

    2. I’m ok if you want to add more technical (i.e. boring) content to this website if that helps pay the bills. But will you continue to be an accounting tabloid as well? Or does FloQast want you to move away from that because they want to be taken seriously? I come to this website for the tabloid trash. If I want to learn about technical shit, I call my over-paid Big 4 audit manager and ask him questions.

    • Caleb Newquist

      Excellent question. FloQast is supportive of the reputation that we’ve built over the years, so you’ll still get gossip along with the boring stuff (that we’ll attempt to make less boring).

    • PWC FTN Whipping Boy

      Floqast is definitely legit, I just implemented it six months ago and shaved a day off the month-end close of just having to open up Excel files and checking if numbers tied out in 100 different schedules. Worth it just for that feature alone for a smaller accounting department who deals with a ton of accounts.

      That said… I want the dirt too!!!! Public accounting tabloids!

  • Debit_Big4_Experience

    I think I speak for most of the users here when I say that I want more memes and improving the meme content here should be priority #1

    • Caleb Newquist

      Duly noted!

  • Robby D

    Can we talk about Blackline, and why it sucks donkey balls??