• Accounting Profession Rankings, Ranked

    By | October 2, 2014

    1. Vault 50
    2. Reading the IRC
    3. CPA Practice Advisor Most Powerful Women in Accounting
    4. LinkedIn school rankings
    5. CPA Practice Advisor 40 Under 40
    6. U.S. News and World Report school rankings
    7. Accounting Today 100 Most Influential
    tie – 8. Accounting Today Top 100 Firms
    tie – 8. Inside Public Accounting Top 100 Firms

    • Guestapo


    • Pianist

      Can you rank rankings by reliability. Oh. There is no reliability. Totally forgot.

    • All firms suck

      Vault rankings are a joke. 40% of the ranking is based on prestige which is probably number #50 on the list of reasons people quit or get divorced. Meanwhile 10% for work/life and job satisfaction. This is why we become bitter. Plus GT once was ranked #1…

      • EZeus

        I only get divorced over prestige.

    • RandomExDeloitter

      JDA, glad you took my advice from the other day. Knowing that you actually listen gives me the warm and fuzzies. And not just the normal warm and fuzzies that you give me.

      • Smack That

        I can’t believe she actually did it. I thought it was just a passing joke. Oh wait, just like the firm rankings. . .I get it now.

    • Tim Tebro

      In Soviet Russia, firm ranks you!

    • So meta.